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Nulandistan US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affaires Victoria Nuland pose before a meeting between representatives from Ukraine, the EU, and Russia on April 17, 2014 in Geneva. (AFP Photo / Alain Groseclaude)
The media war continues to see a showdown of some kind. Does the West want to provoke Russia into a military conflict? And will Russia back down? CrossTalking with Vladimir Suchan, Marcus Papadopoulos and Patrick Henningsen. ... April 23, 2014 11:30 20

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Reuters / Marko Djurica
Chicken Kiev?

What kind of democracy do the EU and the US want in Ukraine? Can the agreed roadmap to de-escalation gain traction? And will the crisis be left to Russia to...

April 21, 2014 07:30 26
Ukrainian soldiers sit on top of armoured personnel carriers while surrounded by pro-Russian protesters in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine April 16, 2014. (Reuters/Marko Djurica)
​Stalling Ukraine

With the government in Kiev lacking legitimacy and meaningful political resources, Washington and Brussels face a public relations disaster of epic...

April 18, 2014 05:03 31
Reuters/Marko Djurica

What does Russophobia mean? Where does it come from? What are the West's Russophobic stereotypes? And why is Russophobia dangerous? CrossTalking with...

April 16, 2014 11:30 90
Reuters / Yannis Behrakis
Determining states

The two pillars of the current international order are the right to self-determination and the sanctity of sovereign borders. What is the future of...

April 14, 2014 07:30 45
Pro-Russian protesters holding metal rods pose as they guard a barricade outside the regional state administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 10, 2014. (AFP Photo / Alexander Khudoteply)
Broken Ukraine

With ultimatums being issued, separatism in the air and complete economic breakdown imminent. Is Ukraine on the verge of becoming a failed state? Is...

April 11, 2014 03:30 26
AFP Photo / Pool / Sergei Karpukhin
Russia's pivot

What does the West lose by alienating Russia? How will geopolitical order change if Russia intensifies relations with the East? And are we getting closer...

April 09, 2014 11:30 11
Reuters / Aref Haj Youssef
Springless Arabs

Almost four years on, it would appear the peoples' revolutions in the Middle East have actually only empowered the forces of reaction, and resulted in...

April 07, 2014 07:30 11
The Independence Square in Kiev February 20, 2014. (Reuters)
Ukrainian ricochet

The Ukraine crisis has revealed diametrically opposing views on the subject of European and global security. The West continues to push NATO at Russia's...

April 04, 2014 11:30 29
Reuters / Jim Young
Provocative NATO

What is NATO's mission today? Has NATO's charter changed since its inception? And has the crisis in Ukraine given NATO a new lease of life?...

April 02, 2014 02:30 37

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