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​Turkey taking sides AFP Photo / Ozan Kose
Which way Turkey? Ankara is a NATO member, with at the same time getting close to Russia. Turkey will probably never be part of the EU, but its foreign policy influence is set to grow in this volatile Middle East. Turkey has options, but what abo... December 19, 2014 07:47

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Reuters / Kacper Pempel
Dumping the dollar

The greenback v the rising redback: China and other economies in the emerging world are intent on freeing themselves from the stranglehold of the US...

December 17, 2014 11:30
AFP Photo/Mladen Antonov
US vs Russia

Russia and the United States: Are these two countries destined to be enemies? Well if you ask the US Congress the answer appears to be yes. Why do so many...

December 16, 2014 06:00
AFP Photo/Jim Watson
U.S. of torture

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s extensive use of torture gives a new meaning to the term “shock and awe.” Obama's words...

December 12, 2014 11:30
Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili
Wedged in the middle

Ukraine is wedged in the middle. The political establishment in Kiev has made it clear it wants membership in some of the West’s most elite clubs, like...

December 10, 2014 11:30
Cairo University students shout slogans against government after the verdict of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's trial, at the university's campus in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo (Reuters / Amr Abdallah Dalsh )
Arab spring mirage

With the judicial exoneration of Egypt’s former President Mubarak, we are forced to consider the condition of the so-called Arab Spring – or even...

December 09, 2014 06:00
RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov
​Turk stream

Russia’s cancelation of the South Stream gas pipeline just may be a game-changer for Russia-EU relations. Brussels threatened EU members who were...

December 05, 2014 11:30
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (AFP Photo/Sergei Supinsky)
Ukraine's NATO push

Ukraine’s Poroshenko says he wants voters to decide on NATO membership and soon. Is this a diversion from the real topic at hand – like Ukraine’s...

December 04, 2014 06:00
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo?Mandel Ngan)
​Obama the worst?

Barack Obama is the lamest of lame ducks. Being seen as personally responsible for his party's crushing defeat in the midterms, it’s questionable...

December 02, 2014 06:00
Chuck Hagel (Reuters / Alex Wong)
Warmongers victorious

With the GOP soon to control both houses of Congress and the firing of Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon, it appears Washington’s neocons will face little...

November 28, 2014 05:30