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Diaries of the Island

September 23, 2013 09:30
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In May of 1991 Aleksandr Pligin decided to dedicate his life to restoring a monastery on an island with the help of his family. Today we meet with Pligin’s widow, who talks about the work her husband began and that she and her family continues.

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Michel Kfoury 05.10.2013 08:57

Thanks a lot Alexander Pliggin I 'm from Beirut it's very wonderful place god bless you I hope going there


slava 28.09.2013 23:23

What a beautiful place. May god bless you Aleksandr Pligin and may god bless his family for keeping his work still alive. I will love to go there.


Jack Affen 25.09.2013 01:56

I would like to at least visit this island. Whats its place where i can find it and can i volunteer from Finland if i dont know speaking Russian?

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