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His name is Julia

November 29, 2013 10:30
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A typical Russian man might well serve in the army and graduate from higher education. Yury Ovodov was one such man; he worked as a sports journalist and has two children, a boy and girl, from two marriages. Despite an outwardly successful life, he always felt that something was wrong. Then, in his late 40s, he finally accepted that he needed a change; a big one. He could no longer live as a man, and became, Julia. He’s not afraid and is working for enough money for the surgery needed to complete his transformation. From shopping to hormone treatment, Julia does everything she can to become the woman she wants to be, while family, friends and society are divided over this new identity. Julia’s story is on RT.

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Rafasa Arandas 07.12.2013 12:16



Ailayna 02.12.2013 17:11

"You have been a "normal" person back then..." - Normal... by who's standards normal? As long as Julia doesn't harm any one I don't see any problem with changing ur appearance at all. I see no problem with ppl changing their looks to be of man or woman - doesn't bother me at all - very harmless, and if that makes them happy well isn't it a good thing? Less suicides a year.


slava 29.11.2013 19:12

This changes my point of view. I hope they will do a Documentary on homosexuals.

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