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Stealing from the poor

January 11, 2014 01:30
AFP Photo/Ed Jones

Have you ever asked yourself where the fish you eat comes from? If you had, you would be controlling a huge pirate industry which commits a crime on your plate! The ever-rising demand for fish in the international market has driven European and Asian fishing fleets towards the coasts of West Africa. Hundreds of industrial pirate ships are fishing illegally in the territorial waters of the nations of the area, devastating all forms of life in the ocean and condemning millions of Africans to poverty and hunger. ‘Stealing from the Poor’ was filmed in Senegal, where pirate fishing perpetrated by huge industrial vessels belonging to developed countries is depriving the inhabitants of this West African country of their main source of subsistence.

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Comments (14)


David A Palmer 22.01.2014 11:50

Where can I get a copy of this documentary please?


Chloe Lin 17.01.2014 11:34

Strange enough the fish in the pic looks 'clear water' fish so it is not reasonably found in the 'sea'

Those are Korea characters on those fish containers...does it suggest Korea is stealing fish? I doubt!

Woul d be appreciated if there is any further reports on the issue...


James Peret 17.01.2014 08:04

no onli steal de fish but they sell to outsiders full of radiacion and contaminacion k los develop paises dischar in thers waters of africa

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