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Episode 455

June 08, 2013 11:07

Larry Ellison, owner of BMW Oracle, winner of the 33rd America's Cup. (Reuters / K.C. Alfred)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the American Dream – “you have to be asleep to believe in it” – an America's Cup too expensive to compete in, and a patent system ripe for trolling. In the second half of the show, Max interviews legendary comedian Mort Sahl about the military-industrial complex and Bradley Manning.

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Anonymous user 27.06.2013 18:33

love MAX!! of course he is going to go on about bitcoin, hes personally invested DUH!

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 22:37

!!Gila Monster is pronounced He-la where I come from. ;)


Ian Young 17.06.2013 20:58

Is that a bogus travel agency Max and Stacey broadcast from? And is Max really Welsh?

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