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Episode 586

April 10, 2014 08:30

AFP Photo / Ben Stansall

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the poor players that are the empires that strut and fret their weapons upon the world stage. The consequences of the the tall tales told by neocon idiots full of sound and fury is that the young refuse to rise up and, instead, meekly visit the food bank. In the second half, Max interviews artist, Alex Schaefer, about ‘burning banks’ and the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation. Max watches as Alex ‘burns down’ HSBC on set while describing the current absence of artist activism.

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David 19.04.2014 09:17

'..playing around with their donkeys..' el-o-el! Ah, Stacy. Love ya.


Susan saldivar 11.04.2014 23:13

I used to protest in the 80's and 90's. Back when I believed that we had a great country to fight for, a system that ultimately protect truth and justice. And then I learned the truth. I learned that the constitution of the US had been subverted by wealthy baron's who would rape and pillage the earth and murder millions in the name of "Democracy" ; and the "USA" for their lust for wealth and power. Our hopes and dreams are dead, all our war dead died in vain and there is no way to win it back, never, ever! it's over, there is nothing left to fight for. RIP USA.


john 11.04.2014 22:06

There has not been an uprising because the government and the corporate media which serves the state have convinced the middle class that it is the poor and the social safety net that is the problem, as if the poor created their own loans, packaged them into derivatives and sold them; or they created interest rate swaps and the many other esoteric derivatives. And perhaps the middle class is not suffering enough, but time will come when millions of the middle class are jobless, hungry, and without the rewards that their expensive educations promised. At that time the revolution will begin

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