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Episode 590

April 19, 2014 16:15

Reuters / Vincent Mundy

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss American injustice in the age of the wealth gap and Weev's hedge fund trolling. In the second half, Max interviews JP Sottile of about Big Oil and Big Ag in Ukraine. Sottile names the people and corporations hoping to exploit the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

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Jack Forest 10.05.2014 07:14

Interesting show. How tragic. I used to think that when the truth came out everything would change. Well, the truth is all around us. But not yet the seachange the world needs
Time is running out.


Bof Thegaffe 22.04.2014 14:21

Evo Immorales 22.04.2014 03:17

...but we still live under capitalism...


Evo, capitalism is a loaded word, mostly due to Marx who twisted it into a straw man in order to vilify private property and free economic exchanges.
Capitalism is an economic system where private parties exchange through a free market. It carries no ideology, unless you absolutely want to consider the natural desires of humans (to be free, to look after themselves and to have their own stuff) as an ideology.
Look around: we live under strong states with lots of control/coercion. We don't live under capitalism.


J Perttu 22.04.2014 03:57

The US has the highest defense spending, however Russia has excellent hardware and the Soviet Union's hardware is better than most overpriced US garbage today. Russia's current weapons and the ones inherited definitely outclass most US equipment. Then there's troop quality like high amount of obesity and stupidity in the US ranks. Most of that defense spending is waste to fill the coffers of parasitic defense corporations and contractors that are way overpriced. A wise man would throw his cards in the Russian hat.

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