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Politicking: Larry King talks NSA scandal fallout

June 13, 2013 22:50

In the first episode of his brand-new show Politicking, Larry King discusses the leak scandal that revealed secret NSA surveillance programs. Representative Aaron Schock (R, Illionis), Democratic Political Strategist Peter Fenn and Politico's Deputy Managing Editor Rachel Smolkin weigh in on the latest details of the expose that many called the most shocking revelation of the US government's program of spying on electronic communications worldwide.

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ADOFO 13.08.2013 01:13

Larry King now what's to " question " people in power ? What a load of BS and prefect example for Goyims is his refurbsihng Elliot Spitzer's " 2nd chance? ".
Larry King has never questioned anbody in power and was nothing more than a mouthpiece and platform for the establishment of both parties .


Isam Al-Tal 07.08.2013 11:41

Is Larry King just warming up, or that's the end of it. Now that "Politicking&qu ot; is on RT, people like me, a Jordanian, would like to see people who have something to say about what America is doing to the world, not just to our beloved yankees. If Larry goes on like this, bringing in carefully selected people, I'm afraid I'd rather see Abby Martin five times rather than wasting my time seeing how a congressman says what best serves his second, third or whatsoever return to his job. Best regards, Larry, but America is doing much worse things to the world than meets the ear on your show.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 20:22

Really disappointed with RT. If I wanted watered down "news", I'd go back to watching CNN and Fox.

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