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Fmr. Defense Secretary William Cohen Grades U.S. Response to Ukrainian Crisis

March 13, 2014 16:16

Former Pentagon head William Cohen joins Larry to talk Obama vs. Putin, the Ukrainian crisis & why he thinks the U.S. should stay in Afghanistan. Plus, the always outspoken Geraldo Rivera's warning about another world hotspot, in America's backyard.

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bert 26.05.2014 21:25

Cohen and larry will talk about it. A couple of jews talking about the jew controlled us response to other jews overthrowing Kiev. This should be a real snoozer.


Michael 05.05.2014 12:15

Cohen.....just get on with it mate.......sick and tired of playing Call of Duty...wanna see some real action. A couple of downed Black Hawks etc etc


ABDELKADER 25.04.2014 03:06

Cenk Uygur despite his other redeeming qualities is disappointing in that like all gullible Americans he actually believes the lies that Russian tanks went into Crimea and that Russia has every intention to use ethnic Russians as an excuse for military incursion into Eastern Ukraine and the Baltic states when in reality couldn't be further from the truth. Americans tend to believe what they want to believe and lack the understanding, intellectual capacity and intelligence to question the deliberate disinformation they have been purposely given.

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