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Episode 019

March 22, 2014 12:30

People and commuters who regularly use one of Belgrade's busiest boulevards, no longer pay any attention to the dramatic bomb damage inflicted on the Army Headquarters building that was hit by U.S. cruise missiles in NATO's 1999 war to force Serb troops out of Kosovo. (Reuters / Str)

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Britain and the United States bombed Yugoslavia having spent decades subverting it, splintering it into an alphabet soup of countries and states. A NATO enforced "peace" in Bosnia-Herzegovina is now neither stable nor peaceful with predictions of a "Bosnian Spring" thickening the air. We invited Professor David Chandler of Westminster University into the studio to help make sense of the NATO sponsored break-up of Yugoslavia and ask whether this has been a success or a failure.

And we dedicate part two to The Right Honourable Tony Benn who died last week. Seumas Milne, Associate Editor of the Guardian and author of the epic book The Enemy Within joins us to discuss the greatest British socialist leader of the last 50 years, as we look at Tony Benn’s life and times and the meaning of his death to the British left.

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Peter 27.03.2014 06:20

Hows the movie? Ph 64 22 3257803 Pete


Peter 27.03.2014 06:12

RIP Tony

I still can think of the words spoken by him " Here in the House of Commons we once ruled the Commonwealth now we do not rule Britian any more" Can think it was when the other Tony B had just won for the 1st time.
Peter New Zealand


Mary Campbell 26.03.2014 23:40

Looking forward to watching this.

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