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Technology Update

Get your skates on! (E82) Reuters / Chris Wattie
Get your skates on and tune into Technology update as we check out some of the cool tech used in Europe's largest ice rink. If you thought that 3D films were popular, wait until you see the 360-degree cinema. We also learn how to put an organ on... February 27, 2015 08:30
Technology Update

We travel across the biggest country in the world to tell you all about the most important advances in science and technology on the planet, and we won't let anything hold us back. From the new generation of nuclear ships roaming the high seas, to innovative ways to walk our programme brings you the cutting edge of tomorrow, today. Technology Update on RT. We've got the future covered.

​Breaking waves (E81)

This month, we get 2015 off to a flying start! Join us as Russia's next gen heavy-class launcher takes to the skies for the first time. We really...

January 23, 2015 08:30
GoBe watch
‘Tis the Festive Season! (E80)

This December Tech Up gets in the festive spirit. On this month's show, Christmas comes early for Russia's brightest and best. We learn about the history...

December 25, 2014 07:30
Illustration of a carboxysome in the X-ray laser. (Max Hantke / Uppsala University)
Unlocking mysteries of micro universe (E79)

In this month's special edition of Technology Update, we travel to Hamburg to learn about a European scientific mega-project to build the most powerful...

November 28, 2014 07:30
Reuters / Thomas Peter
October Innovations (E78)

It's October and that means one thing in Moscow, it's time for Open Innovations! Join us as we explore one of the highlights of the tech calendar. We...

October 26, 2014 07:30
R1 streetcar made by the Uraltransmash plant at the V Innoprom International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg.(RIA Novosti / Pavel Lisitsyn)
​Unparalleled Tech (E76)

This month, we make the most of the sun with Ryazan's solar regatta team, while Russia's trams and metro get a facelift in Ekaterinburg. Science...

August 29, 2014 13:30
Two-wheeled Tech (E75)

Join us in Barcelona this month as we follow a team of Russian students looking for racing glory in the Smartmoto Challenge. Back on home tarmac, we...

July 26, 2014 14:13
Reuters / Gary Cameron
​Technology Update (E74)

AR technology makes the line between virtual and reality even more blurred. Russia and America work together on a new nano-medicine to fight cancer....

May 23, 2014 13:30
Yuri Gagarin (RIA Novosti)
We have lift off! (E73)

Russia celebrated Cosmonauts' Day on 12 April in honor of Yury Gagarin's historic flight in space, so we wanted to get into the spirit of things and...

April 25, 2014 10:30
AFP Photo
Safety first! (E72)

On this month's show, we turn up the heat with Moscow's firefighters as they put their latest gear to the test. An electronic glove may mean one...

March 28, 2014 13:30