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Worlds Apart

​Response-ability to protect? Ft. Jennifer Welsh, UN Special Adviser on R2P Jennifer Welsh (RT screenshot)
The Responsibility to Protect doctrine was born out of the need to prevent the most horrific war crimes and atrocities. But its implementation in recent conflicts has arguably led to more harm than it has prevented. Can humanitarian interventions... May 03, 2015 09:30
Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a fast-paced, in-depth discussion on the most pressing issues facing the world today.It strives to depart from the traditional Q&A form of interview in favor of a more emotive and engaging conversation. Host Oksana Boyko is not afraid to ask the hard questions that others avoid, with the aim of promoting intelligent public debate.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (Reuters)
Righting might Ft. Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General (1997-2006)

The UN rose out of the ashes of WWII, as nations came together in their determination to never again repeat the horrors of that war. As the UN turns 70,...

April 30, 2015 12:30
RT screenshot
​Preventing Arm-ageddon? Ft. Michael Moller, chief, Conference on Disarmament

At a time of simmering geopolitical tensions, the concept of common security has become even more important. And while global nuclear zero has been a goal...

April 26, 2015 05:30
Hossein Dehghan, Iranian defense minister
Fissile defense? Ft Hossein Dehghan, Iranian defense minister

With a nuclear deal around the corner, Russia's decision to proceed with the sale of the sophisticated S-300 missile defense system to Iran sparked a...

April 23, 2015 08:30
​Extreme diplomacy Ft. Jamal Benomar, UN Special Adviser on Yemen

The negotiated power transition in Yemen following the Arab Spring was seen as a model for peaceful conflict resolution in the region. Three years on, the...

April 19, 2015 05:30
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner (Reuters / Ricardo Moraes)
Green light? Ft. Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme

As technology has improved over recent years, the global transition to renewable energy has gained momentum. But despite these advances, trillions of...

April 16, 2015 08:30
 Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum
Bombastic politics? Ft. Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum

Opponents of the recent deal with Tehran have argued that it will inevitably lead to an Iran itching to unleash nuclear warfare on the world. And though...

April 12, 2015 05:30
A still from RT video
​No-clear deal? Ft. Abbas Milani, Director of Iranian Studies, Stanford University

The provisional deal on Iran’s nuclear program has been heralded as a tremendous success for international diplomacy. And while it may have broken the...

April 09, 2015 08:30
Handicapable! Ft. Nick Vujicic, motivational speaker, author & evangelist

No limbs? No worries! Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has inspired billions with his positive outlook on life and approach to overcoming adversity. And...

April 05, 2015 09:30
Alex Vatanka, Middle East Institute (Still from RT video)
Striking proxy-mity? Ft. Alex Vatanka, Middle East Institute

The escalating violence in Yemen threatens to destabilize the region. And while the conflict is being framed as a sectarian and proxy war between Shiite...

April 02, 2015 08:30