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Worlds Apart

Make money, not war Sir Richard Branson (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan)
Russia and the West are locked in geopolitical tit-for-tat over Ukraine, and with both sides escalating the sanctions game, businesses are suffering. But can businessmen mediate between political leaders to reach a peaceful solution to the confli... August 24, 2014 06:30 19
Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a fast-paced, in-depth discussion on the most pressing issues facing the world today.It strives to depart from the traditional Q&A form of interview in favor of a more emotive and engaging conversation. Host Oksana Boyko is not afraid to ask the hard questions that others avoid, with the aim of promoting intelligent public debate.

Peace by peace

Swedish and Finnish leaders have reinvigorated a push for their traditionally non-aligned countries to join NATO, in the face of what they say is a...

August 17, 2014 06:30 35
​Cold war & peace

Kosovo's secession demonstrated that international law is only as applicable as the force used to back it. But with Crimea now free on the wings of that...

August 07, 2014 11:30 21
Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel (AFP Photo / Nicholas Kamm)
Settling for peace?

The Middle East has seen much turmoil in its fragmented history, and with the Israeli-Palestinian process now back to square one, peace remains...

July 31, 2014 09:40 19
Mark Lawrence Schrad (screenshot from RT video)
Shots for democracy

States have relied on alcohol revenues throughout history to fill their coffers, while seeking to control its production and consumption. How are...

July 27, 2014 06:30 22
Karim Rashid.( AFP Photo / Dave Kotinsky)
Intelligent design

Most people think of beauty when they talk about design, but does it also have a societal dimension? How is design shaping the way we interact with our...

July 24, 2014 11:30 7
Aidan White.( Reuters / Thaier al-Sudani)
Ethical bias?

Journalists play an important role in society by keeping a check on those in power, but they often become instruments serving the interests of the...

July 20, 2014 06:30 44
Brendan O’Leary, Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania (Image from RT video)
On the sunni side

US policies in Iraq lie in ruins, and with the country gripped by sectarian strife and the government in deadlock, the Kurds are pushing for independence....

July 17, 2014 11:30 5
Dr Robert Freedman
​Shades of aggression

The US has a disastrous history of intervention in foreign conflicts, and as the Obama administration tries to disengage, it leaves behind the chaos of...

July 13, 2014 06:30 24
Pivot off-balance?

US policies in Europe and Asia are often perceived as attempts to contain the rise of Russia and China. While these strategies are paraded as realism in...

July 10, 2014 11:30 8

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