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Eighty-eight female daredevils storm sky-high record

Published time: July 25, 2012 16:20
Edited time: July 25, 2012 20:20

An Everest Skydive team member prepares to land at Chhinedanda in Pokhara, some of 200 kms west of Kathamndu. (AFP Photo / Prakash Mathema)

Download video (26.01 MB)

A group of Russia's most daring ladies have overcome months of grueling training to prove that the sky is not the limit, and set a new world record in formation skydiving.

This was the task for 88 Russian women in Moscow Region's Kolomna airfield to descend hand-in-hand at a height of 20,000 feet to set a new mark.

Parachute gurus say that this attempt takes teamwork to another level, both for professional jumpers and enthusiasts – free-falling while holding hands leaves no margin for error, as success depends on each and every member of the team.

But it was not all plain sailing right from the start. The first two attempts at the record saw the girls fall short.

However, thousands of fans from all over the country kept their faith alive and were well-rewarded for their patience.

Watch the video to witness the jump!


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