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Google fined $2,000 for capturing Canadian’s breasts on Street View
A Canadian woman has successfully sued Google for displaying her cleavage on Street View. The ruling stated her privacy had been disrespected – despite Maria Pia Grillo being in public, sitting on the steps of her house.

01.11.2014 08:30

Risky business: Top 5 failures of US commercial space program (PHOTO, VIDEO)
NASA heavily relies on private companies for space-related travel, but recent accidents show that such firms cannot yet be fully trusted for the mission. The crashes hint at an increasing number of glitches that need to be fixed to ensure safety.

31.10.2014 23:21

Dutch PM: Investigators access MH17 crash site, collect more remains
An international team of investigators has managed to recover more human remains from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, the Dutch prime minister has announced, adding that the number of remains is unspecified.

31.10.2014 20:21

​Crash dummies put on weight as obese Americans ‘more likely to die’ in accidents
While health officials struggle to slow down the rise of obesity in the US, one car safety company is changing the design of its crash test dummies in order to more accurately reflect the size of the average American and warn of road risks for the obese.

31.10.2014 01:21

Heavy fire in Kiev’s oldest cinema during LGBT film, reports of smoke grenade (VIDEO)
The oldest movie theater in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev was seriously damaged as fire swept through the historic building during the screening of an LGBT movie in a suspected arson attack.

30.10.2014 13:55

Airplane crashes into airport building in Wichita, Kansas (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
An airplane crashed into a two-story building at an airport in Wichita, Kansas early Thursday shortly after takeoff, leaving at least four people dead and five injured.

30.10.2014 15:20

Don't touch debris! Antares explosion leaves highly toxic elements beyond hazard area
​The explosion late Tuesday of the Antares rocket, on a mission from Virginia to deliver 5,000 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station, scattered toxic wreckage beyond a protected ‘hazard area’ that should be avoided, NASA has warned.

29.10.2014 14:08

Antares space rocket blast captured from 3,000 feet (VIDEO)
The explosion of the Antares space rocket was caught on camera from thousands of feet in the air by two people flying a light aircraft in the vicinity. The spacecraft was heading to the International Space Station (ISS) on a supply mission.

29.10.2014 18:18

​App aims to curb suicide attempts from at-risk twitter users
A new app designed to notify Twitter users if people they follow appear to be suicidal was launched on Wednesday by the UK based charity Samaritans, to address the growing number of people self-harming as a result of abuse online.

29.10.2014 15:51

Crash and burn: Top 5 recent rocket disasters (VIDEO)
The spectacular launch failure of the Antares rocket over Virginia has drawn a fiery line under the perils of man’s unquenchable thirst to explore the cosmos. Here are the top 5 crashes to rock international space programs in recent times.

29.10.2014 09:04

‘Antares rocket’s explosion is setback for science and private space companies’
The accident with Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket shows that it is risky and dangerous to use private companies to ferry astronauts to the ISS, even though previous launches were successful, Tarik Malik, the Managing Editor of, told RT.

29.10.2014 10:13

ISS-bound rocket explodes on takeoff from NASA facility in Virginia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
An unmanned rocket exploded shortly after takeoff Tuesday evening on Virginia’s eastern shore. Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket was carrying thousands of pounds of equipment to restock the International Space Station.

28.10.2014 22:39

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