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134-day Islamic State siege of Kobani lifted
The apparently unstoppable progress of the IS terrorist group now seems to have come to an end on the Syrian-Turkish border. Kurdish fighters, opposition forces and coalition air strikes have thwarted the Caliph's designs on the town of Kobani.

30.01.2015 12:37

​Britons earning less than in 2001, young take biggest hit – study
British people are earning less in real terms than they were in 2001, according to new analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), with young Brits bearing the brunt of the fall in wages.

30.01.2015 11:35

Foreign Office claims Russian bombers pose threat to civilian flights, no details given
The UK Foreign Office summoned the Russian ambassador on Thursday afternoon to lodge a complaint about the flight of Russian military jets over the English Channel, which authorities claim posed a danger to passenger aircraft.

30.01.2015 10:14

Gas explosion at Mexico City children’s hospital kills 2, injures 53
A gas truck explosion outside a Mexico City maternity hospital has left at least two people dead and 53 others injured, including more than 20 children, according to city authorities.

29.01.2015 14:41

Rail strike: Train passenger assaults driver, causes Paris rush hour havoc (PHOTOS)
Paris experienced a commuter chaos on Wednesday night, after an outraged passenger attacked a train driver on the RER A regional train line on the outskirts of the French capital.

29.01.2015 13:08

‘Hostage crisis – Jordan’s blowback from Syrian conflict’
Amman has allowed Saudi Arabia and the West to use Jordan as a training ground for military activities related to Syria, so it is natural that it is currently facing blowback, political analyst Sharmine Narwani told RT.

29.01.2015 09:47

French police question 8yo in Nice for praising terrorists
An eight-year-old boy in the southern French city of Nice has been questioned by police following comments in which he expressed “solidarity” with the Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

29.01.2015 08:02

Matter of deadly legacies: War on terror and new Cold War
Today the West, and the rest of the world, is faced with a whole host of deadly threats affecting many people in many regions close by, as well as wide and far removed.

27.01.2015 14:53

‘UK survey: 45 % of Muslim pupils, students faced Islamophobic experience’
A large number of pupils and students in the UK have experienced discrimination and hate crimes while in education, said Arzu Merali from Islamic Human Rights Commission. She added that was before the Charlie Hebdo attack.

28.01.2015 12:20

12yo Russian girl commits suicide after argument over porn use with parents
A Russian girl of twelve has taken her own life, jumping out of the window of her flat in St. Petersburg after her parents discovered she had been watching pornography and a subsequent argument.

28.01.2015 13:07

Massive truck plows through 15 vehicles in Russia after apparent brakes failure (VIDEO)
A fully-loaded lorry with suspected brakes failure rammed into a pack of vehicles on a busy street in southern Russia, killing one person and injuring eight others.

27.01.2015 18:12

​Pilot survives aircraft splashdown in Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)
The pilot of a single engine aircraft was plucked from the Pacific Ocean after his plane ran out of fuel and an onboard parachute dropped the aircraft into the water near Hawaii.

27.01.2015 13:42