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​‘Russia not beacon of democracy, but much freer than it was in 90s’
Regarding basic civil rights, the situation in Russia is much better than it was four or five years ago, political analyst Evgeniy Minchenko told RT. The recent march in memory of politician Boris Nemtsov in the center of Moscow proves that, he added.

03.03.2015 11:00

​Nuclear safety incidents soar 54% at UK’s Clyde sub base & arms depot
The number of “nuclear safety events” at Britain’s submarine base and warhead depot at the Clyde has drastically soared according to official records that showed 105 incidents in 2013-2014, compared to just 68 in the previous period.

03.03.2015 00:05

Deadly bacteria leaked in Louisiana lab: Cause & spread unknown
Weeks of investigation by federal and state agencies have failed to uncover how a potential bioterror agent escaped from a Louisiana laboratory four months ago, or how far it has spread.

02.03.2015 19:24

Skydiver saved after epileptic fit at 2,700m (DRAMATIC VIDEO)
A 22-year-old student from Perth, Australia, has posted a shocking video of a narrow escape. Christopher Jones had a seizure while skydiving, but luckily was saved mid-air by his instructor.

02.03.2015 11:50

‘Nemtsov killing godsend for anybody against a strong Russia’
The murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov could be a provocation since it is ‘manna from heaven’ for those who don’t want to see Russia strong, Dr William Mallinson, former British diplomat and historian told RT.

02.03.2015 08:50

Search for missing MH370 may be called off soon
Australia says the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may soon be called off, as no trace of the aircraft has been found since it disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this week.

01.03.2015 22:22

Social media deception: Venezuela exposes “La Salida” conspiracy
From February to June 2014, Venezuela experienced a period of violence and terrorism by individuals whose stated goal was to force “La Salida,” (the Exit) of the elected government.

27.02.2015 08:28

​Dozens of cars crash in snowy pileup on Maine interstate (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
At least 11 people were sent to the hospital after more than 40 vehicles, including a school bus and a tractor trailer, were involved in a massive pileup on a snowy Maine interstate early Wednesday.

25.02.2015 15:37

UK soldiers killed in Helmand by friendly fire ordered by Danes – inquest
Two UK commandos were killed in “friendly fire” when they were hit by an anti-tank missile ordered by their Danish counterparts in Afghanistan, an inquest heard.

24.02.2015 15:05

​SoCal train derailment leaves dozens injured
At least 28 people were reportedly injured early Tuesday when a commuter train derailed in the Southern California city of Oxnard.

24.02.2015 14:58

Mamma mia! Giant sinkhole forces evacuation of 380 people in Naples
Residents of a Naples suburb had the ground cut from under their feet when they woke on Sunday morning. A giant sinkhole opened up in the middle of a street, forcing the evacuation of 380 people from four buildings on the edge of the crater.

24.02.2015 11:28

Scandal after Norwegian plane took off despite crewmembers’ walkout
A scandal is gathering pace after a Norwegian airliner lifted off despite the crew bickering about weather conditions with the captain and co-pilots, which resulted in the walkout of almost half of the cabin staff.

23.02.2015 07:08