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​Biker survives rear-ending car by vaulting on to its roof (VIDEO)
A biker in Belarus dodged death by an inch when his speeding bike slammed right into the back of a car. The rider vaulted right over the handlebars and landed on his feet on the roof of the car he ran into, a striking dashcam video showed.

20.08.2014 08:30

‘National debate’ on UK nukes if Trident removed from Scotland
Moving nuclear submarines and missiles from Scotland to England’s south coast would create a “national debate” about the future of the UK’s Trident program, according to a top researcher.

19.08.2014 14:54

Lethal bird flu cocktail sent out of lab accidentally, went unreported – CDC
A scientist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declined to tell superiors that a worker had mixed a lethal strain of bird flu with a more benign one, even though that mixed strain was shipped out to another laboratory.

16.08.2014 04:08

Presidential candidate among 7 killed as aircraft crashes onto houses in Brazil
Eduardo Campos, a prominent presidential candidate in Brazil, and six other people were killed in a plane crash in the southeast of the country, local media reported.The small aircraft came down onto houses in the city of Santos.

13.08.2014 15:30

2 passenger train wagons derail in the Alps after landslide
Eleven people have been injured, five of whom are in a serious condition, after a passenger train in Switzerland was derailed by a landslide, following heavy rain. One carriage is perilously hanging over a ravine.

13.08.2014 12:21

3 countries at risk if Kiev shelling leads to Gorlovka chemical leaks – experts
Millions of people will be affected if shelling of the village of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian army leads to leaks at local chemical plants, experts warn, adding that the toxic clouds are also capable of spreading around the world.

12.08.2014 14:55

No charges brought after NASCAR champ hits, kills competitor (SHOCKING VIDEO)
Famous NASCAR champion Tony Stewart has not faced any criminal charges after hitting and killing a young driver who confronted him on foot at a dirt-track race in Canandaigua, New York, on Saturday.

11.08.2014 03:40

'Chemical threat': Disaster looms as Kiev shells fall near Donetsk plant
Ukraine is at risk of an environmental disaster as Kiev’s army continues to bomb the Donestk region, nearly hitting its largest chemical plant that stores lethal agents, the plant’s spokesperson warned. The minimum impact zone would be at least 300 km.

10.08.2014 23:26

39 killed as airliner crashes near Tehran's Mehrabad Airport (VIDEO)
A passenger plane has crashed in the vicinity of Iran's Mehrabad Airport, located in Tehran. Thirty-nine out of the 48 passengers and crew on board died in the tragedy.

10.08.2014 05:51

38 minutes late: Report reveals firefighters' delayed response to deadly Odessa blaze
Despite desperate calls from witnesses, Odessa fire brigades came to the scene of the notorious Trade Unions House blaze only 38 minutes after it was reported, leaked transcripts of emergency calls show. The fire claimed the lives of 48 people in May.

09.08.2014 19:34

Fukushima operator to decontaminate toxic water, dump into Pacific
For the first time, Fukushima Daiichi’s operator TEPCO says it is planning to pump contaminated water from the crippled nuclear plant and dump it into the ocean after processing it to remove radioactive materials.

07.08.2014 19:52

Drone crashes into Yellowstone National Park's largest hot spring
A tourist recently crashed a camera-equipped drone into the largest hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, a park official said Wednesday, possibly causing damage to the geothermal feature.

07.08.2014 15:24

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