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Black smoke overtakes London as 100 firefighters battle huge warehouse blaze (VIDEO)
Around 120 firefighters and officers struggled against an enormous warehouse fire amid rising plumes of smoke in West London. Thirty people had to evacuate due to the dangerous flames.

04.07.2015 23:18

‘Wow, pulled back wrong side throttle’: Taiwanese pilot accidentally turned off engine
The pilot of TransAsia flight GE235 inadvertently switched off his plane’s only working engine, making a crash inevitable, Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council confirmed in its latest report. Forty-three people died in the Taipei tragedy in February.

02.07.2015 20:41

Internet goes mad as Sarah O'Connor tweets news about killer robot at VW plant
When a German VW robot killed a car worker in a tragic accident, “Terminator” devotees began to wonder if the machines were really taking over. The paranoia grew when the reporter tweeting the news was Sarah Connor – sorry, Sarah O’Connor of the FT.

02.07.2015 09:21

5,000 evacuated in Tennessee after train crash releases toxic fumes
More than 5,000 people in eastern Tennessee have been evacuated after a freight train carrying “highly flammable and toxic gas” derailed and caught fire on Thursday morning.

02.07.2015 08:56

Bus from hell: Flaming vehicle causes panic in Ukrainian city (VIDEO)
A driverless ‘ghost’ bus enveloped in flames has been causing havoc in the city of Lvov in Western Ukraine. The vehicle, abandoned by its passengers, can be seen in a video careering downhill while other vehicles desperately try to get out of its way.

02.07.2015 05:32

Radiation spikes after wildfire in Chernobyl exclusion zone
Ukrainian nuclear inspectors have measured a significant increase in radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone caused by heavy wildfires raging in close proximity to the crippled nuclear power station.

01.07.2015 17:59

Gauze found in 80yo Japanese man’s stomach – 30 yrs after doctors forgot it there
A piece of gauze has been taken out of an 80-year-old man’s stomach during an operation on in Japan – after the doctors at the same hospital forgot it there 30 years ago.

01.07.2015 13:24

Scientists find way to cut blood loss by 90% - by spraying foam made from shrimp shells
Using a material derived from shrimp shells, scientists have developed a foam that can be sprayed directly onto an open wound to quickly stop the bleeding. It could prove vital when treating injuries caused by street violence and military combat.

01.07.2015 07:13

Track fire closes Eurostar tunnel at Calais
Eurostar services have been suspended after striking workers in Calais allegedly started a fire on the tracks. It is not clear when they will re-open.

30.06.2015 12:26

Fishermen rescued from raging sea in Norway after ship sinks (VIDEO)
Dramatic footage has been released of the rescue of two fishermen after their ship sank in rough seas off the coast of northern Norway. The video shows the men being saved from raging waters, winched from their inflatable lifeboat to a helicopter.

30.06.2015 05:36

Death-defying escape for Moscow residents as truck crashes into them (VIDEO)
A horrific crash has taken place on a main highway in Moscow as a truck ploughed into over a dozen pedestrians. The vast majority miraculously managed to walk away unscathed, however, two people were taken to hospital.

30.06.2015 08:58

Paris-bound Aeromexico plane diverts to Ireland due to fire alert
An Aeromexico Boeing Dreamliner flying from Mexico City to Paris has reportedly declared an emergency due to a fire in the cargo hold, and is being diverted to Shannon Airport in southwest Ireland.

29.06.2015 13:40