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Blast targets NATO convoy near Kabul Airport, US Embassy
A suicide bomber has attacked a convoy of foreign troops serving with NATO on the road near Kabul International Airport, close to the US Embassy and Supreme Court, police and security officials said.

30.06.2015 09:19

​ISIS gains ground in Afghanistan, challenges Taliban dominance – report
Islamic State loyalists [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] have recently taken control over significant territory in Afghanistan, ousting the rival Taliban jihadist group there, Reuters reports, citing witnesses and officials.

29.06.2015 16:24

​Snowden leaks suggest GCHQ complicity in Yemen drone strike – lawyers
GCHQ is under pressure again on Wednesday after lawyers claimed documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may indicate complicity in US targeted killing missions.

24.06.2015 11:10

Taliban gunmen explode several bombs in Afghan Parliament in Kabul (VIDEO)
Loud explosions and gunfire have been heard in the parliament building in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Gunmen have stormed the lower house of parliament, with several blasts going off inside and in front of the building.

22.06.2015 06:06

Global terrorism deaths nearly doubled in 2014 - US State Dept.
Terror acts rose by more than a third from 2013 to 2014, while deaths nearly doubled, says a new US State Department report. Boko Haram and the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) were largely responsible for an increase in terrorist attacks.

19.06.2015 14:56

​Taliban to the rescue: Iran reportedly arms Afghan militants against US, ISIS
Tehran is reportedly betting on the Taliban’s rise and is providing the militant movement with arms and training to secure leverage over it. Iran wants influence to counter the US and have fighters ready for a possible offensive by Islamic State.

12.06.2015 13:39

ISIS would need ‘foreign hand’ to rise in Afghanistan – ex-president Karzai to RT
The rise of the Islamic State in Afghanistan would threaten neighboring Russia and China, but it won’t be possible without the jihadist group receiving foreign backing, Hamid Karzai, former Afghan president, told RT’s Worlds Apart show.

11.06.2015 20:25

​‘Hung out to dry’: Traumatized sniper with farthest confirmed kill slams British Army
Credited with achieving the farthest confirmed sniper kill in history while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, former Household Cavalry soldier Craig Harrison has blasted the British Army for abandoning him without even a thank you.

09.06.2015 12:17

Why we must return to the US-Russian parity principle - Prof. Stephen Cohen
The US is now in a new Cold War with Russia over the Ukrainian crisis largely because Washington rejected the parity principle. Unless the idea of détente is embraced by both sides, the situation could escalate into actual war.

04.06.2015 13:23

​US ‘overreacted’ to 9/11 – Oxford vice-chancellor
The US overreacted to the 9/11 attacks because it was unused to terror on home soil, while Britain proved to be a far more resilient because of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, according to Oxford University’s first woman vice-chancellor.

03.06.2015 08:15

​£288mn needed for Afghanistan veteran amputees – study
Prosthetics, trauma care and related treatment for hundreds of Afghan war amputees will cost £288 million over the next 40 years, according to a study

01.06.2015 08:47

​'US not engaged in major war': Obama Memorial Day remark slammed
Barack Obama has made a speech, saying that this Memorial Day is the first in 14 years without major US war. Critics and social media users slammed him as hypocritical, saying the US remains involved in military conflicts and proxy wars.

26.05.2015 05:52