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Obama admin withholding 2,100 US military torture photos
The Obama administration has blocked the public release of disturbing torture photos out of concern they would endanger US troops. Now, a federal judge is giving the government until December to justify its actions.

22.10.2014 06:05

‘US seeks to reassert domination in Iraq, not to lose it in Afghanistan’
The US authorities see the ISIS threat as an opportunity to regain its position in Iraq where it spent trillions of dollars waging war, but at the same time wants to maintain domination in Afghanistan, Richard Becker from the Answer Coalition told RT.

21.10.2014 09:11

America’s $7.6 billion war on Afghan drugs fails, opium production peaks
Despite Washington spending $7.6 billion on counter-narcotic initiatives in Afghanistan, 2013 witnessed a record surge in the amount of opium poppy cultivation, according to the US inspector general for Afghan reconstruction.

21.10.2014 06:16

CIA classified review: Covertly arming insurgents doesn’t work
Arming insurgencies around the world has rarely worked for the CIA without direct support from Americans on the ground, according to a still-classified agency review of the practice conducted during debate over arming rebels in Syria.

15.10.2014 16:23

7 civilians or 8 militants dead? NATO, Afghans dispute airstrike
NATO and Afghan officials are disputing an airstrike in E. Afghanistan that killed at least seven people. An Afghan official said all the dead were civilians, including a 12-year-old child, but NATO said the “precision” strike only killed militants.

13.10.2014 11:42

No faith in American justice: Aafia Siddiqui withdraws her appeal of 86-year prison term
Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui has withdrawn what is likely the final appeal of her conviction for attempted murder of American agents in Afghanistan. Islamist militants have attempted to free Siddiqui in prisoner swaps with the United States.

10.10.2014 14:06

Afghan war box score: Has America won or lost?
13 years have evaporated, and America’s longest war is supposedly drawing to an end. Weighing all the costs though, most observers question whether this Obama campaign promise was worth it all.

10.10.2014 13:32

US planes worth $500mn sold for scrap in Afghanistan – for just $32,000
A US watchdog is asking why 16 planes bought for the Afghan Air Force, costing almost $500 million, were turned into scrap metal valued at just $32,000. The government wants to know why hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money were wasted on the project.

10.10.2014 05:49

Longest in US history: Afghan War turns 13, US military deaths grow 4-fold under Obama
Tuesday this week commemorates 13 years since the start of the Afghan War — America's longest running campaign of its kind — yet an end to the operation is hardly on the horizon.

07.10.2014 15:13

Afghanistan visit: PM says Britain paid ‘very high price’ for stability
UK Prime Minister David Cameron made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Friday to meet the new president, Ashraf Ghani. The PM acknowledged that Britain had paid a “very high price” to bring stability to the country.

03.10.2014 08:13

Afghan political transition: A quick fix solution or a long-term answer to regional stability?
As Afghanistan gets its new President in the so-called democratic power transfer, South Asia is eagerly calculating the possible fallout over the stability of the entire region.

30.09.2014 12:38

​UK deploys Watchkeeper drones to Afghanistan
The British Army has deployed its state-of-the-art Watchkeeper unmanned air system in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence said Tuesday the drones will provide “force protection” for the troops as they prepare to withdraw by the end of this year.

30.09.2014 10:52

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