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Spice, not Ebola, kills Ft. Hood soldier
It was not Ebola that killed a US soldier self-monitoring for the disease, but “synthetic cannabinoid intoxication” from Spice, his autopsy found. He had just returned to Texas from West Africa when was found dead in the yard of an apartment complex.

16.04.2015 21:47

Hunt quarry, sex slaves, cannon fodder: Amnesty reports Boko Haram reign of terror
Boko Haram has abducted at least 2,000 women and girls to be forced into marriage, trained as foot soldiers and otherwise abused, a new report by Amnesty International says. The group has been responsible for at least 5,500 civilian deaths since 2014.

14.04.2015 08:32

Boko Haram insurgency displaces 800,000 children in N. Nigeria – UNICEF
Some 800,000 children have been displaced in northeast Nigeria as fighting between Boko Haram militants and military forces rages on, UNICEF has reported a year after over 200 girls were abducted by radical Islamists.

13.04.2015 13:16

​Godless Britain? UK 6th from last in global belief poll
Britain is one of the least religious countries in the world, coming sixth from bottom in a global study of belief carried out across 65 countries.

13.04.2015 08:35

World lit up: Stunning European night sky as seen from ISS (VIDEO)
A recently released time-lapse clip filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) shows European and North African cities lighting up the sky, in contrast to the dark expanses of the Mediterranean Sea at night.

10.04.2015 22:45

Hunger rations: Swedish peacekeepers slam small UN-supplied meals in Mali
The Swedish contingency of an international UN-led peacekeeping operation in Mali is up in arms over the apparent paltry size of food rations, which, they say, is forcing soldiers to go to bed hungry.

09.04.2015 12:24

Barclays ends investment in ‘toxic’ coal mining practice under campaign pressure
Following years of political pressure from financial justice campaigners and concerned account holders, British bank Barclays has ceased funding controversial firms that profit from environmentally devastating mining techniques.

07.04.2015 16:13

‘Saudi Arabia saving democracy in Yemen? That’s a cruel joke!’
Saudi Arabia, one the most undemocratic states in the world where people have absolutely no say, is incapable of saving democracy in Yemen, said Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst. That is an insult to the intelligence of people globally, he added.

06.04.2015 08:25

Kenya massacre survivor found after hiding in wardrobe for 2 days 'praying to God'
A survivor of the massacre at Garissa University College in Kenya was found on Saturday, two days after Al-Shabaab extremists slaughtered 148 people. Cynthia Cheroitich, 19, had cowered in a wardrobe for two days.

04.04.2015 12:12

147 killed in Al-Shabaab attack on Kenya university
The death toll has risen to at least 147 people after the siege of Garissa University College in Kenya. The attack on the institution by masked Al-Shabaab gunmen, an Al-Qaeda splinter group, has ended, according to the government’s disaster agency.

02.04.2015 05:07

British firms could be linked to slavery, murder and ecological abuse overseas – NGO
Hundreds of British firms operating abroad may be implicated in severe human rights abuses such as modern slavery, poverty-level wages, beatings, killings and environmental damage, an international NGO warns.

01.04.2015 13:11

Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections
Militants from extremist group Boko Haram attacked several Nigerian towns, torching houses and fatally shooting those who fled before reportedly beheading some of the bodies with chainsaws. The string of terror attacks comes amid the presidential vote.

28.03.2015 22:02