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​Top Ebola doctor dies of virus in Sierra Leone
Sheik Umar Khan, Sierra Leone’s only specialist in the virus who was leading the country’s battle against the West African Ebola outbreak has died from the disease less than a week after being diagnosed with Ebola.

29.07.2014 19:59

Two Americans contract Ebola, as fears of virus spread intensify
Two US citizens helping to treat Ebola in West Africa - a doctor and an aid worker – are in intensive care, having tested positive for the deadly virus. Governments and airports across the region are struggling to curb the spread of the disease.

28.07.2014 05:34

10 people from same French family die in AH5017 crash
Ten people from the same French family were killed in the Air Algerie plane crash, which went down in Mali on Thursday, killing the 118 passengers and Spanish crew members.

25.07.2014 14:06

African leaders’ immunity and ICC neocolonialism
​The news was picked up by the media around the world but, as often happens when it comes to African issues; it was quickly downgraded to an interesting fact.

25.07.2014 11:58

Wreckage, remains from Air Algérie flight AH5017 found in Mali – official
An Air Algerie flight carrying 110 passengers and six crew members has reportedly crashed in Mali after having disappeared from radar early on Thursday morning between Burkina Faso and Algeria.

24.07.2014 11:10

​'Child soldiers are the worst, they have no plans and don’t know about death'
Child soldiers are the worst – they have no idea about the future and they don’t have children, so they can actually scream as they go forward into battle, Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier who is now a world-famous rapper, told RT’s Sophie&Co.

14.07.2014 15:41

Boko Haram chief voices support for IS, claims deadly attacks in new video
The head of Nigeria’s Boko Haram radicals has vowed support for the Sunni Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria and other Islamist groups in a new video, according to AFP. The group also claimed responsibility for the deadly June bombings in Nigeria.

13.07.2014 15:07

Runaway crocodile may be behind deadly Congo plane crash, UK inquest hears
A 2010 plane crash in the Congo that killed 20 people may have been caused by passengers surging toward the flight deck to get away from an escaped crocodile, causing the plane to stall, a UK coroner’s court heard Friday.

12.07.2014 15:23

Blackwater awarded over $1bn from State Dept. since threat on investigator's life
The US State Department has allocated more than a billion dollars in contracts to the security firm Blackwater and its later manifestations since a top official for the company threatened a government investigator’s life in 2007.

11.07.2014 16:25

French connection: Islamic militants planned to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre
Jihadists planned to blow up the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and even a nuclear plant, according to a leaked conversation between an Algerian citizen living in France and a senior officer of Al-Qaeda branch in the Maghreb.

10.07.2014 04:46

MI5 accused of complicity in torture: UK citizen 'beaten' and 'electrocuted' in Ethiopian prison
Britain’s security and intelligence agencies are facing allegations of complicity in the ruthless torture of a British citizen covertly detained in a prison in Africa.

09.07.2014 10:11

Tunisia: Where the Arab Spring has not yet turned to winter
It’s just past ten in the morning and the temperature in Tunis is already in the mid-thirties. Usually the cafes in the Tunisian capital would be full of people, but it’s the start of Ramadan and most of them are closed.

09.07.2014 08:08

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