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Terrifying and inspirational: RT documents orphans’ climb up Kilimanjaro on prosthetics
​Three former orphans with severe disabilities attempt to make the grueling ascent to Africa’s highest peak to help Russian orphanages, in a new RT documentary.

28.09.2014 11:22

Experimental Ebola vaccine doses ready by early 2015 – WHO
Western drug manufacturers are set to roll out thousands of experimental Ebola vaccine doses by early 2015 in the countries worst affected, the WHO has said. Aid workers have criticized the global response to the virus for being slow to develop a vaccine.

26.09.2014 11:18

ISIS-linked Algerian jihadists behead kidnapped Frenchman
Algerian jihadists linked to Islamic State militants have claimed in a video to have beheaded a French tourist abducted on Sunday, the SITE jihadists monitoring service has reported.

24.09.2014 15:18

O, bomber! Obama bombs 7th country in 6 years
American jets hit targets in Syria on Tuesday in the US-led fight against Islamic State. Although the US has not declared war since 1942, this is the seventh country that Barack Obama, the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, has bombed in as many years.

23.09.2014 19:11

US predicts Ebola could infect 1.4 mn by end of January
​Ebola infections in West Africa could hit 1.4 million by the end of January if current trends continue and no immediate, large-scale increase in response measures is taken, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new estimate.

23.09.2014 15:52

British Ebola survivor to donate blood plasma in search for cure
William Pooley, the first Briton to contract Ebola who later fully recovered from the disease, has agreed to donate blood plasma to treat victims.

23.09.2014 12:59

New Ebola strategy: Liberia to move patients out of homes into ‘care centers’
A fresh approach to the fight with the fatal Ebola virus has been revealed by Liberia, the World Health Organization and partners: infected people are set to be transferred to special centers with basic care.

23.09.2014 06:38

CDC to airlines about Ebola: Treat all body fluids as though they are infectious
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has increased its warnings on Ebola to airlines, detailing how to handle passengers who get sick on board the aircraft. The guidance includes cleaning and reporting procedures.

22.09.2014 21:28

Ebola fight: 200 dead found in weekend Sierra Leone lockdown, US troops head to Liberia
A second detachment of US forces set to battle the deadly Ebola virus have arrived in Liberia. They land as a weekend lockdown in Sierra Leone to confine the outbreak resulted in finding at least 200 people infected or dead.

22.09.2014 08:49

NYC stages world's ‘biggest ever’ climate change march (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Not even a gloomy sky could dampen the spirits of climate activists Sunday, as up to 310,000 marched through New York City pushing for international action against global warming. Thousands of rallies across the world called on governments for change.

21.09.2014 20:05

Emergency lockdown in Sierra Leone: 6mn confined to homes in bid to contain Ebola
All Sierra Leone’s six-million population have been confined to their homes. The three-day shutdown is a desperate bid to fight the outbreak, as US health officials warn the disease could spread to over half a million people.

20.09.2014 09:24

Ebola worst-case scenario: Over half a million people infected
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing a worst-case-scenario report on the West African Ebola outbreak. The disease could spread to over half a million people if no additional action is taken to contain it, early estimates predict.

19.09.2014 20:55

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