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Burkina Faso army announces dissolution of govt, parliament
Burkina Faso’s army has announced the dissolution of the country’s National Assembly and the establishment of a new transitional governing body after nearly two days of opposition protests outside government buildings.

30.10.2014 19:14

Doomsday ‘preppers’: Biohazard suit sales soar amid UK Ebola panic
Sales of biohazard suits and other protective gear including gas masks are soaring in the UK due to fears of an Ebola outbreak, suppliers say.

30.10.2014 11:47

‘I will go to court to attain my freedom’ – Maine nurse rejects quarantine over Ebola
The American nurse who is being quarantined against her will after returning from a mission in West Africa says she may sue officials in the state of Maine if they refuse to lift the restrictions they’ve imposed.

29.10.2014 19:41

40,000 Kenyans accuse Britain of abuse and torture in second Mau Mau law suit
Over 41,000 Kenyans have waged an attempt to sue the British government for compensation, alleging maltreatment and physical abuse during a Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s against UK colonial rule.

29.10.2014 13:08

Zambia’s President Sata dies in London, Africa’s first white leader in 20 years takes over
President of Zambia, Michael Sata, died on Tuesday at a London hospital, the government announced on Wednesday. Sata, nicknamed “King Cobra” because of his allegedly abrasive manner, was 77. Guy Scott, a white Zambian, was chosen as acting president.

29.10.2014 12:24

Disaster charities launch ‘unprecedented’ Ebola fund appeal
The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal for funding to stop the rapid outbreak of Ebola, warning the epidemic is no longer just a medical emergency but a humanitarian catastrophe.

29.10.2014 09:36

150 liters a day: ‘Water - critical part of Ebola patients’ treatment’
Water supply is an essential part of Ebola treatment, which is needed not only for drinking, but also to wash clothes and disinfect hands and bodies, Laurent Duvillier, Regional Communication Specialist at UNICEF, told RT.

27.10.2014 18:16

Soldiers returning from W. Africa to be quarantined in Italy for 21 days
Soldiers and health-care workers returning from West African countries ravaged by Ebola will have different quarantine and monitoring requirements. US military members will be quarantined for 21 days, while most health-care workers will only self-monitor.

27.10.2014 21:09

Nurse quarantined against her will over Ebola scare, released after threatening to sue
The nurse who was detained and quarantined in New Jersey upon returning to the United States from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has been given clearance to go home by federal officials, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced early Monday.

27.10.2014 15:27

​In Europe refugees are guilty until proven innocent
Between October 13 and this Sunday October 26, more than 18,000 police officers were deployed all across Europe in an operation cryptically labeled “Mos Maiorum” which translates into “according to our forefathers’ custom.”

27.10.2014 11:28

​'Like a criminal': US nurse quarantined upon return from Africa blasts 'disorganization'
The US nurse who came home from Ebola-affected West Africa on Friday was quarantined at a New Jersey hospital. The first person to be isolated for 21 days under new rules, she described her treatment a "frenzy of disorganization."

26.10.2014 07:12

Rare footage captures Ebola discovery in 1976 (VIDEO)
As the largest recorded Ebola epidemic in West Africa has infected over 10,000 people, a Belgian newspaper publishes rare footage from 1976 when the deadly virus was first identified in Congo, or in Zaire as it was then known.

25.10.2014 16:35

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