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Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections
Militants from extremist group Boko Haram attacked several Nigerian towns, torching houses and fatally shooting those who fled before reportedly beheading some of the bodies with chainsaws. The string of terror attacks comes amid the presidential vote.

28.03.2015 22:02

UK experts fear climate change could usher in disease-carrying mosquitoes
Rising temperatures caused by climate change could see mosquitoes carrying diseases like malaria and dengue fever arrive in Britain within the next few decades, according to a report by Public Health England.

23.03.2015 13:42

Chinese restaurant in Kenya ‘locks out’ Africans after 5pm
A Chinese restaurant in the Kenyan capital does not admit Africans after 5pm, insisting they pose a security threat to its clients. The staff cites criminal situations and the activities of terrorist group Al Shabaab.

23.03.2015 13:56

Manhunt for third suspect in Tunisia as CCTV footage of Bardo museum attack emerges
A third suspect in the deadly attack on Tunisia’s Bardo museum is on the run, the country’s president says. This comes after the Interior Ministry released CCTV footage showing how two assailants spared the life of a man seconds before going into action.

22.03.2015 16:49

WHO resisted declaring Ebola emergency for fears of damaging local economies – AP report
The World Health Organization delayed calling the Ebola epidemic in West Africa a public health emergency because it was worried it could affect local economies or interfere with a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, a special report by AP has revealed.

20.03.2015 11:24

‘Tunisia attack – sabotage of Arab Spring by supporters of medieval style rule’
The model of democracy set up in Tunisia following the Arab Spring is now being attacked by those who still believe in mediaeval political systems, the bureau chief of the AlQuds Al-arabi newspaper, Abdelhamid Siyam told RT's In The Now.

20.03.2015 14:38

Where and how to see the full solar eclipse this Friday March 20
The “supermoon” will move between the sun and the Earth on Friday in an event that will darken the skies above Northern Europe. According to astronomers, this type of eclipse is so rare it will occur only three times more this century.

19.03.2015 18:00

ISIS claims responsibility for museum attack in Tunisia - reports
Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the deadly museum attack on Wednesday in Tunisia that claimed over 20 lives, according to an online audio recording cited by Reuters.

19.03.2015 15:23

Tunisia museum attack: Who’s behind it, what are their goals?
Groups like IS, which could be behind the Bardo Museum shootings, have a long history of collaborating with the West and may have attacked tourists just to maintain their anti-Western façade, says independent political analyst Dan Glazebrook.

19.03.2015 08:40

US drone strike kills top Al-Shabaab leader
The Pentagon said an American drone strike killed a key Al-Shabaab operative responsible for coordinating the Somali militant group’s intelligence and security operations, while also having been the mastermind behind the Westgate Mall massacre.

18.03.2015 23:46

17 tourists, 2 locals slain in Tunis museum attack
Twenty-one people, including foreign tourists and two gunmen, have been killed following a siege by armed militants at a museum in the capital, Tunis. World leaders have offered their support to Tunisia’s government.

18.03.2015 11:40

Partners in jihad: ISIS welcomes Boko Haram’s allegiance
The self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State has accepted a pledge of allegiance from Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to a radio message released on Thursday.

12.03.2015 22:56