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Somalia is home to two secret US drone bases – report
Up to 120 US military personnel are operating out of two secret drone bases in Somalia, carrying out attacks on Al-Shabab militants and working with African Union peacekeepers, a new report has revealed.

02.07.2015 20:20

Study reveals how world's largest lake turned into Sahara desert dust
In its heyday some 6,000 years ago, a lake called Mega-Chad was the largest body of fresh water on the planet, with an area of 360,000 square km. A few hundred years later it's reduced to Lake Chad at only 355 square km, and an air of faded grandeur left.

30.06.2015 11:50

France to Italy: Schengen border controls legal, migrants will be checked
France’s leading administrative court says that border controls on the boundary with Italy are legal and do not violate the Schengen agreement. Rights groups had filed a complaint supporting hundreds of migrants who were looking to cross into France.

30.06.2015 09:24

Star athletes walk 800km to halt violence in Kenya
A number of famous Kenyan distance runners are to take part in a 22-day ‘walk for peace,’ across the north of the country. The 836 km event is aimed at stopping ethnic violence in the area and hopes to raise $250,000 to support peace initiatives.

30.06.2015 06:27

Tunisia massacre: May condemns ‘despicable act of cruelty,’ pledges to defeat extremism
Home Secretary Theresa May has renewed her pledge to tackle extremism in the wake of the Tunisian shooting which has left over 30 people dead including at least 18 confirmed British fatalities.

29.06.2015 11:54

Cameron vows ‘full spectrum’ British response to ISIS Tunisia shooting
Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a “full spectrum” British response to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) shooting at a Tunisian hotel which killed at least 38 people.

29.06.2015 08:05

‘Run, run, run...’ Eyewitnesses share their accounts of Tunisia beach massacre scene
At least 38 people have been killed and 36 injured on Friday, after a gunman opened fire on the beach of a popular Tunisian Sousse resort area. Those who survived the manslaughter shared what they've been through with international media.

26.06.2015 21:01

‘Tunisia attacks designed to portray Middle East as a danger zone’
The Tunisia attack was an attempt to undermine the nation’s tourist industry and cripple the economy. The more poverty, the more chance of people buying the radicals’ narrative, analysts told RT.

26.06.2015 14:20

Fatal Friday: Scores dead after France, Tunisia & Kuwait hit by terrorist attacks
Three fatal terrorist attacks on three continents within hours of each other have left officials fearful that a coordinated campaign of terror is underway, following last week’s calls for “a month of disasters for infidels” by Islamic State.

26.06.2015 14:42

​‘War criminal’ Rwandan spy chief freed on £1mn bail, thanks to Cherie Blair
Cherie Blair, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has helped free a Rwandan spy chief arrested in London over alleged war crimes in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.

26.06.2015 11:47

Deadly attack on beach near tourist hotels in Tunisia
A beach attached to the tourist complex of Port El Kantaoui near the city of Sousse in central Tunisia has been attacked by gunmen. Dozens of people have been reported killed and injured.

26.06.2015 13:01

At least 38 killed as gunmen attack beach outside 2 tourist hotels in Tunisia
A beach outside two hotels in central Tunisia have been attacked, with at least 38 dead and 36 injured, and panic being reported at the scene. Two gunmen armed with Kalashnikov rifles reportedly penetrated a private area and opened fire.

26.06.2015 11:37