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Some antibiotics with your Сheeseburger? Russia regulator probes McDonald’s
Russia’s consumer watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has opened an investigation into the quality of food products used at McDonald’s, in addition to a lawsuit that could ban some signature products from the Russian market, curtailing operations.

28.07.2014 09:41

Legal pot use vs. homeowners’ associations: Sowing the weeds of discontent
Just because pot is legal in your state, doesn’t mean you won’t get in trouble for smoking that doobie outside, even if you have a prescription for it. At least that’s what some homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are saying.

25.07.2014 20:11

Food scare: British health secretary demands urgent inspections of two UK chicken factories
Britain’s Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has demanded the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) conduct an urgent inquiry into two UK factories' alleged poor hygiene practices.

25.07.2014 14:42

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK could be contaminated with potentially lethal bacteria
A Guardian investigation has revealed alleged widespread hygiene failings in Britain's poultry industry, prompting three major UK supermarkets to launch emergency inquiries into their chicken suppliers.

23.07.2014 21:37

Loaf-threatening: More than half of British breads contain ‘toxic’ pesticides
Over 60 percent of breads in the UK contain pesticide residues, according to recently conducted analysis of government data. A further 25 percent contain traces of multiple toxins, the research reveals.

17.07.2014 08:41

Environmentalists sue California for ‘rubber stamping’ use of honeybee-killing pesticides
Three environmental and food safety nonprofits are suing the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) over its approval of insecticides linked to the massive die-off of honeybees in the state, saying the agency violated state laws by doing so.

10.07.2014 20:35

Monsanto begins compensating victims of dioxin exposure
Residents of a West Virginia town that formerly hosted a Monsanto factory that produced noxious, cancer-causing chemicals can begin receiving assistance promised through a 2012, multi-million-dollar settlement.

08.07.2014 17:43

Weed shortage imminent in Washington state ahead of first legal sales
Legal weed is about to become a reality for residents of Washington state, but onlookers to the experiment-in-waiting say pot enthusiasts can expect one peculiar problem to arise right off the bat.

01.07.2014 19:40

5 facts you need to know about Ukraine-EU trade deal
Ukraine has signed the European Trade Association Agreement, the document that sent the country into a political frenzy when not signed eight months ago to this day. RT gives you the basics on how this will affect the economy of both from here on out.

27.06.2014 09:48

Pesticides linked to honeybee decline are affecting other species, scientists say
Neurotoxic pesticides blamed for the decline of honeybees is also harming butterflies, worms, fish, and birds, and contaminating habitats worldwide which are crucial for food production and wildlife, scientists have concluded after a four-year assessment.

24.06.2014 11:47

Autism, developmental delays linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy - study
Exposure to several common agricultural pesticides during pregnancy increases the risk of developmental delays and autism in children by two-thirds, a new study found. While researchers did not say pesticides cause autism, a direct link is plausible.

23.06.2014 22:20

Utah county follows Cliven Bundy's lead, refuses to recognize federal agencies
Utah’s residents have had a contentious history with the federal government when it comes to public lands. Now one county in the state has taken things a step further, passing a resolution refusing to recognize federal agents.

19.06.2014 02:31

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