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Fish-ocide! British tuna firms killing 1,000s of endangered sea creatures – Greenpeace
A shocking new video campaign produced by environmentalist group Greenpeace claims to show cruel and "unnecessary" methods used to catch tuna, killing thousands of sharks, dolphins and rare sea creatures in the process.

28.10.2014 16:51

Monsanto still clashing with Brazilian soy exporters over royalties
Brazilian soy exporters are still resisting Monsanto’s push for them to collect royalties from farmers reusing the biotech giant’s patented seeds, some saying such a liability – even for a fee – may not be worth possible “embarrassment” to the industry.

23.10.2014 23:41

Pork from EU disguised as mushrooms, bubble gum busted by Russia
Contraband pork has been smuggled into Russia from the EU under the guise of chewing gum, frozen juice and mushrooms, Russia’s food safety regulator has reported. Pork imports from Europe have been banned since an outbreak of swine fever in January.

23.10.2014 07:03

US facing sanctions after defying WTO trade rules
The United States could soon be facing sanctions as a result of a ruling handed down by the World Trade Organization this week concerning an American meat labeling law contested by officials in Mexico and Canada.

21.10.2014 17:33

GMO backlash: Syngenta faces mounting lawsuits over genetically-modified seeds
​Agribusiness giant Syngenta AG now faces lawsuits from farmers in 11 US states claiming the seed-and-chemical company’s sale of a genetically-engineered variant of corn yet to receive approval in China depressed market prices for the grain.

21.10.2014 14:04

‘Profit over security’: Business trumps climate targets – Oxfam UK
A “toxic triangle” of political inaction, short-sighted economic policies and profit-driven fossil fuel advocates threaten to raise global temperatures, leaving 400 million people in jeopardy of hunger and drought by 2060, Oxfam UK warned on Friday.

17.10.2014 14:05

China resumes pork deliveries to Russia after 10-yr hiatus
Russia will import pork from China for the first time in a decade to replace imports from the US and Europe banned as part of the standoff with the West over the Ukraine crisis.

14.10.2014 07:04

West will soon drop sanctions- Russian Economy Minister
Russia’s economic development minister Aleksey Ulyukaev has claimed that sanctions against Moscow will not be extended, but insisted that Moscow has no plans to cancel its own counter-sanctions until the West drops theirs.

13.10.2014 20:04

Italy loses billions in economic standoff with Russia, opposition leader says
The EU sanctions imposed on Russia have already cost Italy alone two billion euro due to Moscow’s retaliatory food embargo, the leader of Italian opposition party Matteo Salvini says.

13.10.2014 18:49

Monsanto announces major losses after settling environmental suit
Biotech giant Monsanto announced major losses for their fourth quarter last week well below analysts’ expectations after spending millions settling an environmental suit.

13.10.2014 14:42

Fertilize that! German farmer dresses cows in diapers in EU protest
A German farmer has been putting nappies on his cows in protest at EU legislation that forbids the use of fertilizers on steep slopes. With no bovine-sized diapers available from the local store, white bed sheets with pink ribbons had to suffice.

09.10.2014 10:56

Serbia proposes free trade zone with Russia
Serbia’s foreign minister Ivica Dacic has proposed a limited free trade zone with Russia and has assured Moscow the South Stream gas pipeline project is safe. Russian companies meanwhile expressed readiness to invest up to $1bn in Serbia’s infrastructure.

07.10.2014 20:31

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