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Air Force

Bomb squads sweep Atlanta airport, fighter jets scrambled after threats on Twitter
NORAD fighter jets escorted two flights to Atlanta airport after authorities received bomb threats via Twitter they deemed “credible”. Bomb squads swept the planes, which landed safely. Passengers were evacuated and questioned.

24.01.2015 21:59

Russia readies hybrid amphibious drone for test flight
A first of a kind aircraft combining the qualities of an amphibious hovercraft and an aerial drone is being finalized for test flights in Russia. The dual-use drone could deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas and have military uses.

23.01.2015 12:07

Iraqi PM: Falling oil price ‘disastrous’ in fight against ISIS
The Iraqi government is warning that falling oil prices are “disastrous” and will hinder its military campaign against the Islamic State unless they get some relief. Meanwhile, plans for a joint US-Iraqi mission to retake Mosul are reportedly underway.

23.01.2015 04:08

Air Force expanded drone fleet to unjustifiable level – Pentagon watchdog
The US Air Force has not adequately justified the purchase of 46 additional armed Reaper drones, according to the Pentagon’s inspector general. The expanded fleet could equal a waste of $8.8 billion, the watchdog said.

21.01.2015 16:04

UK military jets risk mid-air crash with airliner due to lack of safety systems – report
Royal Air Force Typhoon jets could be involved in a mid-air crash with passenger airliners because the fighter jets have not been fitted with a collision avoidance system, the RAF’s chief has warned.

15.01.2015 16:03

‘Drone pilot crisis’: Pentagon promises pay rise to ‘stressed’ operators
The United States Air Force has announced a pay rise incentive for its drone pilots, as officials admit the operators are working under significant stress due to the shortage of unmanned aerial vehicle operating personnel.

16.01.2015 03:52

Japan approves largest military budget since WWII
Japan’s government has approved its largest military budget in 70 years, in contravention of the country’s pacifist constitution, in a display of force to its highly militarized neighbors. The extra military spending comes amid a stalling economy.

14.01.2015 06:11

Russia to boost military capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic
In 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to focus on boosting military capabilities in Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, and the Arctic, while carrying out other planned modernizations of the armed forces and drafting a new long-term defense plan.

14.01.2015 01:02

India may reconsider $20 billion French Rafale jet deal in favor of Russia
India wants France to stick to the original terms of its deal to buy Rafale fighter jets, or it might call it off. If the manufacturers fail to comply, India may opt for the Russian designed Su-30 currently being produced domestically.

13.01.2015 10:50

Ukraine to participate in 11 NATO war games in 2015
The Ukrainian army will take part in 11 international military drills this year to bolster NATO standards in troops. Despite economic crisis, Kiev will still use 5.2 percent of its 2015 budget on the army.

12.01.2015 10:12

​Air Force considering incentives to keep drone pilots on duty
The United States Air Force is considering incentives for its drone pilots, a leading Pentagon official now says, following reports that America’s fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles was approaching a “breaking point” over a reported operator shortage.

09.01.2015 15:37

Pentagon cutting expenses, consolidating bases in Europe
The United States Department of Defense has announced a restructuring of operations in Europe, including the closure of 15 American bases that will be offered over to host nations.

08.01.2015 15:13