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Air Force

Pantsir-S1 missiles fired at Russia’s air defense competition (VIDEO)
Missiles from Russia’s international bestselling Pantsir-S1 system were fired during a large-scale contest that saw the country’s various air defense forces competing against each other.

04.07.2015 13:54

Terror threat grounds US Independence Day airshow at UK base
Independence Day celebrations at a US Air Force base in Britain have been canceled due to the risk of a terrorist attack. The two day event at RAF Lakenheath, Norfolk, was pulled in the wake of attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia last week.

03.07.2015 11:17

​‘British X-Files’ on UFOs to be released by 2016 – govt
Top secret files dubbed “the British X-Files,” which UFO hunters believe could prove extraterrestrials have visited the UK, are to be released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

03.07.2015 09:45

‘Today the West is bombing ISIS in Syria, tomorrow it will be Assad’
The UK supports the new reality of US interventionist policies abroad, which includes bombing sovereign nations without legal basis, as it is considering airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, says international affairs commentator Marko Gasic.

03.07.2015 10:22

​RAF may lack aircraft to bomb Syria – expert
Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) may lack the warplanes to extend combat operations into Syria, even if Prime Minister David Cameron was to force and win a vote to do so in the wake of the Tunisia massacre, according to a military aviation expert.

03.07.2015 08:37

​‘Illogical’ not to bomb Islamic State in Syria – Def. Secretary
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has attacked the current policy of only bombing Iraq and not Syria as the British government continues to cite the Tunisia massacre as a reason for extending airstrikes against Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL).

02.07.2015 07:58

‘Yemeni jailbreak will contribute to bloodshed, suffering’
The recent escape of jail intimates in Yemen will only worsen the situation in the country which is already in tatters, and will lead to even more suffering among the civilian population, political analyst Max Abrahms, told RT.

01.07.2015 11:22

​Labour may back Syria airstrikes if Cameron forces vote
The Labour Party may support extending airstrikes against the Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq to Syria in the wake of the Tunisia massacre, despite opposing a vote on targeting President Bashar Assad’s forces in 2013.

01.07.2015 08:17

​Will Cameron push for another vote to bomb Syria?
In the wake of the Tunisian massacre, in which up to 30 British nationals died, questions have been raised as to whether Prime Minister David Cameron will try to secure parliamentary approval to extend airstrikes from Iraq into Syria.

30.06.2015 08:13

Iraqi general killed in Arizona F-16 crash
The F-16 that crashed near the US-Mexican border belonged to the Iraqi air force, and was flown by Brigadier General Rafid Mohammed Hasan, training with the Arizona Air National Guard. There is no word what caused the crash.

26.06.2015 17:45

​Army Reserve recruiting targets ‘unachievable’ – watchdog
Army reservist recruiting targets, which had been upped to account for cuts to the regular military, are ‘unachievable’ despite an expensive recruiting drive by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), according to the Major Projects Authority (MPA).

26.06.2015 08:46

​Snowden leaks suggest GCHQ complicity in Yemen drone strike – lawyers
GCHQ is under pressure again on Wednesday after lawyers claimed documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may indicate complicity in US targeted killing missions.

24.06.2015 11:10