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Air Force

Maverick MiGs? Ukraine jets give low fly-by to defiant cities
The Ukrainian army is ramping up psychological pressure on regions engulfed in anti-government protests. The skies over cities in eastern Ukraine are resounding to the roar of attack helicopters and fighter jets.

17.04.2014 09:34

DARPA turns aging drones into WiFi hotspots for troops
Rather than simply toss aside aging surveillance drones, the Pentagon has announced plans to use them as high-speed Wi-Fi hot spots for troops in remote regions of the world.

16.04.2014 14:50

Argentina slams ‘NATO’ Falklands as UK gears up for war games
Saber rattling over the Falkland Islands, the scene of a bloody conflict between Argentina and Britain in 1982, is on the rise as the UK prepares for military drills off the coast of the South American nation.

12.04.2014 12:00

Pentagon ponders ‘logistical nightmare’ of Afghan withdraw
Ranked as America’s most challenging military action since WWII, the US is faced with the task of transporting millions of pieces of military assets out of Afghanistan as possible exit routes - including through Russia - are blocked.

11.04.2014 09:18

NATO’s Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’
The satellite images released by NATO that allegedly show a current build-up of Russian troops near Ukrainian border were taken in August 2013 amid military drills, a source in the General Staff of the Russian Army has said.

10.04.2014 17:03

NATO commander says US troops may be deployed to Europe over Ukrainian crisis
The United States Air Force commander in charge of the NATO alliance’s military presence in Europe said on Wednesday this week that US troops may soon be deployed to the region as tensions continue to worsen near the border between Ukraine and Russia.

09.04.2014 19:19

​US announces cuts to nuclear forces
Washington has announced plans to reduce the number of strategic nuclear bombers, submarine launchers and deployed ballistic missiles to meet the limits set on nuclear arsenals by the New START treaty signed with Russia 4 years ago.

09.04.2014 03:12

'Pulsing signals': Rescuers converge in Indian Ocean after possible MH370 sighting
Rescuers are rushing to two sites where Chinese and Australian ships picked up acoustic signals possibly coming from the black box of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. But so far neither of the ‘pings’ detected under the Indian Ocean has been identified.

06.04.2014 04:20

Malaysia MH370: Who has means & motive to take a plane full of people?
Enough in the way of misstatements, contradictions and other evidence has emerged from the developing story of ‘lost’ Malaysian Airlines flight 370 to form a case for its disappearance being orchestrated by the West's Military Industrial Complex.

04.04.2014 10:06

US missile defense system faces further costs and delays due to failures - report
A report released this week by the United States Government Accountability Office suggests that the Pentagon’s costly missile defense program could soon become much more expensive due to recent delays and other obstacles.

02.04.2014 14:56

Malaysia releases updated MH370 cockpit transcript, fueling speculation
A new version of the cockpit conversation that took place shortly before flight MH370 disappeared from radar over three weeks ago has stirred up fresh speculation over the fated liner as search efforts continue to turn up nothing.

01.04.2014 13:04

‘US looking for a major enemy to justify its defense spending'
As US spending on defense reaches $1 trillion a year and defense giants such as Boeing gain increased lobbying power, the US must justify this money by creating tangible enemies around the world, political analyst Patrick Hennigsen told RT.

30.03.2014 19:49

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