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‘Yemeni jailbreak will contribute to bloodshed, suffering’
The recent escape of jail intimates in Yemen will only worsen the situation in the country which is already in tatters, and will lead to even more suffering among the civilian population, political analyst Max Abrahms, told RT.

01.07.2015 11:22

Paradise lost: Al-Qaeda deprives ISIS of heaven
Al-Qaeda’s American mouthpiece says atrocities being perpetrated by Islamic State are utterly unspeakable, and will prevent perpetrators from entering ‘paradise’ if they continue to sin against their Muslim brothers and sisters.

29.06.2015 05:30

​White Americans bigger terror threat than Islamic extremists – study
White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, having killed more people in attacks than Muslims or any other group in the last 14 years, according to a new study.

27.06.2015 13:48

‘Careful with the blame game following terrorist attacks’
In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait it is important not to immediately blame Islam or Muslims, but carefully scrutinize the situation, is the message from various political analysts who spoke to RT.

26.06.2015 13:15

Bin Laden’s son asked US for father’s death certificate – WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks has released a letter revealing how one of Osama bin Laden’s sons had asked Washington for a death certificate after US Navy SEALS said they had taken him out.

20.06.2015 12:21

US drone strikes designed to purge (and promote) Al Qaeda leaders
​US drone strikes are a means of purging some Al Qaeda leaders and promoting others, thus making them a more effective instrument of regime change and regional destabilization.

18.06.2015 09:51

Carter: US military can’t find enough ‘capable, motivated’ Iraqis to train against ISIS
US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has admitted to Congress that the Pentagon has not been able to find enough “legitimate” Iraqi recruits to fight off Islamic State extremists.

18.06.2015 02:43

‘Draw Mohammed’ shooting suspect wanted to join ISIS, attack Super Bowl – prosecutors
A federal grand jury in Arizona has indicted a man suspected of plotting a shooting at a “Draw Mohammed” exhibition in Garland, Texas. Prosecutors said he also wanted to join Islamic State (IS, aka ISIS/ISIL) extremists and attack the Super Bowl.

17.06.2015 03:13

College student accused of plotting terror attack in New York City
An American citizen has been accused of planning to build and detonate a bomb as part of a terror plot after three months of undercover surveillance by federal agents. The student from New York has been arrested and is being held without bail.

17.06.2015 00:26

US conducts ‘counter-terrorism’ airstrike in Libya, unsure of result
The Pentagon has announced it conducted an airstrike in Libya targeting an Al-Qaeda-associated militant, but could not be completely sure that it succeeded. The Libyan government, meanwhile, has claimed the strike killed the notorious Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

14.06.2015 21:30

‘US seems to be constantly one step behind ISIS’
The US does have a strategy to combat Islamic State in Iraq but the problem is the US is moving too slowly with it, says Max Abrahms, Professor of Public Policy at Northeastern University.

11.06.2015 12:07

TSA whistleblower says agency operates on culture of ‘fear and distrust’ & lax security
A testimony by TSA whistleblowers before a Senate panel says that the agency is suffering from low morale and a culture of “fear and distrust.” It also mentioned that accelerated screening clearances are handed out like “Halloween candy.”

09.06.2015 22:36