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​Snowden leaks aided terrorists, damaged spy agencies – neocon think-tank
Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks damaged the security services’ war on terror, crippled spy agencies, aided terrorists and failed to reveal evidence of mass surveillance, according to a radical neoconservative think-tank.

26.05.2015 14:59

‘West interested in pure crooks, psychopaths and puppets to lead Libya’
Libya is now a basket case of problems after suffering interference by western powers that are not interested in promoting peace, but rather managing the chaos, Gearoid O Colmain, an independent political analyst, told RT.

25.05.2015 09:11

CIA torture report won’t be released to public, judge rules
A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Senate’s nearly 7,000-page report on the CIA’s torture practices during interrogations in the wake of 9/11 will not be made public, marking a setback for civil liberties advocates.

22.05.2015 03:14

First confession: Pentagon admits 2 Syrian children killed in US airstrikes
The Defense Department confirmed that airstrikes in a November raid near the town of Harim, Syria caused the deaths of two girls. The confirmation comes from an internal investigation of the raid, which was published Thursday.

22.05.2015 00:01

Al Jazeera journalist fires back at US for placing him on terror list
Al Jazeera’s Islamabad bureau chief Ahmad Zaidan continues to refute allegations by the US National Security Agency that he is a member of both Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Zaidan was placed on the terror list in June 2012.

21.05.2015 22:28

Koran? Grandparents? Suicide mission? Al Qaeda’s job application questions for jihadists revealed
What are your objectives in jihad? Do you know the Koran by heart? And… would you like to be a suicide bomber? These and a dozen other questions are on Al-Qaeda’s application form, documents seized by the US in Osama Bin Laden’s compound reveal.

21.05.2015 13:09

Bin Laden’s will revealed: Interest in Illuminati, 9/11 conspiracy theories
The United States has made public a trove of documents that intelligence officials say were taken by Navy SEALs during the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound that show the late terrorist’s interest in France, economics and conspiracy theories.

20.05.2015 13:50

Drones best weapon against Al-Qaeda despite collateral damage – ex-CIA deputy
Drone use against terrorists causes collateral damage, but it remains “the most effective weapon” in the United States’ arsenal, former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell told RT in a wide-ranging interview.

20.05.2015 04:26

End impunity: No peace in Libya without justice
In the face of atrocious crimes being committed against the civilian population in Libya, justice comes as a critical part of peace in an effort to push forward the political dialogue between the Libyan parties in the conflict.

19.05.2015 15:18

Know your place: Al Jazeera America purges CEO after NY Times criticism
There is nothing remarkable about Al Jazeera America replacing its CEO - and everything when it does so a day after the US paper of record attacks the network’s newsroom culture. Was this a network reacting to employee complaints, or “soft censorship”?

19.05.2015 15:24

‘Cut money, arms pipeline to terrorists to stop ISIS, al-Nusra growth’
To arm "moderate" opposition that morphs into ISIS-like groups has been a misguided Western policy, Said Arikat, former UN spokesman for Iraq told RT’s In The Now show. All these organizations subscribe to the same extremist ideology, he added.

19.05.2015 13:42

‘10-15 years might be needed to retake Ramadi from ISIS’
The anti-IS coalition strategy, based on striking segregated Iraqi areas from the air is wrong, said Danny Makki, of the Syrian youth movement in the UK. The current approach might take up to 15 years to retake the strategically important city of Ramadi.

19.05.2015 09:38