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Andrew Farmer

‘Never Again’: Counter-rally outnumbers neo-Nazi protest in London (PHOTOS)
Neo-Nazi supporters who took to the streets of central London for a rally against the so-called “Jewification” of the UK have been largely outnumbered by counter-demonstrators and police.

04.07.2015 13:07

260,000 Austrians sign EU exit petition, forcing referendum debate in parliament
Over 260,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for the EU exit for the country, and now the Austrian parliament must discuss a referendum on the issue.

02.07.2015 13:57

Google’s ‘listening network’ could be vulnerable to US govt, NSA – Falkvinge to RT
Voice recognition technologies are part of the future, but should trigger concern that IT companies are essentially building “listening networks” which can be exploited by the likes of the NSA, Swedish Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge told RT.

27.06.2015 03:13

German prosecutors close probe into alleged NSA tapping of Merkel cellphone
German prosecutors have closed an investigation into the alleged tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The allegation was based on documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

12.06.2015 09:04

American dreaming, from G1 to Bilderberg
What’s the connection between the G7 summit in Germany, President Putin’s visit to Italy, the Bilderberg club meeting in Austria, and the TTIP – the US-EU free trade deal – negotiations in Washington?

11.06.2015 10:50

‘We Are Always Listening’: Pranksters plant hacking devices across NYC in anti-NSA move
A group of anti-NSA pranksters have planted recording devices in public places across New York, saying that they are “gathering information to help win the war on terror.”

24.05.2015 07:19

What can UK voters expect from Tory majority govt?
The Conservatives’ general election victory has shifted Britain’s political landscape further to the right. As the Tories enter government, critics are calling on them to prioritize the common good over blind austerity.

08.05.2015 23:18

​Record number of Americans living abroad renounce citizenship
A record number of Americans gave up their US citizenship in the first quarter of 2015, according to IRS data. This is blamed on the taxation of income earned outside the US, along with laws expanding offshore bank account and asset reporting.

08.05.2015 12:52

Putin meets Merkel, Hollande behind closed doors in Moscow
French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow on Friday evening. They headed straight to the Kremlin for talks on the Ukrainian crisis with President Vladimir Putin behind closed doors.

06.02.2015 14:31

​Russian pilot returns home after 1.5 years as Taliban captive
An emotional scene at the airport is not uncommon – but one Russian pilot had an extra special reason to celebrate. Pavel Petrenko was finally reunited with his family after returning home from Afghanistan, where he spent 19 months as a Taliban captive.

03.11.2014 20:23

Women, children, UN staff killed in shelling of school in Gaza
Women, children and UN staff were among those killed during the shelling of a UN-run school in northern Gaza, in which hundreds of people had taken refuge. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed outrage and horror at the tragedy.

24.07.2014 17:18

Journalist captured in E. Ukraine released, RT stringer remains in detention
A journalist released from the ANNA news agency, who was captured along with RT contributor Graham Phillips, told RT that they were abducted by the Ukrainian army and tortured and beaten. Phillips’ fate remains unknown.

24.07.2014 12:46