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Superbug time bomb: FDA vets only 10% of antibiotics that farm animals share with humans
The regular administration of antibiotics to US farm animals could have disastrous effects for humans, scientists fear. Many of the drugs are same as those given to humans and there are worries that the bacteria could become resistant due to overuse.

15.09.2014 18:32

Canine collectible: Soviet cosmo-dogs’ spacesuit sold for $18,000 at auction
The authentic spacesuit worn by one of the pair of the world-famous, first-ever dogs in space, Belka and Strelka, was sold at an auction on Saturday. One lucky fan of Soviet space memorabilia was able to buy it for the ‘barking mad’ price of just €14,000.

13.09.2014 11:59

Largest known prehistoric predator turns out to be uniquely semi-aquatic
You might recognize Spinosaurus, the gigantic dinosaur from Jurassic Park 3, as a fierce land predator that could dethrone the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it now turns out the timorous beastie was also part-duck and a formidable aquatic killer as well.

12.09.2014 14:12

Crimean combat dolphins 'transferred to Russian military control'
The Sevastopol State Aquarium in the Crimea, where the unique combat dolphins and seals are training, has been fully reassigned to the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergey Menyailo, acting governor of the city of Sevastopol, said.

12.09.2014 14:04

Japan begins Pacific whale 'research,' plans to kill 51 minkes
Japan has launched its seasonal Pacific whale hunt off Hokkaido Island, planning to kill 51 minke whales for what it describes as “research” purposes. Earlier this year, the International Court banned Japan’s Antarctic whale hunt, deeming it unscientific.

07.09.2014 17:29

‘Biggest land animal’ ever? Huge 60-ton dino’s bones unearthed in Argentina
Scientists have discovered the remains of possibly the largest known creature that ever walked this Earth – a 26-meter long, 60-ton dinosaur. Dubbed Dreadnoughtus Schrani, the plant-eating monster is thought to have still been growing at the time it died.

05.09.2014 04:17

53 ton fish-kill: Dead 'popocha' fish removed from Cajititlan Lagoon, Mexico
Mexican authorities are investigating over 53 tons of dead fish washed up on the shores of a lake in the west of the country. A natural cause of death has been ruled out, as lab testing is ongoing. This is the fourth such mass death at the site.

02.09.2014 05:42

Zero G sex space mission: All geckos on board Russian satellite found dead… but happy?
All the geckos onboard Russia’s Foton-M4 satellite as part of an experiment on how zero gravity affects reproduction have died, the Russian Academy of Sciences reported as the spacecraft returned to Earth.

01.09.2014 14:51

Siberian Groundhog Day: Ground squirrel stuck in own burrow on Baikal island (VIDEO)
A ground squirrel in Russia’s Baikal Region seems to have been taking his preparations for winter a little too seriously. The little chap put on so much extra baggage that it managed to get stuck in its burrow and was only saved by an alert driver.

30.08.2014 09:51

Life in space? Sea plankton discovered attached to ISS outer hull
Russian scientists say they made a “unique” discovery while analyzing samples from the exterior of the International Space Station – traces of tiny sea creatures on the station’s windows and walls. It remains unclear how marine plankton ended up in space.

19.08.2014 19:40

Four indicted in Feb. recall of 8.7 million pounds of contaminated beef
Four people from the slaughterhouse at the center of a massive beef recall in February have been indicted for purposely allowing diseased cattle into its processed meat and misleading health inspectors.

19.08.2014 16:59

New type of solar plant torching birds out of the sky
Next generation solar plants are generating more clean energy than ever before, but one in California is torching birds as they fly through the facility’s powerful rays, raising concern over a new plant that could prove four times more dangerous to birds.

18.08.2014 23:15

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