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3D-printed legs make disabled dog learn joy of running (VIDEO)
A pair of 3D-printed legs has sent a dog, born without front limbs, on his first ever run down a street. The video featuring the disabled animal happily sprinting into a normal dog’s life has won the hearts of millions on the web.

20.12.2014 08:11

Foxy lady: 70yo Russian Old Believer's only fear is hungry Siberian predator
Agafia, who has been living in a Siberian forest her whole life, says she has no plans to move to civilization. When officials delivered supplies to the 70-year-old hermit, she said all she was afraid of was a fox stealing her food and killing her hens.

19.12.2014 17:07

En-suite bear: French zoo offers tourists a room next to polar bear enclosure
In an attempt to attract more visitors to animal parks, a zoo in France has launched a service, offering guests to stay in a lodge next to the park's furry inhabitants. At quite a bearable price, the project aims to help renovate animals' living spaces.

19.12.2014 14:05

New York bans tattoos and piercings for pets
New York pets already have to contend with being dressed up in embarrassing outfits by their owners, but thanks to a new law they won’t have to worry about getting any unwanted tattoos or piercings.

17.12.2014 01:06

Earth could face another mass extinction – study
Animals on Earth continue to disappear at an alarming rate, which could result in another mass extinction over the next few centuries, a study by the journal Nature claims, although researchers are struggling to understand the scale of the problem.

14.12.2014 21:05

White rhino on verge of extinction: Second-last male dies
The white rhino is one step closer to extinction with the death of Angalifu at the San Diego Zoo Safari. Only five members of the heavily-poached species exist now, including one male and four females.

15.12.2014 08:11

All dogs go to heaven: Pope Francis says animals will enter pearly gates
Pope Francis has promised that your favorite pooch will have a spot in heaven, along with all other animals. He made the vow while comforting a little boy mourning the loss of his dog, according to media reports.

12.12.2014 23:09

Big break: Russians search for cat who sneaked $1,000 feast at seafood shop
A ginger tomcat who broke into a closed shop at Vladivostok international airport and treated himself to seafood worth over $1,000 has gone missing. The fishy story has sparked a media frenzy – both in Russia and beyond.

12.12.2014 13:37

$1,000 meal for hungry cat: Russian sea food store suffers feline heist (VIDEO)
During the night, a ginger cat sneaked into a sea food store at Vladivostok airport and treated itself to fish from the deli counter. The animal's feast, which included squid and flatfish, was worth 60,000 rubles - some $1,100.

11.12.2014 13:35

#AlmostEatenAlive: US naturalist offers himself to 6-meter anaconda, sparks debate (VIDEO)
After working a decade to save the Amazon rainforests, Paul Rosalie decided that he could attract attention to the issue by filming a stunt – to be eaten alive by a 6 meter anaconda. While not actually being eaten,he certainly got the media hype.

08.12.2014 20:17

‘Run it over!’ Locomotive runs over bear in Siberia… but animal survives (VIDEO)
Siberia saw a miraculous survival after a train apparently intentionally ran over a bear running along the tracks. The train drivers, who recorded the incident on camera, could face up to two years behind bars.

05.12.2014 13:25

Apeus corpus? Chimps not human, says New York court
A New York court has ruled that a chimpanzee is not legally a person and is therefore not entitled to human rights. An animal rights group had sought to free a chimp from captivity, likening it to a person suffering unlawful solitary confinement.

05.12.2014 06:28