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Yield: Duck lanes open in Britain (VIDEO)
The UK has been creative with a #sharethespace campaign, which designate special duck lanes on busy towpaths in London, Birmingham and Manchester to remind people to share public spaces with wildlife.

24.05.2015 03:59

Bee-friendly: World’s first ‘bumblebee highway’ opened in Norway
Oslo has inaugurated the world’s first ‘bee highway’, a route for bumblebees to help them survive in hostile city environments.

23.05.2015 15:49

Bark to life: Colombian cops rescue dog from mudslide, perform mouth-to-mouth (VIDEO)
A dramatic rescue has been caught on camera as Colombian police officers risked their lives to save a dog that fell into the flash-flood swollen river, performing a CPR on the animal to make it breathe again.

22.05.2015 13:11

​Adieu to food waste: French govt forces supermarkets to donate to charity
The French government has taken steps to minimize food waste, banning large supermarkets from destroying unsold products. They will instead be forced to donate the goods to charities or farms.

22.05.2015 11:16

White House to create 1,500 mile corridor to help migrating Monarch butterflies
President Obama has unveiled a national strategy to increase the population of the Monarch butterfly and the honey bee by creating the so-called “butterfly corridor” between Mexico and Minnesota along Interstate highway 35.

21.05.2015 15:49

BP oil spill caused biggest dolphin die-off in Gulf history – study
The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused an unprecedented number of fatal diseases in roughly 1,300 dolphins over the course of five years, according to a new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

21.05.2015 03:59

Vegetarian pandas have carnivore guts, may be on their way to extinction
Chinese researchers have discovered that giant panda bears have gut bacteria similar to that found in carnivores and are ill suited to digesting their main source of food, Bamboo.

20.05.2015 20:41

Scientists use AI to predict diseases carriers
​Scientists have applied artificial intelligence (AI) to the study of rodents to find out which rats are likely to harbor diseases, known as zoonotic pathogens, dangerous to people.

20.05.2015 20:42

Crouching tiger, fearless crane: Bird beats two big cats in China zoo fight (VIDEO)
A red-crowned crane found itself in a tiger enclosure in a Chinese wildlife park. Unfazed, it faced off against the two giant cats – and won.

20.05.2015 18:36

Woolly workers: Swiss railway employs 80 sheep to ‘mow' grass along tracks
Keeping fast-growing grass at bay can be hard work, especially in the summer. But Swiss Federal Railways has come up with a way to maintain the embankments near its tracks, with the help of some very woolly (and hungry) four-legged friends.

20.05.2015 14:09

​Busted pipeline leaks 21,000 gallons of oil off California coast
A busted pipeline off the California coast spilled approximately 21,000 gallons of oil into the ocean and onto beaches Tuesday as officials scrambled to secure the area, Reuters reported.

20.05.2015 02:18

‘Ag-gag’ law targeting undercover workers adopted in North Carolina
Senators in North Carolina passed a bill penalizing all video and audio recording in restricted workplace areas. Critics say it unfairly targets whistleblowers. Previously passed by the House, the bill is now headed to the governor for signature.

19.05.2015 19:52