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Life in space? Sea plankton discovered attached to ISS outer hull
Russian scientists say they made a “unique” discovery while analyzing samples from the exterior of the International Space Station – traces of tiny sea creatures on the station’s windows and walls. It remains unclear how marine plankton ended up in space.

19.08.2014 19:40

Four indicted in Feb. recall of 8.7 million pounds of contaminated beef
Four people from the slaughterhouse at the center of a massive beef recall in February have been indicted for purposely allowing diseased cattle into its processed meat and misleading health inspectors.

19.08.2014 16:59

New type of solar plant torching birds out of the sky
Next generation solar plants are generating more clean energy than ever before, but one in California is torching birds as they fly through the facility’s powerful rays, raising concern over a new plant that could prove four times more dangerous to birds.

18.08.2014 23:15

Gaza agriculture devastated by Israeli offensive – UN
The Israeli military operation in Gaza has devastated the enclave's food production process the UN has announced, warning that the lack of food will “severely” affect the local population and that recovery will need “significant external assistance.”

15.08.2014 03:26

New Jersey cop: ‘We don’t have to follow’ the Constitution that ‘Obama decimated’ (VIDEO)
Police officers in New Jersey swear to uphold the United States Constitution as part of their oath of office. But one cop has decided that, because ‒ in his eyes ‒ President Barack Obama doesn’t follow the document, he doesn’t have to either.

07.08.2014 16:13

Drone crashes into Yellowstone National Park's largest hot spring
A tourist recently crashed a camera-equipped drone into the largest hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, a park official said Wednesday, possibly causing damage to the geothermal feature.

07.08.2014 15:24

Marijuana sting: Bees attack police destroying cannabis plot
Russian police met their match as they attempted to clear a cannabis plantation. They were sent fleeing from the scene by scores of angry bees. However, officers had the last laugh when they returned wearing protective gear to get rid of the weed.

06.08.2014 09:28

The Big Klekowskii: Yes, ancient penguins were the size of basketball players
The kind of penguins that are the stuff of children’s nightmares used to roam the Earth millions of years ago. According to new evidence gleaned from bone fossils, the colossal creatures once stood 2 meters tall and weighed over 100 kilograms.

02.08.2014 11:54

Dying man crashes into house, releasing 60,000 raging bees
A freak accident involving 60,000 bees took place when a man in dire need of medical attention accidentally crashed into an empty house where the insects had built a giant hive, releasing them. The enraged bees took over the neighborhood instantly.

01.08.2014 09:05

Giraffe dies after smashing head on low highway bridge
A giraffe being transported in South Africa died after hitting its head on an overpass. Two of the tall animals were inside an open-topped truck container traveling on Pretoria’s N1 highway. Their route was highlighted by on social media by other drivers.

01.08.2014 00:41

Feds want to repopulate US with genetically pure bison
The United States Interior Department is moving forward for now with a plan that could someday re-populate a large portion of America with herds of wild bison unlike anything seen since the 1800s.

31.07.2014 20:03

Legs on eggs: Octopus’ 53 months nesting sets animal kingdom record
A deep sea octopus has taken motherly devotion to a new level after guarding her eggs for four-and-a-half years. Biologists say that this a new record, with no creature even coming close to this octopus’ feats.

31.07.2014 12:33

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