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​Hardware VS Predator: Man repelled Siberian bear attack with computer
A man in a Siberian village was suddenly confronted by a bear apparently looking for food. The man, however, kept his cool and repelled the attack by throwing a computer component at the animal.

20.10.2014 08:10

Spare parts for people? Stem cell-generated human intestine grown in lab mouse
Researchers have successfully transplanted functioning human intestinal tissue grown from stem cells into mice. The breakthrough could revolutionize the production of spare organs for people, using cells from their own bodies.

20.10.2014 07:55

Crazy horse! Chechen leader asks Germany to say sorry to his nags
The head of the Chechen Republic has ironically called the refusal to pay prize money to his horses “a disgraceful page in Germany’s history” and added that German authorities will have to pay “multi-million compensation” over the scandal.

20.10.2014 08:01

Rat City! NY vermin carry 18 new viruses - scientists
A new study has found that New York City’s rats are hosts to at least 18 new viruses, never before encountered and unknown to science. There is a risk of a “a public health nightmare.”

19.10.2014 11:51

Soda addict? Camel brutally kills Chicago man in Mexico wildlife park
An owner of a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico came under fierce attack from his own camel and was mauled to death. Investigators wonder whether the animal became enraged because it did not get its daily dose of Coca Cola.

17.10.2014 14:00

We’re going to need a bigger beach: Sharks come ashore during massive feeding frenzy (VIDEO)
In a scene resembling one's worst nightmare, a large group of sharks washed up on a North Carolina beach during a feeding frenzy last Thursday. The Sharknado-esque episode was all caught on video.

16.10.2014 23:28

China resumes pork deliveries to Russia after 10-yr hiatus
Russia will import pork from China for the first time in a decade to replace imports from the US and Europe banned as part of the standoff with the West over the Ukraine crisis.

14.10.2014 07:04

'Exemplary family': Rare twin gliding possum cubs go on show at Urals zoo (VIDEO)
Two baby gliding possums were displayed to the public at a zoo in the Urals on Sunday. It was an unusual event as the pair are twins – and possums rarely give birth to more than one cub.

13.10.2014 13:36

​Denmark to ban sex with animals
Denmark is planning to banish bestiality, following the recent examples of Germany and Norway, said the country’s food and agriculture minister. The bill was long-awaited both inside the country and abroad.

13.10.2014 05:25

166 climbing walruses fall to their deaths in Russia’s Chukotka
Overcrowding at a remote cape in the Russian Far East used by walruses as a summertime camp left 166 pinnipeds dead. Many of them fell to their death after climbing up a steep 30-meter slope.

12.10.2014 09:07

Hawk 1, Drone 0: Bird of prey attacks quadcopter, takes down from skies (VIDEO)
An irate hawk reclaimed its patch of sky from an antagonistic drone this week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, knocking the buzzing recording device out of the sky as easily as its normal prey.

11.10.2014 07:38

800,000 bees kill Arizona gardener in unprovoked attack
A gardener in Arizona has died after being dive bombed by a swarm of killer bees and another man was taken to hospital with 100 stings.

09.10.2014 12:57

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