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Police officer fired for killing dog in front of 6-year-old owner
A Chicago-area police officer who fatally shot a young dog in front of its 6-year-old owner on Friday was fired on Monday. Witnesses said the dog was not provoking the cops before it was shot.

28.07.2014 18:51

Earth is headed for its sixth mass extinction - study
The rapid depletion of Earth’s biodiversity indicates that the planet is in the early stages of its sixth mass extinction of life since becoming habitable 3.5 billion years ago, according to a new study published in Science.

28.07.2014 14:25

Bee studies feel sting of pesticide manufacturers – MPs
Corporate funding from pesticide manufacturers threatens to contaminate research into the impact of agricultural chemicals on the declining bee population, warn a committee of MPs.

28.07.2014 08:22

Decline in wildlife aggravates human conflict – study
Researchers at UC Berkeley have found an alarming correlation between a decline in wildlife and human conflict. As human activity directly threatens animals, their declining numbers introduce drastic changes to our way of life.

25.07.2014 12:34

Michigan cops go on trial after shooting dog in front of owner (VIDEO)
The fatal shooting of a dog by law enforcement officers in Michigan late last year was premeditated, according to the attorney of the pet’s owner.

24.07.2014 16:44

'World’s saddest' polar bear to remain in sweltering Argentinian heat
A polar bear in an Argentinian zoo will remain in the hot South American country despite a petition requesting he be moved to Canada. The appeal was signed by more than half a million people.

23.07.2014 17:37

Former schoolteacher permanently struck off the UK’s teaching register will lead the BNP
Following Nick Griffin’s decision to step aside from his position as head of the controversial British National Party (BNP), recently appointed deputy head, Adam Walker, has accepted the role of Acting Chairman.

21.07.2014 18:52

Ohio village threatens Iraq war vet over therapy ducks
An Iraq war veteran who purchased ducks for physical and mental therapeutic purposes is now facing a citation and a hearing over the birds, as the village of West Lafayette, Ohio prohibits ownership of farm animals.

21.07.2014 16:35

#FreeArturo: 470,000 sign petition to relocate depressed polar bear to Canada
More than 450,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a heart-broken polar bear living in squalid conditions in Argentina to be transferred to Canada.

19.07.2014 11:45

Sonic cannons for E. Coast: Obama approves oil exploration despite ‘threat to sea life’
The Obama administration has announced it is reopening the US Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, clearing the way for the use of sonic cannons to locate energy deposits - despite the threat to sea life.

19.07.2014 06:45

Beware of whales: Plane’s near-miss with giant mammal goes viral (VIDEO)
A seaplane nearly landed on a humpback whale, miraculously avoiding collision at the last moment. The near-miss that took place in Alaska was caught on camera and the video has gone viral.

17.07.2014 14:31

Alcohol-resistant worms may hold key for human sobriety
If drinking as much alcohol as you want without getting drunk sounds like a dream, listen up: Scientists have created earthworms capable of doing just that.

17.07.2014 03:26

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