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​Guy takes selfie with bear, America copies, then discovers original was fake
A terrifying selfie with a bear, taken by a backpacker, has seen the US go nuts over the dangerous pastime, snapping and Instagramming their own brushes with death. The one thing they didn’t know? The original selfie wasn’t even real.

30.10.2014 12:22

GMO salmon's future in question after producer fined over violations
Panama fined a US biotechnology company’s local facility that “repeatedly violated” the nation’s permitting and regulatory laws as it worked to develop the world’s first genetically-modified salmon. The 2012 infractions were first made public on Tuesday.

29.10.2014 16:55

Whales butchered in bloody seas: Faroe islanders say it’s tradition, others protest
The waters on the shores of Denmark’s Faroe Islands turn red in summer. The islanders are keen on preserving a centuries-old bloody practice of whale hunting, which turns small bays in slaughterhouses despite the efforts of activists to stop them.

29.10.2014 12:19

Meet Yuka, age 39,000: Best-preserved mammoth ever found goes on display in Moscow (VIDEO)
An almost perfectly-preserved 39,000-year-old female mammoth has gone on display in Moscow, as scientists speculate on how the ancient creature died, and what she can reveal about the extinct species.

28.10.2014 17:19

Fair please! Bus driver’s sorry sex tiger-porn tale of hate, heart attack & vigilantism
A 51-year-old man suffered a heart attack, received threatening mail, and was subject to a hate campaign after he was falsely accused of owning a film of a woman having sex with a tiger.

28.10.2014 11:21

Plot to kill the Loch Ness monster revealed
Members of the Natural History Museum allegedly plotted to hunt and kill the Loch Ness monster and display its carcass in London.

27.10.2014 15:11

​'Nail in coffin for Norwegian seal hunting': Govt cuts subsidies
Norway has cut a 12 million kroner ($1.8 million) subsidy for seal hunting from next year’s budget. Environmentalists have applauded the move. Some businesses say it is putting an end to a historical and eco-friendly practice.

27.10.2014 11:46

‘Solitary confinement’: Two killer whales kept in cramped tanks in Moscow park
Two orca killer whales have been kept for 10 months in central Moscow in conditions animal rights activists claim render them deaf and mad.

27.10.2014 09:15

Man jumps White House fence, kicks dog, causes lockdown
Just one month after the last White House fence-jumping incident, another man leaped over the barrier and kicked a Secret Service dog sent to attack him. The man was eventually arrested.

23.10.2014 00:41

​Hardware VS Predator: Man repelled Siberian bear attack with computer
A man in a Siberian village was suddenly confronted by a bear apparently looking for food. The man, however, kept his cool and repelled the attack by throwing a computer component at the animal.

20.10.2014 08:10

Spare parts for people? Stem cell-generated human intestine grown in lab mouse
Researchers have successfully transplanted functioning human intestinal tissue grown from stem cells into mice. The breakthrough could revolutionize the production of spare organs for people, using cells from their own bodies.

20.10.2014 07:55

Crazy horse! Chechen leader asks Germany to say sorry to his nags
The head of the Chechen Republic has ironically called the refusal to pay prize money to his horses “a disgraceful page in Germany’s history” and added that German authorities will have to pay “multi-million compensation” over the scandal.

20.10.2014 08:01

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