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35,000 walruses forced onto land in Alaska due to decrease in Arctic Sea ice
Record numbers of Pacific walruses have come ashore in northwest Alaska after being unable to find ice in the Arctic waters to rest and feed themselves. The enormous gathering has caused further concerns over global climate change.

01.10.2014 18:56

Farmacology: Disease researchers say Obama’s antibiotic resistance plan should target livestock
The United States has a plan to fight the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant diseases. But some experts believe that by not focusing those that ingest most of these drugs - farm animals - humanity could face a huge problem in the future.

01.10.2014 03:45

WA firefighter saves baby hamsters with oxygen-mask, tiny breathing tube
A photo of a Washington State firefighter administering oxygen to a baby hamster with a minuscule makeshift breathing tube has melted hearts on Twitter with its message that no life is too small to save.

30.09.2014 13:27

Wildlife populations decline by over 50% since 1970 – WWF
The world’s wildlife populations, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, have dropped by more than half in the last 40 years, the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) said in its latest report.

30.09.2014 03:34

Largest known dinosaur graveyard discovered in Mexico
German and Mexican scientists have discovered world’s largest concentration of dinosaur remains in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, Der Spiegel reports. Palaeontologists found the remains of 14 dinosaurs on a plot size of 50 to 200 meters.

29.09.2014 23:18

Surf's pup! Dog surfing contest drops in on California (PHOTOS)
Dozens of dogs of all shapes and sizes showed they "can really, really surf" as professionally and almost as nonchalantly as humans do. The annual Surf City Dog event has been held up at a California beach.

29.09.2014 11:14

Cover your ass! Conservative attack on donkey lovemaking overturned in Poland
A conservative politician’s move to have a zoo separate two donkeys to prevent them from mating in front of visitors provoked outrage in Poland. Following a vocal public campaign and media coverage, the old-time lovers are together again.

26.09.2014 06:02

Smuggler tries to cross US-Canada border with 51 turtles in his pants
There are many things one might expect people to smuggle across the American border and into other countries inside of their pants, but dozens of aquatic reptiles? That’s exactly what one man was found hiding near Detroit.

26.09.2014 03:46

PETA to sheriff: Accused cannibal needs vegan diet to ‘swear off flesh’ in jail
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to punish an accused cannibal with more than just time in jail ‒ the animal rights group wants the local sheriff to put the suspected killer on a meatless, vegan diet.

25.09.2014 18:11

Buffalo Treaty: Native tribes sign bison revival plan in US and Canada
Native tribes from both the United States and Canada came together to sign their first treaty in 150 years: a pact that promises to bring the famed bison back to its original home in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.

24.09.2014 23:05

Tiger tragedy: Indian student mauled to death in zoo enclosure (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
An Indian school student has been attacked and killed by a white tiger at a New Delhi zoo. The young man jumped over security barriers before falling over five meters into the tigers’ enclosure, where he was mauled to death.

24.09.2014 11:17

Man who crashed drone into Yellowstone hot spring sentenced to probation and banned from national park
The German tourist who crashed a camera-equipped drone into a lake in Yellowstone National Park in July has agreed to a plea deal that would ban him from the park for one year, as well as unsupervised probation in his home country.

23.09.2014 17:36

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