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Drought spurs rodent problems across California
The four year-old drought in California is causing an influx of rats and mice to seek sustenance inside homes and around public water sources during their spring breeding season, according to reports.

24.04.2015 18:48

​DinoDrone! Australian scientists use UAVs to track dinosaur footprints
Drones and dinosaurs may seem like an unlikely combination, but scientists in Australia are using present-day technology to track pre-historic footprints. The prints were laid in Western Australia about 130 million years ago.

24.04.2015 10:34

Not playing chicken: Minnesota declares bird flu state of emergency
Minnesota is the second state to declare an emergency due to a fast-spreading bird flu epidemic at poultry farms across the Midwest. The highly contagious H5N2 strain of avian influenza has led to the killing of more than 7.3 million birds in the US.

24.04.2015 03:48

​Animal-sex tourism crackdown: Denmark bans bestiality
Denmark has approved a law banning bestiality, in a move to tackle animal-sex tourism. Those found guilty of engaging in sexual relations with an animal will now face fines and prison terms.

22.04.2015 14:56

​‘Disturbingly inventive’: Animal abuse reaching abhorrent new lows
Pet abuse is being taken to vile new depths as puppies are shot with crossbows, cats are kicked like footballs and frogs and lizards are swallowed for juvenile Neknomination pranks, new figures suggest.

22.04.2015 10:20

Apes are people too? NY judge grants human rights to chimpanzees
Chimpanzee and human DNA differ by only about 1 percent – but should chimps be given human rights? A US judge said "yes" on Monday, ruling that apes held at a New York university are covered by the same laws that let humans challenge their detention.

21.04.2015 15:39

​5-legged lamb born in Wales (VIDEO)
In defiance of all natural odds, a healthy, bouncing, lamb has been born at a farm in Wales – with five legs.

21.04.2015 13:54

Big ham: Not the mini-pig owners expected, 300kg Esther wins Facebook hearts
She is a web celebrity, with many of her admirers becoming vegetarians – meet Esther, the 300kg pig who will win your heart. Her owners once thought she was a mini-pig, but finally they got it that there is hardly anything mini about her.

21.04.2015 11:02

Chicken cull: 5.3mn hens to be slaughtered as huge bird flu outbreak reported in Iowa
More than 5 million hens will be euthanized at an Iowa egg-laying facility after the majority of them were found to be contaminated with a lethal strain of avian influenza, or bird flu. It is the worst outbreak yet to be recorded in the US.

21.04.2015 03:30

US govt agency slaughtered 2.7 million animals last year, incl. household pets
The US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service killed 2.7 million animals last year, thanks to its controversial culling program. Many of them weren’t killed intentionally, but were caught via indiscriminate methods meant for other animals.

20.04.2015 23:00

Putin’s pooch: President persuades retired colonel to buy dog for wife
Russian mass media report that a retired military officer from Rostov has bought his wife a Welsh corgi after the woman raised the issue in the last Q&A session with President Putin.

20.04.2015 14:00

Fluffy troops: Hermitage gives away members of historic ‘cat guard’ (VIDEO)
St. Petersburg locals and visitors have had the opportunity to acquire a personal guard from the ranks of a historic feline regiment that has been protecting one of the world’s greatest museums for centuries.

18.04.2015 17:22