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​Stoned rabbits a concern for DEA as Utah debates medical marijuana bill
Utah is considering a bill that could make it the 24th state, along with Washington, DC, to legalize medical marijuana. But one Drug Enforcement Agency official is worried the move could impact the environment and even result in too many stoned rabbits.

03.03.2015 04:12

You scratch my back: Rats recognize kindness, repay favors
Humans have long used the behavior of rats to personify the worst qualities in their fellow man. When it comes to acts of kindness, however, it turns out the much maligned creature is willing to repay favors to its fellow rodents.

28.02.2015 15:30

EPA sued over shrinking monarch butterfly population
A leading environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, accusing regulators of dismissing dangers about a certain chemical used in herbicides, including Monsanto’s widely used Roundup.

28.02.2015 03:09

2 llamas on the run in Arizona transfix America (VIDEO)
Two llamas that broke free from their handlers in Arizona mesmerized America and the news world on Thursday as they led people on a low-speed chase before finally being captured.

27.02.2015 00:53

Fukushima fishermen ‘absolutely shocked’ at TEPCO failing to report leak for 10 months
The operator of the tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant has been strongly criticized for neglecting to report a radioactive leak for 10 months, after it admitted to doing so because of an ongoing investigation.

26.02.2015 07:57

Robots with souls: Funerals held for robot dogs across Japan
It’s not clear if all robotic AIBO dogs will go to heaven, but their Japanese owners are convinced they have souls. Owners of the gadgets are staging funerals for the machines after Sony discontinued them and closed the last ‘clinics’ used to fix them.

25.02.2015 22:49

10,000yo ‘Sasha’: Hunters discover world’s 1st baby woolly rhino in Siberian permafrost
A baby woolly rhinoceros, dubbed “Sasha,” has been recently unearthed in Russian region of Yakutia, becoming a sensation for paleontologists.

25.02.2015 13:57

Trunk detective: Sniffer elephants trained by US Army to detect landmines
Sniffer dogs around the world may just have met their match. Elephants in South Africa are being trained to detect landmines and explosives as well as poachers, while they are showing promising results, aided by their highly developed sense of smell.

24.02.2015 16:29

Oysters, crabs & clams under threat from CO2 along East Coast – study
Ocean acidification and agricultural runoff may lead to shelled mollusks drastically dropping down in number, according to a new study. This poses a threat to businesses in coastal communities from Maine to the Chesapeake Bay, to the Louisiana bayou.

24.02.2015 03:10

​‘Wild-eyed and obsessive’: Jewish group challenges call for ritual slaughter ban
A Jewish organization in the UK has accused the British Veterinary Association (BVA) of being “negligent, obsessed and politically driven” for pursuing a campaign against religious slaughter.

23.02.2015 13:56

‘Racist’ birdies ruffling feathers? Sweden renames ‘neger’ species
The names of some birds in Swedish have been changed by the Swedish Ornithological Society over concerns that they could sound racist.

20.02.2015 13:56

Oil & gas firms off the hook for destruction of Louisiana coast – judge
A federal judge has ruled that multinational energy corporations are not financially liable for erosion of Louisiana’s wetlands, 1,900 square miles of which have been lost since the 1930s. Industry admits to being responsible for 36 percent of that loss.

16.02.2015 17:42