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500 kids participate in ‘Child Troop Parade’ in southern Russia
Hundreds of children from four to 10 years old have taken part in the ‘Child Troop Parade’ in the Russian city Rostov-on-Don. The parade was headed by a serving lieutenant-colonel.

15.05.2015 08:03

Ignorance and attempts to rewrite WWII history – that’s what makes me sick
It was not the traffic jams in Moscow, nor the police reinforcements, and not even the nightly roar of hundreds of tanks running down my street towards Red Square to rehearse for the parade - it’s the media, who made me sick. And here’s why.

13.05.2015 14:10

US going after Russia, Venezuela as it loses global influence – Maduro to RT
Washington is losing its weight in the international arena and this makes it target Russia and Venezuela, as well as attempt to curtail China’s growth, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT's Spanish-language channel in an exclusive interview.

10.05.2015 15:01

Giant St. George ribbon, auto rallies & parades mark V-Day in Canada (VIDEO)
Montreal’s skyline welcomed a plane carrying a huge Victory Day banner as part of celebrations organized by descendants of Soviet veterans. Communities across Canada marked 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in WW2 with rallies and parades.

10.05.2015 04:20

​10 most impressive videos from V-Day celebrations
At least 8 million people poured out onto the streets of Russian cities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, and hundreds of thousands marked the date in former Soviet republics and further abroad.

09.05.2015 19:22

‘Immortal Regiment’ marches on: World celebrates Victory Day (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
About 12 million people around Russia and abroad have joined Victory Day parades to mark 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in WWII. Many of them gathered to march with the so-called “Immortal Regiment” to honor the veterans of the war.

09.05.2015 07:22

A tale of war: The meaning of peace
This weekend all of Russia pays tribute to not just Soviet soldiers and citizens who sacrificed in the Great Patriotic War, but to the sacrifice of all humanity.

08.05.2015 15:20

Parade Relay: RT to air live Victory Day commemorations from across Russia
The Parade Relay is the latest in RT’s series of special projects dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War, as its theater of WWII is known.

08.05.2015 12:01

‘WWII victory doesn’t bring Russia, Ukraine together as Kiev turned war criminals into heroes’
Ukraine as a new nation has to create a useable past, Arch Getty, Professor of Russian and Soviet history at UCLA told RT’s In the Now show. War criminals like Bandera, who killed a lot of civilians, are being praised by Kiev government now, he added.

08.05.2015 09:51

15 years in power: RT traces Vladimir Putin's presidential path
Today marks 15 years since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first inauguration. RT looks back at his years as president and all the important benchmarks on the way.

07.05.2015 08:08

‘Very important to remember it was shared victory’ – top Russian diplomat ahead of WW2 anniversary
Attempts to falsify and rewrite the history of World War II are a dangerous path, a top Russian diplomat has warned, stressing that it is important to remember that the victory belongs to all the allies who fought Nazism.

07.05.2015 03:58

New AK-74M to make debut at Moscow V-Day parade
Russia’s legendary firearms producer Kalashnikov will for the first time introduce the modernized AK-74M at the Victory Day parade on May 9 on Moscow’s Red Square. Kalashnikov claims that the famous assault rifle will now be 50 percent more accurate.

06.05.2015 19:13