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'Shame on you!’ Ukrainian president booed by protesters on Maidan (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was heckled by protesters as he tried to pay tribute to the victims of the last year’s Euromaidan riots in Kiev, which saw around 100 dead and led to a regime change in the country.

21.11.2014 13:45

‘How Ukraine was turned into a failed state in a year’
As a country with few socio-economic and political problems Ukraine has turned into a failed state torn by civil war and sectarian violence, with a lack of constitutional order and a destroyed economy, foreign affairs expert Nebojsa Malic told RT.

21.11.2014 09:20

Euromaidan anniversary: 21 steps from peaceful rally to civil war
Protesters who went out to Kiev’s Maidan Square exactly a year ago have their goal – a deal with the EU – achieved. However, they hardly expected the protest would also trigger a bloody civil war which has already claimed 4,000 lives.

20.11.2014 09:53

Greek protesters clash with police near US embassy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
About a dozen people have reportedly been injured in clashes with riot police outside the US embassy in Athens following mass protests marking the 1973 revolt against the US-backed military junta, in which 40,000 people took part.

17.11.2014 22:02

Berlin Wall fall display: 8,000 balloons released over Germany (VIDEO)
In a display symbolizing the fall of the Berlin Wall a quarter of a century ago, some 8,000 illuminated white balloons, set up along a stretch of its route, have been released in the German sky as thousands gathered to remember the historic event.

09.11.2014 22:30

​‘Inspiration for people, threat to US govt’ – Aaron Swartz film director to RT
Aaron Swartz was using the Internet in a way that was “challenging” to the US govt, but by trying to make his story a deterrence for any followers, it instead made him an inspiration, the director of ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’ Brian Knappenberger told RT.

09.11.2014 02:06

​Internet hacktivists hold global ‘hackathon’ in honor of Aaron Swartz’s birthday
Online hacktivists are holding a “hackathon” spanning two days to honor the would-have-been birthday of dead computer programmer and hacktivist Aaron Swartz.

08.11.2014 20:09

Gorbachev gets hero’s welcome, leaves handprints at Checkpoint Charlie as Berlin celebrates fall of Wall (VIDEO)
Citizens of Berlin lit up 8,000 balloons along the length of the old Berlin Wall to mark its demise, while former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was feted for allowing the reunification of Germany happen without violence.

07.11.2014 17:29

25 things you probably didn’t know about the Berlin Wall
It's one the most potent symbols of the 20th century, which fell exactly 25 years ago. But how much do you know about that great divider, the Berlin Wall?

31.10.2014 14:47

Stunning! 8,000 light balloons re-enact Berlin Wall path for 25th anni of its fall (VIDEO)
For the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, German artists will line up 8,000 balloons along its central stretch. On November 9, the date when East Germans were first allowed to freely walk to West Berlin, the balloons will soar into the sky.

29.10.2014 16:46

Giant French robots fight in Beijing (PHOTOS)
In scenes worthy of a Transformers movie, a huge yellow horse-dragon clashes with a tremendous arachnid in downtown Beijing. The city's first robotics show is creating awe throughout the Chinese capital.

17.10.2014 16:03

First military parade in decades: Serbia marks 70yrs since Soviets liberated it from Nazis
To celebrate the anniversary of Belgrade's liberation from Nazi occupation, the Serbian capital hosted its first military parade in nearly 30 years. Some 4,500 troops participated in the event, which was attended by both Serbian and Russian leaders.

16.10.2014 15:27