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Batons vs Molotovs: Former Berkut riot police recall Ukrainian coup
Former members of the Berkut special force, accused by Kiev of instigating violence during Maidan protests a year ago, feel betrayed by the government and argue they had much less ammunition and supplies than those on the other side of the barricades.

21.02.2015 12:47

15 terrifying images from Kiev’s 2014 Maidan revolution
Burning tires, barricades of rubble and blood on the pavement – RT presents the most striking photos from last February’s Maidan riots in Ukraine, which turned the capital Kiev into a warzone and led to an armed coup in the country.

19.02.2015 14:18

Failed Kosovo project: people leaving, but NATO demands met
Although the EU and NATO have delivered nothing to Kosovo in the way of prosperity, being there still meets the criteria of allowing expansion further east, Serbian affairs commentator Marko Gasic told RT.

18.02.2015 11:20

‘Ukraine split year after coup: reality clicks in after euphoria’
Half of the population in Ukraine believes the country is going in the right direction towards a better life and democracy, while the other is sure things are going backwards, and life will became more difficult, Russia analyst Martin McCauley told RT.

18.02.2015 11:05

#EuroMaidan revolution: 2014 Ukrainian coup timeline
One year after the violent coup in Ukraine, RT recreates the four days of bloody clashes of February 2014, which saw approximately one hundred people killed in central Kiev and resulted in a power shift in Ukraine.

17.02.2015 15:22

Estonian Holocaust exhibit ‘outrageous and disgusting example of poor taste’
A Holocaust exhibition in Estonia mocks the victims of the terrible tragedy and is a totally perverted way to mark the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, says Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem.

10.02.2015 11:09

‘Jewification of Great Britain’: Anti-Semitic protest planned in London
Far-right nationalists are planning a demonstration in a London borough next month to protest the alleged “Jewification of Great Britain.” Anti-fascist groups have pledged to deny marchers “an inch of our streets.”

02.02.2015 11:29

​RT’s Paula Slier from Auschwitz: ‘We each take from the Holocaust something personal’
I’ve been to Auschwitz three times. Yesterday was my fourth. But whereas before I visited to say the mourner’s prayer at the unmarked graves of my murdered family, yesterday I went as a journalist.

28.01.2015 12:35

Magnificent New Year's fireworks welcome 2015 across the globe (VIDEOS)
​From Sydney to Rio De Janeiro, millions of people have kicked off their New Year 2015 celebrations under the night skies brightly lit with firework displays. Full of joy and hopes people wished each other the best of luck in 2015.

01.01.2015 02:11

25 years since Ceausescu downfall: Communist leader gone in blood
A string of downfalls of communist governments in Eastern Europe in late 1980s was branded ‘velvet revolutions’ for being peaceful. But in Romania the transition was horrendously bloody, both for the country and its dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

24.12.2014 19:11

'Obama did everything to show he didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize’
President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize on the promise of what he was going to do in the name of peace, but he has shown by his actions and words that he didn’t deserve the award, President of Veterans for Peace Leah Bolger told RT.

10.12.2014 11:31

250 years of splendor: Dazzling 3D show kicks off Hermitage celebrations
Russia’s grandest museum - the Hermitage - is celebrating its 250th anniversary. The festivities kicked off with a unique exhibition of a Parthenon sculpture, which left the British Museum for the first time, and a dazzling 3D-mapping projection.

07.12.2014 12:57