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British Embassy forced to apologize after throwing White House burning anniversary party
The British Embassy in Washington, DC was forced to issue an apology over the weekend after a social media post celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the burning of the White House raised eyebrows across the web.

25.08.2014 15:38

Kiev flexes military muscle in army parade, sends hardware to conflict zone
Amid ongoing fighting, civilian fatalities and a severe humanitarian crisis in east Ukraine, Kiev has celebrated Independence Day with an Army parade, following which the showcased military hardware will be sent straight to the conflict zone.

24.08.2014 12:11

45% of Brits want to bring back death penalty – 50 yrs after last execution
Murderers should face the death penalty in the UK, say 45 percent of Brits in a poll taken to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the country’s last legal executions. Support for reintroduction was highest among the over 60s and UKIP voters.

13.08.2014 08:35

Twilight of the Empire: 10 facts about Russia in WWI
With a century passed since the beginning of World War I, a memorial has been inaugurated in Moscow to honor the 2 million lives the conflict cost Russia. But what was WWI to the country, which saw its military campaign collapse amid the 1917 revolution?

01.08.2014 18:39

WWI tragedy reminder of dangers of excessive ambitions - Putin
The tragedy of WWI reminds us what excessive ambitions, an unwillingness to listen to each other and violations of liberties lead to, Russia's president said. He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the memorial to the Heroes of WWI in Moscow.

01.08.2014 10:43

​Hollande booed at French Bastille Day parade (VIDEO)
Soldiers from 76 countries marched down the Champs-Élysées in Paris to celebrate Bastille Day and pay tribute to those who lost their lives during World War I – but French President Hollande was booed by the crowd as soon as he joined the festivities.

14.07.2014 23:27

Year since Egypt coup sees catastrophic decline in human rights – Amnesty
Political oppression, thousands of arbitrary arrests, “harrowing” incidents of torture and deaths in police custody: Amnesty International has warned of a “catastrophic decline in human rights” in the year since the ouster of President Morsi.

03.07.2014 07:14

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Rouhani's one year in office
Almost a year ago Iranians went to the polls to choose the seventh President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

23.06.2014 12:16

Snowden's year in Russia: From airport hideout to mystery location
With his life being made into a Hollywood movie, ex-NSA analyst Edward Snowden executed the biggest intelligence leak in history and outwitted the spy agency to mark the one-year anniversary of his stay in Russia – his surprise haven from US prosecution.

23.06.2014 02:59

‘Coca’ cake for UN chief: Bolivia gives Ban a birthday treat
Wearing a straw hat and a garland of flowers, UN Chief Ban Ki-moon blew out 70 candles on probably the most unusual cake he’s ever received for his birthday – served with coca leaves and presented to him by Bolivia on the eve of a G77 leaders’ summit.

14.06.2014 08:02

D-Day Veteran: We pressed forward, ignoring those who fell – nothing like ‘Saving Private Ryan’
Running through minefield to their target, leaving wounded behind – in hope that medics landing next would survive to take care of them, and marking improvised hospital with blood-strained sheets, are some of the memories D-Day veterans shared with RT.

06.06.2014 18:42

​Record-breaking ‘Soviet Mind Game’ Tetris turns 30
The block-stacking game was first played in a fusty Soviet lab on June 6, 1984, went on to sell at least 150 million copies – more than any other game in history – and continues to elicit fascination from ordinary players and psychologists.

06.06.2014 23:05

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