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#OpIsrael: Anonymous attacks hundreds of Israeli websites
Hundreds of websites of Israeli ministries and organizations came under attack by Anonymous early Monday as part of the hacktivist group's anti-Israel operation, dubbed #OpIsrael.

06.04.2014 16:39

Prosecution drops link-sharing charges against Barrett Brown
Federal prosecutors are dismissing 11 of the 17 counts against Barrett Brown, an American author and activist who has spent the last year-and-a-half awaiting trial behind bars in Texas.

05.03.2014 20:26

British hacker accused of stealing data from Federal Reserve computers
The United States Department of Justice this week unsealed its third indictment in four months against Lauri Love, a United Kingdom resident now accused of hacking into a computer system used by the US Federal Reserve.

28.02.2014 16:00

Prosecutors: Barrett Brown and Anonymous ‘secretly plotted the overthrow of the government’
Has the hacktivist group Anonymous been secretly plotting to overthrow the United States government? Federal prosecutors seem to think so, but attorneys for a Texas man on trial for alleged computer crimes say such isn’t the case.

26.02.2014 18:13

Western spy agencies build ‘cyber magicians’ to manipulate online discourse
Secret units within the 'Five Eyes" global spying network engage in covert online operations that aim to invade, deceive, and control online communities and individuals through the spread of false information and use of ingenious social-science tactics.

25.02.2014 01:28

Online revolts can stop govt: Yesterday we defeated SOPA, today we battle NSA
Properly mobilized people can become a massive online force capable of blocking ‘dangerous bills’ and changing government policies, Josh Levy of the Free Press told RT. The participants of The Day We Fight Back campaign say their call to action is simple.

12.02.2014 03:18

GCHQ secret unit uses DDOS attack tactics against Anonymous – Snowden leak
British intelligence has its own hacker subdivision that uses questionable practices for hunting down enemies of the state, reveals a new leak from Edward Snowden. GCHQ is fighting Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists with DDoS attacks and malware.

05.02.2014 05:06

Teen gets child endangerment conviction instead of rape charge in Daisy Coleman case
A special prosecutor in Missouri said Thursday that the state would not be charging a 19-year-old man with rape following a months’ long investigation into the alleged 2012 sexual assault of a girl three years his junior.

09.01.2014 18:36

Anonymous ‘PayPal 14’ hackers enter guilty plea in case surrounding pro-WikiLeaks DDoS attack
​Accused members of the amorphous hacktivist group Anonymous appeared in federal court in California on Thursday to enter pleas pertaining to a nearly three-year-old digital protest against the website PayPal.

05.12.2013 21:35

Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes mask in Obamacare protest
A Florida police officer who was protesting US President Obama’s newly implemented healthcare law has been arrested because he refused to take off a Guy Fawkes mask he was wearing at a demonstration.

03.12.2013 21:12

No sealed indictment against Assange, but it's 'subject to change'
An investigation into WikiLeaks is still active, a senior law enforcement official told the Washington Post this week, and the anti-secrecy group’s founder, Julian Assange, may soon be eligible for arrest if he enters the United States.

19.11.2013 15:35

Anonymous hackers engaged in year-long campaign targeting US govt agencies - FBI
For the past year, activist hackers from the collective known as Anonymous have accessed US government computers in multiple federal agencies and stolen sensitive information, according to an FBI memo.

16.11.2013 02:41

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