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Blue ice and whales: Breathtaking drone video of Antarctica revealed
Bird's eye footage of the frozen continent is what Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung brought from his trip to Antarctica.

03.05.2015 05:34

Antarctica's sinister Blood Falls could be a sign of life on Mars
Antarctica's Blood Falls could be home to microorganisms similar to alien life on Mars. New data shows that beneath McMurdo Dry Valleys, earth’s coldest and driest place, lies salty water that may support previously unknown ecosystems.

29.04.2015 05:24

Earth-wide telescope built to watch Milky Way black hole
Scientists might soon get closer to understanding the nature of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole. To observe its mysterious event horizon, they are connecting a planet-wide system of telescopes that will “see” 1,000 times better than Hubble.

21.04.2015 19:55

Lake Vostok breakthrough: Russian scientists drill ‘clean’ hole into Antarctic subglacial basin
Russian scientists have made a new borehole into Lake Vostok, the prehistoric Antarctic water mass, which has been sealed for millions of years – three years after a previous mission was prematurely ended by an accident resulting in sample contamination.

25.01.2015 19:12

Russian divers take record-breaking sea plunge into Antarctic volcano (VIDEO)
A team of Russian divers from the expedition 'Antarctica 100' have jumped 97 meters deep into the crater of an active Antarctic volcano. The seabed plunge in extremely cold water marked a world record, and served as an important test of diving techniques.

26.12.2014 20:46

Antarctic ice thicker than thought, drone submarine finds
A new type of 3D mapping revealed Antarctic sea ice could be much thicker than previously estimated, shows a study done with the help of a yellow robotic submarine named SeaBed.

25.11.2014 01:38

Scientists: North can become South in less than 100 years
A recent discovery has shown that the Earth’s magnetic reversal could happen much quicker than had been expected. US scientists say the North and South poles can swap their positions in less than a century, which would carry some danger for humans.

19.10.2014 11:01

Sun-blown ISON comet remains harvested in Antarctic
Scientist at the Vostok Antarctic station are to gather dust from the comet ISON, which was disintegrated by the sun in late November 2013. They hope their luck will help them find the “basic building blocks” of life.

14.01.2014 07:25

Russia to spend $30mln on Antarctic polar stations in 2014
Russia is set to allocate over $30 million to boost its five polar bases, including the Vostok research station, and fund exploration in the region in 2014, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry stated.

13.01.2014 18:14

​Antarctic break: Russian, Chinese stranded ships navigate out of ice trap
A Russian-built ship stranded in the Antarctic ice has started moving away from the ice fields after a change of wind cleared its path. A Chinese icebreaker, which was caught herself on the way to rescue the vessel, has already reached clear waters.

07.01.2014 12:00

Rescue saga: US ship heads to free two trapped icebreakers in Antarctic
American vessel the Polar Star, the US Coast Guard's only active heavy polar icebreaker, is heading to the Antarctic to rescue over 120 crewmembers aboard Russian and Chinese ships trapped in heavy sea ice.

05.01.2014 08:31

​Chinese ship fails to break out of ice trap in Antarctica after rescue mission
An attempt to break free of heavy Antarctic ice floes by Chinese icebreaker Xue Long, which helped to rescue passengers from Russia’s Akademik Shokalsky, has failed. But those it helped to rescue are now on their way home on an Australian vessel.

04.01.2014 05:09