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Anya Fedorova

Cossack crusade: Russians on bicentennial victory ride to Paris
Beware: Two dozen daredevil Russian Cossacks, known for their deep-rooted horse-riding and fighting traditions, are heading to Paris. Fear not! All they want is to celebrate the bicentenary of the country's victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812.

12.08.2012 14:28

Russian Nobel: Web tycoon founds prize for the best minds in physics
The most lucrative annual prize in fundamental physics – almost three times the amount of the Nobel – has been established by Russian tycoon Yuri Milner. He announced nine initial winners, who will become the jury to select next year's winners.

01.08.2012 00:36

Pussy Riot: Our arrest signals start of repression campaign to spread fear
Three members of the punk band Pussy Riot, who performed an anti-Putin song in Russia’s main cathedral, have pleaded not guilty to "abusive actions motivated by religious hatred", but concede what they did was an ethical mistake.

30.07.2012 11:58

Chief investigator accused of being foreign agent
Popular opposition figure Aleksey Navalny has accused the head of Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, of being a foreign agent, allegeding he received a residence permit in the Czech Republic.

26.07.2012 13:47

Fabio Capello signs two-year contract with Russia
Fabio Capello is officially the head coach of the Russian national team. On Thursday, the Italian and his agent settled all the formalities before putting a signature on a two-year contract with the Russian Football Union.

26.07.2012 11:04

Polarizing proposal: Bye-bye 'Arctic' Ocean, welcome 'Russian'
It is time to recognize Russia’s overwhelming presence in the Arctic and rename the Arctic Ocean the ‘Russian Ocean’. That is the opinion expressed by the head of the Institute of Expert Assessments, a Moscow-based conservative think tank.

26.07.2012 02:10

Russian MPs suggest allowing public use of firearms shortly after Colorado shootings
Following the shooting spree in a Colorado cinema, Russian legislators have drafted a bill which would allow public use of firearms. The law’s sponsors hope to curb crime rates, while opponents say legal air-guns already cause enough damage.

25.07.2012 20:01

Medical mystery over discarded fetuses: Stem-cell research or illegal abortions?
Medical experts and investigators are pondering the origins of more than 200 human fetuses found disposed in the Urals. Speculation ranges from illegal abortions to illegal stem-cell research.

24.07.2012 13:03

‘Let Pussy Riot Go!’ Veteran Russian HR group speaks out
The head of Russia’s oldest Human Rights Group has called on the authorities to free the members of the Pussy Riot punk group and compensate the girls for the 6 months they have spent in pre-trial custody.

23.07.2012 11:51

Russian model only non-American to reach Top 16 in Mrs. International 2012 (VIDEO)
Russia’s Alice did well in the beauty-land of Mrs. International 2012: as the pageant's 55 contestants from all over the world were reduced to the top 16, Alisa Tulynina found herself alone in the company of 15 American ladies.

22.07.2012 17:08

US getting punitive? Congress bans Pentagon’s arms contracts with Russia
US congressmen have voted to cancel a Pentagon arms contract with Russia for supplying helicopters to American allies in Afghanistan. The move comes after Russia and China vetoed a US-backed UN Security Council resolution on Syria.

20.07.2012 14:23

Shipwreck’s silver lining: Russian vessel helps recover record 48 tons of bullion (PHOTOS)
The largest treasure trove of silver recovered from a shipwreck in history – 48 tons of it – has been completed near Ireland. A Russian vessel helped locate the British cargo ship that was sunk by a torpedo during World War II.

19.07.2012 10:03