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What do you do when the Wailing Wall comes to your house? A new Jewish holy site in the Palestinian quarter
How a Palestinian living in a house that belonged to his family since the 17th century deals with a sudden appearance of a Jewish holy site, the Small Wailing Wall, and why it’s so important for the Palestinians in Jerusalem to never have fines or debts.

12.02.2015 14:45

Google’s ‘boring’ $1bn London HQ slated for ambitious redesign
Google has scrapped “boring” plans for its extravagant new London headquarters, which had included a rooftop pool, an indoor football pitch and a private climbing wall.

12.02.2015 14:48

‘Olympicopolis’: Smithsonian plans new London museum
America’s Smithsonian Institution is planning to open its first international museum outpost in London, as part of its “Olympicopolis” multimillion dollar project in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

28.01.2015 13:41

​4k drone video reveals Apple’s huge 'spaceship' HQ
Footage shot by a YouTube user flying a drone over Cupertino, Califronia captures the massive scale of Apple’s futuristic new headquarters.

05.01.2015 20:07

Financial steal: Abu Dhabi investors snap up Scotland Yard
Investors from Abu Dhabi have secured a deal to purchase the iconic Scotland Yard building in St James’s Park. The building, which has housed the Metropolitan Police Service since 1964, sold for a reported £370 million.

10.12.2014 14:03

Real-life 'Eye of Sauron' will open up over Moscow skyscraper tower
Tolkien fans rejoice! The ‘Eye of Sauron’ now is not just fiction – it will light up the skyline of Moscow-City to ominously watch down on the Russian capital as the latest “Hobbit” movie premiers in Russia on Thursday night.

08.12.2014 17:20

Over Bond St in the buff! Naked free-runner scales London skyline
For free-runner world champion Tim Sheiff, it wasn’t enough to scale some of the most impressive buildings on the London skyline. He had to do it completely naked. And take photographs.

28.11.2014 15:07

Colossal $25,000 fine for Russian vandal in Rome
A Russian tourist has been fined €20,000 ($25,000) after he carved a giant letter ‘K’ onto the wall of the best-known structure in all of Italy – the ancient Colosseum in Rome.

24.11.2014 16:16

Eyeful Tower? Paris turns down controversial €500mn skyscraper design
The Paris City Council has voted against plans for a new “Tour Triangle” skyscraper that could ruin the city's 19th-century skyline. However, the mayor immediately declared the results invalid, triggering a debate over city’s image and future.

18.11.2014 12:46

‘Art can be political’ – sculptor of Snowden-Assange-Manning monument
Art is important when it gives the possibility for people to grow up, Italian sculptor Davide Dormino told RT. He has launched a campaign to raise money to erect a “monument to courage” – a statue of three whistleblowers, Assange, Manning, and Snowden.

07.11.2014 11:44

Watch out below! Massive steel bolts fall from London skyscraper
Two heavy steel bolts broke off one of London’s tallest skyscrapers, prompting urgent ultrasound tests on more than 3,000 ‘mega-bolt’ on the City’s ‘cheese-grater’ tower.

06.11.2014 11:44

Rising from the ashes: Amazing time-lapses of One World Trade Center construction
The centerpiece of New York’s World Trade Center finally opened for business on Monday, 13 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks which destroyed the twin towers. RT takes a look at the different stages of reconstructing the world famous landmark.

03.11.2014 14:30