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Eyeful Tower? Paris turns down controversial €500mn skyscraper design
The Paris City Council has voted against plans for a new “Tour Triangle” skyscraper that could ruin the city's 19th-century skyline. However, the mayor immediately declared the results invalid, triggering a debate over city’s image and future.

18.11.2014 12:46

‘Art can be political’ – sculptor of Snowden-Assange-Manning monument
Art is important when it gives the possibility for people to grow up, Italian sculptor Davide Dormino told RT. He has launched a campaign to raise money to erect a “monument to courage” – a statue of three whistleblowers, Assange, Manning, and Snowden.

07.11.2014 11:44

Watch out below! Massive steel bolts fall from London skyscraper
Two heavy steel bolts broke off one of London’s tallest skyscrapers, prompting urgent ultrasound tests on more than 3,000 ‘mega-bolt’ on the City’s ‘cheese-grater’ tower.

06.11.2014 11:44

Rising from the ashes: Amazing time-lapses of One World Trade Center construction
The centerpiece of New York’s World Trade Center finally opened for business on Monday, 13 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks which destroyed the twin towers. RT takes a look at the different stages of reconstructing the world famous landmark.

03.11.2014 14:30

Kremlin’s Spasskaya tower to open gates for tourists
The gates of the Kremlin's main clock Spasskaya tower may be thrown open to visitors soon, Moscow top officials have announced.

31.07.2014 22:20

Amid Iraq’s carnage, preserving its ancient World Heritage sites may offer a glimmer of hope
And so the latest in the surrealist horror show that the nightly news on Iraq has become, offers a rich narrative mine, at least for a writer working on a political travelogue of ancient sites. Once again, the Mongol hordes are at the gates.

01.07.2014 09:42

It’s a boy! US exchange student rescued from giant stone vagina in Germany
The German fire services had to be called out in force to rescue a US exchange student from a giant marble vagina, located in a southwestern university town, after he crawled inside for a dare.

22.06.2014 15:56

Faking it Eurostyle: China builds mini-me towns (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
China's skill in replication has developed to something bigger than just handbags or watches. Precise copies of world famous landmarks are built around the country too - some growing into whole copycat communities.

07.06.2014 12:44

Giant Chinese 3D printer builds 10 houses in just 1 day (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A private company located in eastern China has printed ten full-size houses using a huge 3D printer in the space of a day. The process utilizes quick-drying cement, but the creators are being careful not to reveal the secrets of the technology.

27.04.2014 19:09

Two huge pharaoh statues unveiled in Egypt
Archaeologists have revealed two massive statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the famous Egyptian city of Luxor, at their original sites in the funerary temple of the king, on the west bank of the Nile.

24.03.2014 12:29

Older than oldest of 7 Wonders: 4,600 yo step pyramid uncovered in Egypt
A step pyramid, a few decades older than the Great Pyramid of Giza (the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), has been uncovered by archaeologists in southern Egypt.

04.02.2014 05:37

Big bad-a-boom! German skyscraper blows up in record controlled blast (VIDEO)
A 116-metre-high (380 feet) skyscraper in Germany’s Frankfurt am Main was razed to the ground in 10 seconds flat in one of the largest-ever controlled building explosions in Europe.

02.02.2014 13:17