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Israel surprises with unexpected military drills in West Bank
Israel's army announced it is carrying out a two-day “surprise exercise” in the West Bank, with thousands of reservists participating in what marks the first drill of its kind in three years.

01.03.2015 23:25

​Lugansk has fully withdrawn heavy weapons, passed info to OSCE – militia
The self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has announced it has withdrawn all of its heavy weapons from the demarcation line in compliance with the Minsk-2 peace agreements and has informed the OSCE of the hardware’s new location.

01.03.2015 11:32

Russia ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate – missile forces command chief
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are ready to react to any nuclear strike even if it is lightning fast, SMF Central Command chief said. A retaliatory strike would take place in all circumstances, “without hesitation,” he added.

01.03.2015 09:41

Israel asks US for additional $300mn for missile defense – report
Israel reportedly bypassed the White House and asked the US Congress for an extra $317 million to be added to President Barack Obama's budget for the next fiscal year in order to fund Israeli missile defense programs, Bloomberg reported.

01.03.2015 02:37

Donetsk rebels announce full heavy weapons withdrawal in E. Ukraine
Eastern Ukrainian rebels say they have withdrawn all heavy weaponry in Donetsk and relocated 80 percent of hardware in Lugansk, in accordance with the Minsk-2 peace agreements.

28.02.2015 19:52

ISIS too reliant on oil, can’t survive without new territories – report
The Islamic State must expand “in order to maintain its financial management and expenditures in areas where it operates,” international investigators with the Financial Action Task Force said, explaining the group’s projected strategy.

28.02.2015 08:42

US, UK meddling in OSCE’s mandate in Ukraine – Russia's envoy to UN
The US and UK are attempting to change the OSCE’s existing mandate in Ukraine, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitality Churkin. His comments came after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

27.02.2015 23:05

Cracked cantaloupe shows bulletproof baseball cap will save your melon
Body armor is heavy, unwieldy and impractical for everyday use. And bulletproof vests, which can be worn under clothing, don’t protect the head from a kill shot. One company aims to solve those issues with an impenetrable, yet inconspicuous baseball cap.

27.02.2015 18:22

Dubai’s deal with Kiev includes no weapons supplies – UAE Foreign Ministry
The United Arab Emirates is not selling military equipment to Ukraine, despite earlier statements by Kiev officials, the UAE Foreign Ministry said.

27.02.2015 18:31

Link foreign aid to defence, boost military spending – UK Lords
Hawkish members of the UK House of Lords will battle for increased military spending Friday, proposing that the government link foreign aid to defense budgets. They are expected to argue Britain’s security is more important than its social conscience.

27.02.2015 09:42

‘The OSCE has very difficult task monitoring Minsk deal implementation’
The OSCE is facing a difficult task monitoring the military hardware withdrawal by the opposing sides in Ukraine given the distances and the territory involved, Martin McCauley, author and Russia analyst, told RT.

27.02.2015 09:20

Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, and the corporate media phantasmagoria
The scandals that have erupted around the exposure of Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams as having lied about their wartime experiences provide us with a glimpse into the nature of corporate media.

27.02.2015 11:24