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NRA’s reaction to 9-year-old girl’s fatal Uzi shooting: Kids should ‘have fun at shooting range’
Powerful US gun lobby, National Rifle Association, took the opportunity to present on social media ways children can “have fun at the shooting range” following the horrific accidental killing of a shooting instructor by a 9-year-old girl in Arizona.

28.08.2014 16:40

Ferguson aftermath: California city tells cops to get rid of armored vehicle
The city council of Davis, California has decided to drop the local police department’s Pentagon-supplied armored vehicle following worries from the community that it could be used against demonstrations, as was the case in Ferguson, Missouri this month.

28.08.2014 15:30

'EU to put pressure on Kiev to be more flexible as winter approaches'
The Ukraine government really needs to be more flexible, it’s time for Kiev to understand that the whole thing comes down to the nitty-gritty of direct discussions on the gas issue, political commentator Alexander Nekrassov told RT.

28.08.2014 12:58

NATO formations on Russian borders will impact Moscow’s decision-making – envoy
Following NATO’s aggressive military posturing in Eastern Europe, Russian envoy to the alliance warned that the “configuration and activity” of its forces will impact how Russia proceeds with its own security planning and considerations.

28.08.2014 04:44

'Insane if US starts striking Syria without working with the Assad regime'
People around President Obama, his ambassadors, politicians, the State Department, are saying they are unwilling to work with Syria, and obviously prepping the ground for airstrikes, journalist and foreign policy analyst Michael Hughes told RT.

27.08.2014 10:39

NATO chief eyes more bases in E. Europe to confront Russia
Under the pretext of an 'overt' Russian threat, NATO is pushing for a ‘readiness action plan’ that will bring the Cold War military bloc closer to Russian borders than ever - despite objections from some NATO members.

27.08.2014 08:56

Language arts teacher banned from school for writing fictional books
An eighth-grade language arts teacher from Maryland has been placed on administrative leave after school officials learned he allegedly authored two books containing questionable content under a pseudonym.

26.08.2014 17:59

Hypersonic Advanced Weapon test fails four seconds after launch
The Pentagon was forced to terminate the testing of a hypersonic weapon on Monday only moments after liftoff, creating a setback for a program that the military hopes will someday allow for any target on Earth to be obliterated in under an hour.

26.08.2014 14:13

‘The ISIS propaganda is a reflection of mainstream Western foreign policy’
The ISIS militia wouldn’t have got anywhere if they were not promoted as enemies by the West, and the West was not bombing them, supporting them at the same time in Syria and in Libya, activist and journalist Sukant Chandan told RT.

26.08.2014 11:20

​Now do it for Israeli kid! Calls on Lionel Messi to balance his support of Palestine children
Netizens are trying to get soccer ace Lionel Messi to honor a four year-old boy, who was killed by a missile fired by Hamas. The child idolized the Barcelona star. Earlier Messi had spoken out about the plight of Palestinian children.

25.08.2014 13:29

Death of James Foley: A lot of questions, no answers
He was 39. Everybody loved him. Everybody called him Jim. Dozens of colleagues changed their avatars on social networks to black to commemorate him.

25.08.2014 12:48

‘And give us this day our daily Evil’
The prayer of the news’ lords has been granted: we finally have the ISIS.

25.08.2014 12:27

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