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Sanctions against Russia spark AK-47 buying frenzy in US
Russian-made firearms are reportedly flying off the shelves of American gun stores after the United States Treasury Department announced sanctions last week against the maker of the popular AK-47 rifle.

25.07.2014 16:07

African leaders’ immunity and ICC neocolonialism
​The news was picked up by the media around the world but, as often happens when it comes to African issues; it was quickly downgraded to an interesting fact.

25.07.2014 11:58

Ukraine used phosphorous incendiaries, cluster bombs against cities – Russian military
Ukrainian troops have on many occasions used incendiary weapons and cluster bombs against militia-held cities, acts that are banned under the international law regulating warfare, the Russian military said.

25.07.2014 12:56

Government plans closer ties with arms industries of Belarus, Kazakhstan
The Russian arms industry has developed a plan to replace its Ukrainian suppliers, lost during the latest crisis in this country, with companies in Belarus and Kazakhstan, an influential Russian daily reports.

25.07.2014 07:14

Cameron claims export licenses allowing UK arms sales to Russia don’t breach embargo
UK Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain has not breached an embargo by selling military equipment to Russia, following MP demands to clarify the government’s position on UK-Russian arms deals.

24.07.2014 13:01

Minutemen militia recruiting 3,500 volunteers to patrol US border
The co-founder of an organization composed of armed Americans adamantly opposed to illegal immigration says he plans to recruit as many as 3,500 volunteers to participate in a massive border fortification next year.

23.07.2014 14:08

‘Malaysian flight pilots would not know of any military aircraft in proximity’
For any military aircraft to be in close proximity to a civil aircraft without clearance and knowledge of air traffic controllers and the pilots of the Malaysian flight would be highly irregular, Desmond Ross, an aviation security expert, told RT.

23.07.2014 14:27

‘Western media that pointed fingers at Russia will soon move on’
In a few weeks blaming Russia for the crash of the Malaysian plane will become a non-story because it no longer fit the narrative the US administration was hoping for, investigative journalist Benn Swann told RT.

23.07.2014 14:18

Israel may be guilty of war crimes – UN Human Rights Chief
Israel maybe committing war crimes in Gaza, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says. Speaking in Geneva, Navi Pillay said house demolitions and the killing of children raise the "strong possibility" that Israel is violating international law.

23.07.2014 10:36

France hits back after UK condemns Russia Mistral ship deal
France’s foreign minister has accused the UK of double standards following its criticism of the Russian Mistral warship deal. Referring to Russian oligarchs in the UK, he said that Britain must tend to its own backyard before attacking French policies.

22.07.2014 22:30

'We will react to NATO build-up!' Key Putin quotes from defense policy address
Moscow will respond to NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders, President Vladimir Putin said at the emergency Security Council meeting in Moscow. Here are his key quotes on Russia’s defense, Western sanctions, and violence in eastern Ukraine.

22.07.2014 18:25

US intelligence: No direct link to Russia in Malaysia plane downing
Unnamed US officials are telling Associated Press that their intelligence suggests Malaysia plane shot down by anti-Kiev militia, no link to Russia found.

22.07.2014 21:07

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