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Louisiana restaurant becomes a hit after offering gun owners a discount
The restaurateur responsible for a Cajun eatery in Louisiana hoped law enforcement would take advantage of an unusual discount offered during lunchtime, but says his eatery has since become a hot destination for gun enthusiasts.

30.09.2014 03:48

​‘Iraqi soldiers not willing to die for US’
Many Iraqi army soldiers consider that it is not worth dying for the US-controlled puppet Baghdad government as they understand that it will come down to the obliteration of Iraq as a state, geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen told RT.

30.09.2014 10:37

‘No peace till Netanyahu no longer in power in Israel’
The Israelis and the Palestinians will see no peace while Benjamin Netanyahu remains in power, Charles Kogan from the Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs told RT, commenting on the Israeli PM’s speech to the UNGA comparing Hamas to ISIS.

30.09.2014 10:36

Nearly $1bn already spent on US military campaign against ISIS
The US-led military operation against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants has likely so far cost between $780 and $930 million, according to an estimate by Washington-based think tank specializing in defense issues.

30.09.2014 04:59

Islamic State was born in NATO camps
The West and its client states in the Middle East are now bombing Islamic State (ISIS) positions in Syria, killing both militants and civilians, violating countless international laws and treaties.

29.09.2014 16:53

​'UK to pay price for bombing IS for years to come'
British MPs are ignoring valid arguments against bombing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the UK will end up making more enemies within the Muslim world, Raza Nadim from the UK Muslim Public Affairs Committee, told RT.

29.09.2014 12:06

The amazing (and bizarre) homemade Kurdish armor fighting ISIS in Syria
Irregular armed forces have to rely on their ingenuity to arm themselves. And while rifles and mortars can be bought on the black market, getting hold of a tank or two can be a bit tricky. But you can always make a DIY version with your own hands.

28.09.2014 11:12

​‘Clear link between anti-ISIS military intervention and blowback at home’
Europeans should be careful because terror threats don’t come out from nowhere, and are the consequences of lasting western intervention in the Arab world, Middle East journalist Dilly Hussain told RT.

26.09.2014 20:19

​Raptors, reapers & rockets: What US & Co use against ISIS
Fighting the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants in Iraq and Syria with no boots on the ground requires millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, jet fuel and precision munitions.

26.09.2014 12:28

‘US funded and trained jihadists in Syria – and now it wants to fight them’
The US is creating in Syria a perpetual state of war, funding jihadists on one side and then attacking them on the other, while the civilian casualties are just a part of the game, investigative reporter Ben Swann told RT.

26.09.2014 03:47

Scary FBI stats: Mass shootings nearly tripled in last 7 years, mostly at schools
​Shootings in which a gunman wounds or kills multiple people have nearly tripled in the US in recent years, according to a new FBI report. The majority of those shooting incidents have occurred at businesses or schools, the report found.

25.09.2014 15:43

Forget napalm – President Wimp loves the smell of coffee in the morning
Colonel Kilgore, in Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” said he loved the smell of napalm in the morning. By way of contrast, US President Barack Obama, prefers the smell of coffee.

25.09.2014 11:38

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