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US lieutenant jailed for deserting Army, joining French Foreign Legion to fight in Africa
An American soldier who abandoned his army unit in 2009 to join the French Foreign Legion has been convicted of desertion and sentenced to four years in prison by the US military.

18.12.2014 16:26

Draft deferment sought for defense industry workers
The head of the Russian League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises has drafted a bill that, if passed, will offer a four-year delay of military conscription to those who work in the arms industry and related spheres.

18.12.2014 08:34

Pentagon launching missile defense blimps to patrol East Coast
The US Army is set to begin testing its blimp-like surveillance airships, designed to help the military detect and destroy cruise missiles from attacking the nation’s capital and other East Coast cities.

18.12.2014 02:15

Terrorist child killers - enemies of humanity
​Peshawar school attack is the deadliest carried out in Pakistan. The 132 children killed in the siege, as with the 186 children who perished in the Russia’s Beslan massacre in 2004, are a grim reminder that evil does indeed exist in our world.

17.12.2014 14:40

Australia's interventionist foreign policy - time for a rethink
The tragic Sydney café siege of earlier this week, which resulted in the death of three people, raises quite a few serious questions.

17.12.2014 12:27

‘Israel practices a policy of flagrant anti-Semitism’
Israel’s “Jews only” policy in the occupied Palestinian territories, which is backed by the US, would be considered anti-Semitist in other states given the fact that Arabs are also Semitic people, Professor James Petras of Binghamton University told RT.

17.12.2014 10:23

‘Collective self-delusion’: UK diplomat slams Afghanistan strategists
Politicians were so ignorant of military affairs during the Afghan war they “did not know the difference between a Tornado [aircraft] and a torpedo,” a senior UK diplomat has said. He claimed officials were engaged in an “act of collective self-delusion.”

17.12.2014 12:12

‘No murder, torture’: British soldiers ‘mistreat’ 9 Iraqi prisoners, inquiry finds
The al-Sweady Inquiry has ruled that British servicemen were guilty of mistreating nine Iraqi detainees, but that allegations of torture, murder and mutilation were “shocking and completely baseless.”

17.12.2014 10:48

Libyan arms dealer charged in Dover lorry terrorist raid
A British court has charged three men with serious terror offences, including a suspected Libyan arms dealer. He is said to have processed an order for £18 million worth of ammunition, including anti-aircraft equipment and heavy machine guns.

16.12.2014 12:39

‘Taliban attacks on civil targets - evidence their back is broken’
The Taliban have been terribly battered and it is unable to retaliate on military facilities, so it selected a school – a soft target - where a high casualty rate can be caused, Sultan M. Hali, a retired senior officer in the Pakistani Air Force told RT.

16.12.2014 11:37

Russian military completes rapid-deployment drills in Kaliningrad
The Russian military has concluded a massive surprise drill in the Kaliningrad region to test the combat readiness of some 9,000 troops and 642 vehicles, including tactical Iskander-M ballistic missile systems rapidly deployed from the mainland.

16.12.2014 04:02

​The Prez, the FSA, and the Caliph: A Zero Problem Policy?
Prime Minister-turned-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (aka the Prez) performed a remarkable U-turn some years ago - a U-turn that transformed Bashar Assad from a "brother" of his into a "bloody handed dictator.”

15.12.2014 12:35