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Ukrainian rebels urge OSCE to convince Kiev to abide by peace agreement
Ukrainian rebels in Donetsk and Lugansk have urged the OSCE and Russia to persuade Ukrainian authorities to fulfill the conditions of the Minsk peace deal, citing the absence of a ceasefire and no progress in granting the regions a special status.

30.10.2014 20:16

Burkina Faso army announces dissolution of govt, parliament
Burkina Faso’s army has announced the dissolution of the country’s National Assembly and the establishment of a new transitional governing body after nearly two days of opposition protests outside government buildings.

30.10.2014 19:14

British war veterans deprived of long-term support – MPs
British veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are deprived of long-term help, particularly with mental health problems, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and war pensions and compensation payments, a cross-party group of MPs warn.

30.10.2014 10:28

‘NATO a great threat to the security of its members, rest of the world’
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization poses a threat to its members by involving them in interventions based on pretty flimsy evidence, Patrick Armstrong, former political counselor at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow told RT’s In the Now show.

29.10.2014 15:04

‘Afghanistan was never an international terrorist hub’
The new NATO chief says the alliance’s goal to prevent Afghanistan from being a safe haven for terrorists has been accomplished. But Afghanistan has never been a terrorist hub argues defense consultant Moeen Raoff in his comments to RT.

29.10.2014 08:17

25 Brits confirmed dead in Syria, as conflict claims another UK citizen
Another Briton has been killed fighting in Syria, months after his brother died in the conflict, reports from the Press Association claim.

28.10.2014 10:56

‘Main legitimacy concern: Ukrainian parties opposed to ‘Euromaidan’ faced restrictions’
The main concern about the legitimacy of Ukrainian vote comes from restrictions on anti-Maidan parties, including a campaign against the Communist party which intimidated its constituency, Prof. Nicolai Petro from University of Rhode Island, told RT.

28.10.2014 08:12

Soldiers returning from W. Africa to be quarantined in Italy for 21 days
Soldiers and health-care workers returning from West African countries ravaged by Ebola will have different quarantine and monitoring requirements. US military members will be quarantined for 21 days, while most health-care workers will only self-monitor.

27.10.2014 21:09

‘Not survivable’ but very profitable: Contractors cash in on failed intelligence network
The capabilities of a multi-billion dollar intelligence-sharing system built for the Pentagon are questioned in a new report that raises concerns about the platform’s lackluster performance.

27.10.2014 16:01

Poland to move thousands of troops to border with Ukraine
Warsaw has decided to relocate troops from the west of the country towards its eastern border due to “the biggest security crisis since the Cold War.” It is a major realignment of the military structure, Poland’s defense minister told the AP.

27.10.2014 16:09

The tragedy of Afghanistan: UK troops withdraw, what’s left behind?
As British military forces finally leave Afghanistan after 13 years of conflict, which left 453 British troops dead and 3,000 wounded, the curtain comes down on one of the most futile, incompetent, and inglorious conflicts fought in recent history.

27.10.2014 11:16

​Kurdish, Iraqi troops up ante in fight against ISIS as US-led airstrikes continue
Iraqi and Kurdish forces have made significant gains against Islamic State militants over the weekend, aided by coalition airstrikes. Kurds managed to take the Iraqi town of Zumar, while also repelling IS attacks on the strategic Syrian town of Kobani.

26.10.2014 14:18

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