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Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let blocked Kiev troops to cross into Russia
President Putin has called on the self-defense militias in Ukraine to provide Kiev's military units blocked in the east of the country with a safe humanitarian corridor to cross into Russia.

28.08.2014 21:16

'EU to put pressure on Kiev to be more flexible as winter approaches'
The Ukraine government really needs to be more flexible, it’s time for Kiev to understand that the whole thing comes down to the nitty-gritty of direct discussions on the gas issue, political commentator Alexander Nekrassov told RT.

28.08.2014 12:58

'Insane if US starts striking Syria without working with the Assad regime'
People around President Obama, his ambassadors, politicians, the State Department, are saying they are unwilling to work with Syria, and obviously prepping the ground for airstrikes, journalist and foreign policy analyst Michael Hughes told RT.

27.08.2014 10:39

Hypersonic Advanced Weapon test fails four seconds after launch
The Pentagon was forced to terminate the testing of a hypersonic weapon on Monday only moments after liftoff, creating a setback for a program that the military hopes will someday allow for any target on Earth to be obliterated in under an hour.

26.08.2014 14:13

Sergeant shoots self at VA Fort Lee Army base
An active on-site shooter was reported at Fort Lee Army base in Virgina, forcing it into lockdown and leading the base to enact active shooter protocols. An ‘all clear’ was later issued by the base and the shooter hospitalized.

25.08.2014 13:40

Holocaust survivors pen open letter condemning Israel’s Gaza war
Over 300 survivors and descendants of the Holocaust have published an open letter condemning what they call Israel's "genocide" in Gaza.

24.08.2014 16:53

China hosts largest ever military drill with Russia, other SCO nations
China’s Inner Mongolia is hosting the biggest military drill ever held by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The training of 7,000 servicemen from five SCO member states is set to test troops’ effectiveness in fighting terrorism.

24.08.2014 05:20

Anti-govt forces ‘circle 1000s of Kiev troops, capture 2 tank battalions’ in E.Ukraine
After sustained defensive combat against Ukrainian troops in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk during August, rebels are now reporting entrapping two large groups of Kiev troops and seizing military hardware in a counteroffensive.

24.08.2014 08:15

US and UK should back Assad to defeat ISIS - senior UK MP
The US and UK must work with Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime if they are to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the chairman of Britain’s intelligence and security committee warns.

22.08.2014 10:24

Cop suspended for threatening to kill Ferguson protesters, journalists (VIDEO)
A suburban St. Louis police officer has been suspended indefinitely for threatening to kill protesters and journalists in Ferguson, Missouri while he pointed a rifle in the crowd's direction during a demonstration this week.

21.08.2014 14:07

UK PM lobbied to ramp up military spending amid deep public spending cuts
Prime Minister David Cameron should pledge to increase state spending on Britain’s armed forces for a full five years, according to a pressure group of military experts and retired commanders.

21.08.2014 08:55

‘I never saw people die before’: Injured girl shares horrors of Donetsk shelling (VIDEO)
Ukrainian army shelling has forever changed the life of a teenage girl near Donetsk. She is now lying in hospital with a shattered arm and shrapnel wounds. The teen saw several people, including children, being killed by falling bombs on the riverbank.

21.08.2014 00:21

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