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Army-2015: Russian military announces largest arms expo
The Russian army is preparing its largest ever expo this June, showcasing around 5,000 pieces of cutting edge military hardware – tanks, warships, planes and space technologies – on a 5,000-hectare display area outside Moscow.

17.04.2015 16:32

#PalestinianPrisonerDay: Protesters target G4S London HQ over Israeli ‘torture’ complicity
Protestors gathered outside the London office of G4S on Friday to highlight the private security firm’s role in incarcerating Palestinian prisoners on behalf of Israel.

17.04.2015 14:43

​Argentina sues 3 UK oil exploration firms amid Falklands/Malvinas tensions
Argentina has pressed ahead with its threat to sue three UK oil exploration firms operating in British owned waters it claims as its own, according to the country’s Falklands minister.

17.04.2015 10:51

Spice, not Ebola, kills Ft. Hood soldier
It was not Ebola that killed a US soldier self-monitoring for the disease, but “synthetic cannabinoid intoxication” from Spice, his autopsy found. He had just returned to Texas from West Africa when was found dead in the yard of an apartment complex.

16.04.2015 21:47

‘Ulterior motives behind sanctions, Ukraine crisis’
President Putin’s statement that sanctions won’t be lifted soon is justified as they are just a manifestation of a Western desire to have a geopolitical conflict with Russia, said John Laughland from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation.

16.04.2015 13:44

Russia, China, Iran: In sync
Over past decades, the pre-fabricated myth of an elusive “Iranian bomb” was never the real issue between the US and Iran; the issue was how to subdue – or “isolate” - a powerful, independent nation that refused to toe the exceptionalist line.

16.04.2015 12:38

​1,000 British soldiers given psychiatric help after consuming ‘zombie drug’ – new figures
The British military is accused of failing to protect its soldier’s mental health. Figures show nearly 1,000 have sought psychiatric treatment after being given the MoD’s budget price anti-malarial drug Lariam.

16.04.2015 08:31

​‘Why do they keep shooting?’ Violence spikes in E. Ukraine, OSCE blames Kiev forces
The latest OSCE mission report on the Ukrainian conflict has recorded a spike in violence, with monitors largely blaming Kiev. However, RT’s correspondent says the shooting pales in comparison to what locals went through before the Minsk deal.

15.04.2015 13:24

NATO military exercises in Europe - ‘dangerous show of muscles’
NATO war-games are fuelling tensions; one just need to imagine what would happen if Russia sent its planes, tanks and ships to Mexico and held exercises on the American border, Daniele Ganser, a peace researcher and NATO expert from Switzerland told RT.

15.04.2015 15:03

‘Ukrainian crisis - NATO pretext to contain and besiege Russia’
NATO exercises in Europe and its eastward expansion have nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis, which is used as a pretext to move closer to Russia’s borders in order to contain and besiege it, says international analyst Rick Rozoff.

15.04.2015 09:21

​‘UN arms embargo on Houthis not peace prescription, US should leave the region’
The UN arms embargo on Houthis in Yemen is designed not to stop war but to assign blame to those targeted by Saudi bombing, Brian Becker, from the Answer Coalition told RT. To achieve peace foreign powers should stop attacking Yemen, he added.

15.04.2015 09:24

Obama sending $200mn in humanitarian aid to Iraq as ISIS battle rages
President Barack Obama announced the US would pledge an extra $200 million in humanitarian aid to Iraq after meeting with the country’s prime minister and stating that women and children are being displaced in the battle against Islamic State forces.

14.04.2015 23:17