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Obama ‘Hope’ artist issued felony arrest warrant for street art in Detroit
​Shepard Fairey, the street artist famous for designing the 2008 Barack Obama “Hope” poster, faces felony charges for tagging private property around the city of Detroit.

25.06.2015 21:55

'Save Greece from EU prison!' Desperate debt graffiti daubed all over Athens
As thousands of Greeks stage massive rallies over the debt crisis, some take to the streets expressing themselves through vibrant contemporary street art - both politically aware and socially engaged.

24.06.2015 13:13

Proposed copyright bill could outlaw holiday snaps of EU landmarks
A proposal for a new law brought before the European Parliament could outlaw online posting of photographs that include famous tourist attractions, if they are still under copyright.

24.06.2015 12:27

Little candle in the wind: One dying orphan’s talent for loving life
Children are talented. It is an axiom. Some of the children in the orphanages we help are great in music, others win sports competitions. Letting the talent develop is one of the priorities for the teachers of the orphanages we are friends with.

21.06.2015 08:07

Ancient Romans may have had penis problem, Pompeii fresco appears to show
The men of ancient Rome may have suffered from a painful penis problem, an Italian researcher says after studying a rare, surviving 2,000-year-old fresco from Pompeii, the city that was covered with lava in the eruption of Vesuvius.

19.06.2015 08:27

French 'intolerance'? Artist outraged after 'queen's vagina' Versailles sculpture is vandalized
A controversial sculpture at the Palace of Versailles that has become known as the "queen's vagina" was sprayed with paint on Wednesday. Anish Kapoor, the artist behind it, attributed "the act of vandalism" to French "intolerance."

18.06.2015 15:45

Good art hunting: Boston library finds missing Rembrandt, Dürer worth up to $630,000
Two works of Renaissance art, believed stolen from the Boston Public Library, were found “misfiled” in the stacks. Police are still probing the disappearance of prints by Rembrandt and Dürer worth up to $630,000, while the library president has resigned.

05.06.2015 16:23

​Sotheby's puts famous Russian painting on sale despite claims it was stolen
Sotheby's auction house said it will proceed with the planned sale of the "Evening in Cairo" by the celebrated Russian seascape artist Ivan Aivazovsky. Moscow had earlier said the masterpiece was stolen from a private collection in 1997.

31.05.2015 13:48

Hope to nope: Artist behind iconic Obama poster disappointed in president
He created the 2008 “Hope” poster that helped Barack Obama become president. Seven years later, Shepard Fairey says Obama did not live up to his promise, and blames an out-of-control political system distorted by campaign finance.

28.05.2015 23:10

Iran attacks ISIS & its ‘arrogant supporters’ with caricature competition (IMAGES)
In an effort to reveal the “evil face” of ISIS and expose the atrocities committed by jihadists, Iran has launched a cartoonist contest, offering awards for the best caricatures mocking the terror group as well as “arrogant” foreign leaders supporting it.

27.05.2015 02:37

'Crucified Putin': Latvian artist nails Russian president’s effigy to cross
The statue of a crucified Russian President Vladimir Putin has appeared at an art exhibition in the center of Latvia's capital, Riga, local media report. Visitors are allowed to put nails into the installation, but not everyone is keen to do so.

15.05.2015 12:48

Picasso painting sets new auction record at $179.4mn
A Pablo Picasso painting has set a new world record for a piece of art at an auction. One fortunate bidder has spent $179mn with premium and commission to grab sole possession of Women of Algiers (Version O).

12.05.2015 00:12