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Crimean prosecutor music clip hits 3.7 mn views in three days
The internet fame of Crimea’s chief prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya, rages on. A patchy music clip made from Poklonskaya’s videos has scored millions of views on YouTube, with a celebrity opposition figure calling the attorney a "sex symbol of Russia."

18.04.2014 19:27

'She annexes your heart': Reasons why Crimea prosecutor Poklonskaya not to be messed with
The newly-created Japanese anime icon who is wanted by Ukrainian national security service, Crimea's chief prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya, says her attractive looks have never hampered her judicial practice and are, well, deceitful.

29.03.2014 13:38

German recluse agrees to return $1bn looted Nazi art collection
A German man who entirely by accident was spotted with $1 billion’s worth of Modernist and Renaissance art once looted by the Nazis, has caved in to a court decision to return the artworks to their rightful owners, or their successors.

27.03.2014 08:49

Damaging selfie: Student breaks 19th century statue in Milan while taking pic of himself
Taking funny selfies takes some imagination and creativity, but trying too hard can lead to unexpected results. Thus, in one such attempt to take a pic of himself, a student broke a 19th century statue in Italy’s Brera Academy.

19.03.2014 13:16

Iron Maiden uses piracy numbers to plan 'massive sellout' concert tours
A famous heavy metal band from the United Kingdom is using online metrics to identify fans that download its music. But the group isn’t taking the data to file a lawsuit against those fans. Instead, it’s using the information to perform concerts for them.

25.12.2013 01:13

Perfect irony: Walmart caught selling Banksy's anti-consumerist art
From Che Guevara Tees to Communist kitsch, the market has long made a buck off of selling rebellion to gullible teens. Walmart, however, took it to another level by selling knockoff prints from the prolific UK street artist Banksy.

04.12.2013 13:03

Munich art trove: Chagall, Matisse among lost or 'looted' paintings
Germany has revealed the images of 25 lost masterpieces by Chagall, Matisse and Rodin among others, suspected of being looted by the Nazis from Jewish collectors. Some 1,400 works were found in a Munich flat owned by the son of a Nazi art dealer. 

12.11.2013 11:37

‘Looted by Nazis’: Jewish group demands Germany return art trove discovered in 2011
A trove of 1,500 paintings worth over $1 billion was discovered in a Munich apartment, Germany has confirmed. Authorities who failed to report the finding for over two years are facing demands by Jewish rights groups to return the art “looted by Nazis.”

05.11.2013 00:41

Provocative art: Rebel sculptor gives Czech president the finger ahead of polls (VIDEO)
A controversial Czech artist known for his anti-communist stance has sent a very clear message to the republic’s president ahead of parliamentary polls by installing a giant purple hand with a raised middle finger on Prague’s main river.

22.10.2013 11:42

Louvre to move up to 90% artworks over historic flood fears
Timeless masterpieces from the Louvre Art Museum will be moved to a secure locations to preserve them from being damaged in the vaults by water seeping in from the River Seine.

13.09.2013 23:59

Royal treasure: Hidden portrait of 'last Tsarevich' discovered in attic
Workers restoring an 18th-century building near St. Petersburg have discovered a portrait apparently depicting Tsarevich Aleksey, the only son of Russia’s last Emperor, Nicholas II, who was executed with the rest of his family in 1918.

29.08.2013 10:41

The art of Hitler salute: German court acquits painter over Nazi gesture
A German court acquitted controversial artist Jonathan Meese for performing the outlawed Hitler salute during a performance ruling that it was a form of artistic expression.

14.08.2013 19:03

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