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‘Radical action required’: Drug-resistant malaria spreads in Asia, Africa
Drug-resistant malaria is dangerously spreading in South-East Asia, according to a recent study. “Radical action” is needed to prevent it from spreading further, the researchers say.

31.07.2014 10:22

'If it disappears': Passenger posts joke photo of flight MH17 shortly before crash
We get a closer glimpse into the tragedy of flight MH17 on seeing a young passenger’s photo of the aircraft, joking about a nightmare scenario minutes before boarding it with his girlfriend. “Should it disappear, this is what it looks like,” it read.

18.07.2014 07:44

Flights rerouted: Planes avoiding Ukraine airspace after Malaysia Airlines crash
International passenger flights are avoiding Eastern Ukrainian airspace, following the crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane in Donetsk.

17.07.2014 16:53

'US wouldn't press for EU sanctions on Russia if it had any money risked'
There is a huge risk for the EU that Russia continues its pivot process that is already seen in terms of oil and gas pipelines and general trade as Russia switched to China, South Korea and Japan, expert on global financial markets Patrick Young told RT.

16.07.2014 10:23

At least 10 killed, more than 370,000 evacuated as powerful typhoon hits Philippines (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Typhoon Rammasun, with wind gusts reaching 200 kilometers per hour (120 mph), has killed at least 10 people as it whipped across the Philippines, shutting down the capital of Manila, and forcing more than 370,000 people to leave their homes.

16.07.2014 05:22

Japanese citizen sues govt. over military expansion attempts
Tokyo has been handed a lawsuit seeking to block Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's move towards expanding the military. The case is the first of its kind and comes as the pacifist nation slides towards reinterpreting rules banning armed force.

11.07.2014 11:13

'East China Sea is world's most dangerous area now'
There are two powerful countries, China and Japan, and Japan is in a military alliance with the US, so in case of conflict between them there could be a nuclear stand-off, Conn Hallinan, a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist, told RT.

01.07.2014 10:45

'Stop war': Thousands protest in Japan over military expansion law change
Thousands gathered outside the Japanese prime minister's office to protest constitutional changes that would expand Japan's military role and allow overseas deployment. It comes one day after a man set himself on fire in protest against a proposed law.

30.06.2014 16:33

Malaysia’s ‘Allah’ verdict & the rising far right
The recent ruling by Malaysia’s highest court to restrict non-Muslims from using the word ‘Allah’ has triggered a wider national debate deepening polarization among the country’s various ethnic and religious communities.

30.06.2014 06:38

Amazing views of thunderstorms on Earth taken from space station
NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is at it again, posting another mesmerizing Vine video from space. This one, taken from the International Space Station, shows lightning flashes during a thunderstorm above Houston, Texas.

27.06.2014 22:18

'US aims to thwart Chinese Silk Road project proclaiming its Asia pivot’
A Chinese idea of creating two New Silk Roads could be a big boom for a lot of people who live along the Silk Road route, and obviously all the countries at both ends of it, China expert Ann Lee told RT.

26.06.2014 09:59

Malaysian court upholds ban on non-Muslims using ‘Allah’ to refer to God
Non-Muslims cannot use the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God, Malaysia’s highest court ruled Monday, as it overturned a bid by the Islamic state’s Christian minority, which ended a battle that lasted several years and brought about much violence.

23.06.2014 19:19

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