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S.Korean ship sinks: Hundreds feared dead in ferry boat disaster (PHOTOS)
At least six have been killed and the fate of over 280, many of whom high school students, remains unknown after a ferry capsized and sank off South Korean coast. A rescue operation is under way amid fears the death toll is likely to rise.

16.04.2014 14:57

Asia invests in infrastructure projects despite economic hurdles
While old Europe is sliding into a Cold War redux of self-destructive anti-Russian and pro-US attitudes, Asia is moving fast to consolidate and improve its business.

15.04.2014 11:59

Asian pollution fueling storms across Northern Hemisphere – study
Increasing levels of pollution in Asia are strengthening storms over the Pacific Ocean, a study has revealed. Scientists warned these changes could have a radical knock-on effect on climate systems around the world if left unchecked.

15.04.2014 04:49

​Trash & treasure: Hong Kong cops scour landfill for $3.7mn painting
Police in Hong Kong are searching through a landfill site after cleaners allegedly tossed a multi-million dollar painting in the trash. The ink-wash painting ‘Snowy Mountain’ had been auctioned off the day before for US$3.7 million.

09.04.2014 08:40

MH370 search: Aussie ocean shield detects possible black box ping
An Australian ship has detected signals that might originate from Malaysian Airlines flight 370’s black boxes, in what’s been called the "most promising lead" so far in the search for the missing plane.

07.04.2014 04:29

Crawling robo-crab seeks to revolutionize underwater exploration (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Crabster, designed to scuttle across the ocean floor and survive strong ocean currents and tides just like a real crustacean, has all the chances to be the world’s largest and most agile underwater walking robot, its project team boasts.

01.04.2014 17:36

Disappearance of MH 370 flight: The trillion dollar question to the US and its intelligence services
Malaysian media should pose critical questions to the US and its Intelligence Services and not to the Malaysian Government.

31.03.2014 11:19

Missing MH370: 300 floating objects spotted by Thai satellite
A Thai satellite has captured images showing over 300 floating objects in the southern Indian Ocean, which could be pieces of wreckage from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

27.03.2014 12:35

Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight search: 122 'potential objects' spotted by satellite
​New satellite images show more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be pieces of wreckage from a Malaysian airliner that disappeared from radar on March 8 with 239 people on board, Malaysia's acting transport minister said.

26.03.2014 10:10

Hunt begins to find black boxes for doomed Flight MH370
Now that satellite data has confirmed that the missing Malaysian airliner crashed into the Indian Ocean, the race is on to find the crucial voice and data recorders, the so-called black boxes, before a battery-powered homing device runs out.

25.03.2014 14:46

'Have you no shame?' Grief-stricken families of MH370 passengers protest in China
​Hundreds of people have gathered outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing to protest what they call two weeks of “lies and misleading information” from the Malaysian authorities after flight MH370 disappeared two weeks ago.

25.03.2014 04:21

On Beijing’s bad side: Malaysia faces political costs of MH370 disaster
​The puzzling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has seriously harmed Malaysia’s image abroad, and the government’s handling of the crisis has garnered criticism from domestic opposition parties and key ally, China.

24.03.2014 09:01

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