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Obama signs bill giving himself fast-track powers for trade deals
President Barack Obama signed a bill giving him "fast-track" powers to conduct and conclude trade legislation. The bill was approved by Congress last week after months of contentious debate and several difficult votes.

29.06.2015 18:33

First-ever robot wedding takes place in Japan (VIDEO)
The moment all of you tech geeks have been waiting for: the first ever robot wedding took place in Japan on June 27. Crowds paid $81 to witness the historic occasion.

28.06.2015 08:36

Water park ablaze: Over 520 injured in theme party fire in Taiwan (VIDEO)
More than 520 people were injured in northern Taiwan on Saturday, after fire broke out in a recreational park. The flames are suspected to have stemmed from an unknown flammable colored powder, which created an explosion after being sprayed onto a crowd.

27.06.2015 18:39

Russia reacts to sanctions with greater openness - Putin
Russia has responded to Western sanctions with greater economic freedom and openness, said President Vladimir Putin. The country’s economy hasn’t seen any deep crisis; on the contrary, it’s confidently getting through all the hardships, he added.

19.06.2015 15:45

As MERS virus spreads, is WHO doing enough?
Thailand has become the fourth Asian country to confirm a case of the deadly MERS virus, which has killed 24 people in South Korea and over 450 people total since it was first identified in humans in 2012.

19.06.2015 13:57

Agent Orange victims in Air Force Reserve now eligible for compensation
Air Force vets and reservists who were exposed to the toxic Agent Orange herbicide during and after the Vietnam War are now eligible for federal compensation for their related illnesses and disabilities, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced.

18.06.2015 19:31

Everest moving: World’s highest mountain ‘moves by an inch’ due to Nepal earthquake
The tallest peak on the planet, Mount Everest, moved three centimeters and changed direction because of the Nepal earthquake in April. The mountain moved slightly to the southwest, according to a geological survey by the Chinese government.

16.06.2015 19:10

​Asia-Pacific to leave N.America behind as world’s richest region by 2016 – study
The Asia-Pacific region has overtaken Europe in terms of global wealth management for the first time, becoming the world’s second wealthiest region with $47 trillion says a report released by BCG. It’s on the way to overtaking North America next year.

16.06.2015 12:50

​S. Korea pledges $45.2 mln to fight MERS as death toll reaches 19
The government of South Korea has authorized the use of over $45 million in reserve funds to support the nation’s struggle with an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which took three more lives on Tuesday.

16.06.2015 02:24

‘Worst crisis since WWII’: Amnesty lashes out at world leaders over 50mn refugees
A report by Amnesty International accuses world leaders of neglect as millions of refugees face “an unbearable existence,” while the world faces the “worst refugee crisis since World War Two.”

15.06.2015 15:51

​Sinabung eruption: Rumbling volcano sends more hot ash into Indonesian skies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
An Indonesian volcano, closely monitored by alarmed authorities, has unleashed a new powerful plume of smoke and ash into the air. The status of Mount Sinabung, located close to a deadly ancient volcano, was recently raised to the highest alert level.

13.06.2015 22:12

‘Horrendously tortured’: Activists resist deportation of 22 y/o Sri Lankan Tamil
Trade unionists and campaigners will hold a protest on Friday in solidarity with a young South Yorkshire man who was “horrendously tortured” in Sri Lanka. Despite this trauma, he faces possible deportation by the UK government.

11.06.2015 12:45