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​Give modern slavery victims petty crime immunity, build case against traffickers – UK govt
Offering victims of modern slavery immunity from state prosecutors so they can give evidence about exploitation will aid the fight against powerful criminal syndicates, according to a leading chief constable.

28.01.2015 12:56

Singapore latest to join currency wars, hits 2010 low
The Singaporean dollar tumbled to a 4-year low against the US dollar after the Monetary Authority unexpectedly stymied currency appreciation. The move is just the latest in the trend of weaker currencies in 2015.

28.01.2015 15:36

Anti-trade deal protesters hijack Senate TPP hearing
​Protesters opposed to a major, multi-national trade deal being negotiated in secret by a dozen countries – including the United States – hijacked a US Senate hearing early Tuesday to speak out against the proposal.

27.01.2015 16:50

Gift gaffe: UK minister accidentally hands 'death omen' to Taiwan mayor
Britain’s minister of state for transport accidentally presented the mayor of Taipei with a gift which represents an omen of impending death in Chinese culture.

27.01.2015 15:42

China vigilant as India transforms its diplomatic posture towards the US
The meeting between US President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Modi is a clear statement that India is finally shedding ambiguity from its foreign policy and making tough choices, a stance that’s putting Beijing on guard.

27.01.2015 15:48

Malaysia Airlines website ‘Hacked by Cyber Caliphate’
The website of the troubled Malaysia Airlines has sustained an attack by the Lizard Squad – a group allegedly aligning itself with ISIS. “Hacked by Cyber Caliphate” appears on the homepage underneath a picture of a well-dressed lizard in a top hat.

26.01.2015 06:49

World’s most popular banana faces eradication by deadly fungus
International concern is growing over the spread of Fusarium wilt, known as Panama disease, as there are fears it could destroy entire countries’ plantations of the Cavendish banana – the most popular and exported variety of the fruit in the world.

23.01.2015 21:01

Counter-terrorism: EU may boost intelligence sharing with Muslim countries
Despite fears of classified information leaks in the wake of new anti-terror measures, the EU foreign policy chief has called for broader sharing of intelligence data – within its borders, as well as with Arab and Asian nations.

20.01.2015 06:57

Diapers & wafers: Manila traffic cops wear nappies to patrol Pope’s record-breaking mass (VIDEO)
A lack of portable toilets forced hundreds of Philippines traffic police officers to wear adult-sized diapers while patrolling Pope Francis’ outdoor mass in the country’s capital, Manila, on Sunday.

19.01.2015 12:49

India’s 'moonwalking' traffic cop achieves cult status (VIDEO)
One Indian traffic cop’s dance moves and earnest desire to brighten up people’s day in the sweltering heat has earned him an entire following: the now iconic officer moonwalks his way through his duties, controlling traffic Michael-Jackson-style.

18.01.2015 06:15

Churches torched, 5 killed as Niger’s anti-Charlie Hebdo protest escalates
Police fired tear gas as hundreds of Niger Muslims came out to yet again protest Charlie Hebdo’s satirical cartoons targeting Islam. At least five people were killed and several Christian churches set on fire by rioting crowds throughout the day.

17.01.2015 14:34

​Dead man gaming: 32yo dies after 3-day non-stop marathon in Taiwan internet cafe
A man died after playing games in an Internet café in Taiwan for three days without a break. Doctors say it was over-exhaustion from an intense gaming binge, local media report.

17.01.2015 07:18