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3,600 years in Tibet: How our ancestors settled in the Himalayas, thanks to 1 hardy seed
Human beings first ascended “the roof of the world” – the Tibetan highlands – over 3 1/2 millennia ago by relying on hardier crops and livestock to survive 11,000 feet above sea level, a new study says.

21.11.2014 12:16

​Russian hydro power generator to sell troubled Far East asset to Asian buyer
Russia’s largest hydroelectric company RusHydro says it is looking for an Asian buyer for its share of a loss-making energy distribution business in the Far East. Media reports say Chinese company Sanxia is a likely candidate.

21.11.2014 07:11

New biomarker detects & treats cancer tumors at same time
Scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University have created a new biological marker for cancer patients that lights up tumor cells and treats disease with drugs at the same time.

20.11.2014 04:05

‘Monsanto uses Indian farmers to contaminate world with GMO crops’
By persuading Indian farmers to buy genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds Monsanto spreads its genetically engineered crops around the world so that no one can compete with pure non-GMO products after that, anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, told RT.

19.11.2014 10:30

Indonesia still performs ‘virginity tests’ on female police job applicants - HRW
Indonesia’s practice of subjecting would-be female police officers to ‘virginity tests’ is “discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence,” that has to be stopped, Human Rights Watch says.

18.11.2014 09:32

‘Okinawans sick and tired of US military presence’
Residents of Okinawa are concerned about the US military presence on the island, and the increasing crime rate linked to that, as well as the enormous impact on local wildlife, Conn Hallinan from Foreign Policy in Focus told RT.

18.11.2014 09:15

​2 US men on run after attempt to mail body parts from Bangkok
Thailand’s police forces are looking for two Americans, who attempted to post the body parts of a baby to the US from Bangkok, via the city’s DHL depot. A baby’s head, at least one foot, and some folds of skin were discovered during routine scans.

17.11.2014 12:07

140-million-yo dinosaur tooth unearthed in Malaysia
A tooth from a 140-million-year-old ‘bird-hipped’ dinosaur has been uncovered in Malaysia, researchers announced on Thursday.

13.11.2014 11:43

Play it by ear: Obama stuns Aung San Suu Kyi with kiss
President Barack Obama gave long-suffering Burmese opposition politician, Aung San Suu Kyi, a stir by greeting his much lauded Nobel Prize winning counterpart with a big kiss on the ear during a stopover visit in Myanmar.

14.11.2014 13:03

​China leads ‘historic step’ to Asia-Pacific free trade
APEC members have adopted a roadmap for an Asia-Pacific free trade zone that will eliminate trade barriers across 21 countries and could challenge US dominance in the region.

11.11.2014 11:25

Asian vector of Russian policy
The Asia-Pacific region is one of the strategic priorities in Russian foreign policy. As President Vladimir Putin stated at the APEC summit in Beijing, Russia is planning to expand its cooperation with Asian countries in many spheres.

11.11.2014 13:19

‘East Asia shifts its focus from US to China’
China has replaced the US as the largest trading partner and largest market for East Asian countries, while it is also the most important investor in the region, Martin Jacques, Author of When China Rules the World, told RT.

11.11.2014 08:02