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India on path to delivering humans to space, tests heaviest launch vehicle
India is celebrating the successful the atmospheric re-entry of its most powerful satellite launch vehicle, which could see it sending humans to space soon. With this “destiny-changing” launch, it hopes to secure a bigger share of the global space market.

18.12.2014 07:13

Go West, Young Han
November 18, 2014: it’s a day that should live forever in history.

17.12.2014 09:00

How diamond diplomacy adds sparkle to Indo-Russian ties
Direct trade between India and Russia in rough diamonds is a diplomacy gem which was a Russian initiative buttressed by some quick decision-making by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

16.12.2014 10:33

McDonald's in Japan forced to serve small fries as US ports dispute hits supplies
Japan is facing a McDonald’s French-fry shortage and can only afford to serve its customers small portions, because of a protracted union standoff at US West Coast ports. Rerouting shipments isn’t helping, Japan’s McDonald’s officials say.

16.12.2014 07:30

​US marine accused of killing Filipino transgender will face murder charge
A US marine accused of killing a Filipino transgender woman will face a murder charge. The crime is putting the local government under pressure to review its security cooperation agreement with the US, amid growing regional tensions with China.

15.12.2014 10:37

​Revitalized Turkey drifts away from Europe and towards Eurasia
Along with Russia, Turkey lies at the confluence between Europe and Asia. A peripheral European power, like Russia, it is following Moscow's lead and also looking east.

14.12.2014 00:38

Hundreds of Japanese protest ‘unclear’ whistleblower law
Demonstrators flooded Tokyo’s streets over a just-activated secrecy law set to threaten the disclosure of government wrongdoings, as well as limit press freedom. The government hopes the added safeguards will lead to intelligence-sharing with the US.

10.12.2014 09:06

‘Chinese economy grows, European decreases’
Selling off half of Toulouse Airport to the Chinese to make a short-term profit shows that the Chinese economy is getting stronger, and European economies are becoming weaker, Pierre Guerlain, of the Paris West University Nanterre La Defense told RT.

08.12.2014 10:24

Uber banned in Indian capital after taxi driver accused of raping passenger
The taxi service Uber has been banned in New Delhi, after a woman was allegedly raped by a driver with the taxi-booking service. The company is in hot water for hiring a person arrested for sexual assault three years ago.

08.12.2014 10:20

Thousands march in Manila against military accord with ‘imperialist’ US
Thousands of anti-war protesters marched in the Philippine capital calling for an end to close military ties between “warmongering” Washington and Manila. They also accused Filipino President Benigno Aquino III of being a “US puppet.”

01.12.2014 11:03

Malaysia excluded from MH17 probe – for 'not pointing fingers at Russia'?
The country that owned the shot down MH17 jet, which was carrying a number of Malaysian citizens and was flown by a Malaysian crew, has been excluded from the criminal investigation due to its political neutrality, the nation's media reported.

28.11.2014 13:13

Flying robots to work as waiters in Singapore
Flying robotic waiters, known as Infinium-Serve, will be launched in a Singapore restaurant chain by the end of 2015, local media reported on Thursday.

27.11.2014 20:43