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‘US annexed the whole world through global spying' – Assange
The media has been overwhelmed by talk of Crimea joining Russia, but all are ignoring the fact that the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance, principally the US, has annexed the whole world through their spying, said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

06.04.2014 20:04

Snowden, Assange and Greenwald scheduled to address Texas tech conference from abroad
Three of the top presenters scheduled to speak at a technology conference in Texas next week will deliver their remarks remotely due to leak investigations that have left them all unable or unwilling to come to the United States.

05.03.2014 15:21

Prosecutors: Barrett Brown and Anonymous ‘secretly plotted the overthrow of the government’
Has the hacktivist group Anonymous been secretly plotting to overthrow the United States government? Federal prosecutors seem to think so, but attorneys for a Texas man on trial for alleged computer crimes say such isn’t the case.

26.02.2014 18:13

UK shells out over $8mn to monitor Julian Assange
The UK has spent over $8 million on monitoring the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Julian Assange has been holed up for 20 months. His stay is having a knock-on effect on British taxpayers, reportedly costing them over $16,000 a day.

26.02.2014 04:44

‘Reckless & unlawful’: Assange calls for probe into NSA ‘manhunt’ on WikiLeaks
Julian Assange has called on the White House to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate NSA spying on WikiLeaks. Secret documents have revealed how the NSA spied on WikiLeaks and its followers, seeking to classify it as “a malicious foreign actor.”

18.02.2014 07:25

Sealed files reveal US hunt for WikiLeaks associates
​On the eve of the anniversary of one of WikiLeaks’ biggest releases, previously unseen documents pertaining to the United States government’s secretive investigation into the group and its American associates have been unearthed.

17.02.2014 17:28

Appelbaum: ‘Scary’ NSA will spy on you – every which way they can
Security researcher Jacob Appelbaum revealed what he calls “wrist-slitting depressing” details about the National Security Agency’s spy programs at a computer conference in Germany on Monday where he presented previously unpublished NSA files.

30.12.2013 16:09

US will cling to mass surveillance like nuclear weapons - Assange to RT
Julian Assange said there is “no hope” that mass strategic interception – as it is termed by the US – will go away. The whistleblower then drew a historical analogy with how the US has retained nuclear weapons in the past.

29.12.2013 18:16

Mediastan: WikiLeaks 'Road Movie'
What would a former Gitmo detainee, a journalist in a small central Asian newspaper and an editor of a big Western publication have in common? They are provided with documents from WikiLeaks about politics in the region, but what will they do with them?

19.12.2013 15:38

Pirate Bay founder kept as ‘political prisoner’ in solitary
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has slammed Sweden over Gottfrid Svartholm’s case. Since his transfer to a Danish prison, the Pirate Bay founder has been kept in solitary confinement and denied access to mail and reading material.

13.12.2013 12:49

No charges ever pressed: Assange marks three years of UK detention
WikiLeaks founder and journalist, Julian Assange, has marked the third year spent in detention in UK under constant threat of extradition to Sweden.

07.12.2013 19:38

'Going to be one hell of a decade’ – Manning to Wikileaks in private online chat in 2010
Buried deep inside a bulging US Army dossier relating to Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning’s court martial are 13 pages of online chat between Manning and a Wikileaks contact believed to be Julian Assange.

06.12.2013 11:45

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