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Mental health care severely underfunded
Depression and anxiety care is woefully underfunded in parts of the UK it has been revealed, as many regional health providers were found to spend a fraction of their budget on treating these serious illnesses.

25.07.2014 11:16

Child sex abuse surge sees police overstretched
A surge in the number of alleged rapes and sexual assaults against children is stretching the Metropolitan Police to its limits, a London Assembly report found.

24.07.2014 10:34

UK student loans system near collapse
Inaccurate debt forecasting and a failure to collect student loans threaten the financial collapse of the UK’s student loans system; claim a group of MPs in a damning report.

22.07.2014 12:43

UK Families living on ‘knife edge’, homeless charity says
​Welfare cuts and pressures on household budgets is driving people to the brink of homelessness, a leading UK charity has warned.

22.07.2014 10:16

​UK salaries lag inflation despite employment recovery, report shows
Employment in the UK has returned to ‘pre-crash’ levels while wages remain low and their growth behind inflation, according to newly published official figures.

16.07.2014 13:55

​‘No way out for Greece while the same policies of austerity are implemented’
Greece has become a social experiment for the implementation of the most extreme neo-liberalism aimed at not contaminating the eurozone during the first period of the crisis, with the same policies being followed now, Greek MEP George Katrougalos told RT.

15.07.2014 13:05

Recession hits youth hardest - report
​Young Britons were struck far harder by the recession than older generations and have found it more difficult to secure work and housing, a report has found.

15.07.2014 10:57

British executive salaries surpass average worker's ‘over 160 times’
As income inequality in the UK continues to rise, executive paychecks are a startling 162 times higher than the salaries of average British workers, according to research conducted by a British think-tank.

14.07.2014 18:58

Cameron announces £1.1bn investment in defense spending
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to unveil an increase of £1.1 billion in defense spending, to fight “unseen enemies” including cyberattacks and terrorism.

14.07.2014 12:26

UK unemployment down, but wages fall behind inflation
A steady growth in the UK jobs market has not yet translated into a lower cost of living, while wages are failing to keep pace with prices, new figures indicate.

14.07.2014 10:42

#J10: Massive nationwide strike strangles UK public services
Up to 2 million public sector workers participated in strike action on Thursday in a massive coordinated action against ‘poverty pay’, attacks on pensions, heavy workloads and workplace safety.

10.07.2014 13:54

Up to 2 mn workers stage public sector #J10 strike
An estimated 1.5 mn public sector workers have walked out forcing schools and offices to close during a massive coordinated strike against ‘poverty pay'. It is believed to be the biggest since the 1926 General Strike.

10.07.2014 08:16

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