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​Fighting blind: British forces could buy substandard kit thanks to poor procurement data
The next UK government could be taking on huge risks when equipping the British military because accurate data simply is not available, according to a report by King’s College London.

27.04.2015 13:19

EU hawks and eurocrats fear weak British government after general election
The ferocity of Britain’s general election race is beginning to phase Britain's European allies who are fearful it will result in a weak government, paving the way for the UK's exit from the EU.

27.04.2015 08:44

​HSBC threatens to leave Britain after mild banking reforms
Global banking giant HSBC says it could move its headquarters out of the UK in the wake of regulatory and structural reforms put in place after the 2008 financial crisis.

24.04.2015 14:57

​Anti-austerity occupiers to be ejected from Manchester Albert Square
Homelessness and anti-austerity campaigners who have formed a protest camp outside the city council chambers in Manchester’s Albert Square could be gone within hours after losing a court battle to remain.

24.04.2015 13:07

Heat or eat? Fuel bank scheme to assist families crippled by poverty
Poverty-stricken families who face the dilemma of whether to heat their homes or go hungry will be given free fuel vouchers under a new pilot scheme so they can afford to meet soaring energy bills in a climate of ongoing austerity.

24.04.2015 11:26

£30bn black hole in Tory spending plans, tax think tank reveals
Chancellor George Osborne is facing a £30 billion black hole in his budgetary plans if he is to honor the Conservative Party’s general election pledges and still meet the party’s deficit-slashing targets by 2020, the Institute for Fiscal Studies warns.

23.04.2015 13:26

Austerity has damaging psychological effect – something UK politicians should take note of
With only weeks to go before the general election in the UK, a statement by some of the UK's leading mental health experts has warned that austerity policies are having a seriously damaging effect on the psychological well-being of ordinary people.

23.04.2015 15:09

​Having nun of it: Growing numbers of British women take up habit
The number of women becoming nuns has trebled in the last five years as more and more opt for a religious lifestyle.

23.04.2015 14:11

‘Goldman advising on the economy like Dracula on running a blood bank’ – UK economist
Goldman Sachs’ claim that a Labour victory in the general election would impact negatively on Britain’s economy has been dismissed by leading British economists, who say the Wall Street giant’s outlook is laughable and colored by self-interest.

22.04.2015 11:57

​‘Most dangerous woman in Britain’: Establishment press attack SNP’s Sturgeon
Right wing commentators and newspapers have taken to using dirty tactics to challenge the seemingly endless rise of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

21.04.2015 13:08

SNP manifesto: End austerity, build a new progressive politics for 21st century Britain
The Scottish National Party (SNP) outlined a series of policy alternatives to austerity, harsh welfare reforms and Britain’s foreign policies, as it unveiled its general election manifesto on Monday.

20.04.2015 10:59

No walls to save eurozone from ‘Greece amputation’ domino effect – Varoufakis
Those in the EU who want Greece to leave the eurozone are playing with fire, country’s Finance Minister said, claiming that no “fence” could possibly exist that would protect the union from a domino effect should Greece or any other member leave.

20.04.2015 03:47