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EU to Greece: ‘No question of cancelling debt’
The EU is not going to write off the external debt of Greece, as the country should abide by the previous commitments to its international lenders, said the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

29.01.2015 13:33

Bank of England chief 'delusional' to claim UK escaped debt trap - economist
Mark Carney’s claim that Britain has escaped a “debt trap” common to Eurozone states has been dismissed by UK economist Michael Burke as “delusional.” Burke says Britain's debt has merely been transferred from private firms to UK homeowners.

29.01.2015 12:48

Military must ‘sweat buildings & land’ in asset sell-off – UK defense secretary
Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) must sell off more airfields, barracks and vehicles in order to cut costs, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon will say on Wednesday.

28.01.2015 09:15

​UK govt ‘gags & intimidates’ charities that criticize austerity policies
British charities say they have been targeted in a “subtle” yet “menacing” fashion by prominent political figures for publicly criticizing the coalition’s austerity policies. Others are silenced by gagging clauses in government contracts.

27.01.2015 14:12

New Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis steps in with looming multibillion-euro debt
There will be tough talking ahead for the new Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. He’ll have to enact the newly-elected government’s pledge to end the austerity measures and writing off a large part of the country’s debt.

27.01.2015 11:10

‘New Greek PM makes promises but no one wants to pay for them’
The new Greek government is making its own policy promises and it can’t simply demand a check from European countries to pay for its debts, Beatrix von Storch, MEP from the Alternative for Germany party, told RT.

27.01.2015 11:35

‘If they can do it in Greece, we can do it here!’ British left stage Greek embassy demo
Following Syriza’s Greek election triumph, left-wing campaigners from Britain’s Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) held a celebration and solidarity demonstration at the Greek embassy in London.

26.01.2015 15:09

Syriza triumphs: Cameron defends austerity, British left say ‘hope has won’
Syriza's Greek election victory has dealt a blow to Eurocrats’ austerity agenda. As the European left celebrated the party's triumph, UK Prime Minister David Cameron warned the result will prompt further “economic uncertainty” in Europe.

26.01.2015 09:18

‘€12bn black hole in Greece: Where Syriza will get money from?’
The mew Greek Syriza government has failed to explain where it will get the money from to end the austerity policy, as it is impossible to wave a magic wand overnight and fix the problems easily, economist Nick Skrekas told RT.

26.01.2015 09:05

EU’s bailout program for Greece ‘dead’ – Syriza economist
The bailout program, which the outgoing Greek government signed with the EU, is dead and will be renegotiated, Yiannis Milios, chief economy policy maker at the leftist anti-austerity party Syriza said after it won the country’s parliamentary election.

25.01.2015 20:59

Greece elections: Merkel has lost, hope has won
Syriza’s landslide victory in this weekend’s Greek elections has immediately been called a ‘political earthquake’. It’s more accurate to say that Greek voters have gatecrashed the Euro elites’ party and let off a grenade.

25.01.2015 22:24

Greece’s anti-austerity Syriza party officially wins parliamentary elections
Greece’s radical leftist party, Syriza, is leading the country’s parliamentary election, claiming 36 percent of the vote, and leaving the ruling New Democracy party in second place with 28 percent, according to the preliminary results.

25.01.2015 17:06