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#OccupyDemocracy: Protesters hold Parliament Square despite arrests
Police have arrested up to 40 people in the course of weeklong Occupy Democracy protests outside the UK Parliament. Activists had originally set out to resist government austerity, poverty and inequality.

24.10.2014 07:22

Slim chance: UK health service to dish out cash, prizes for weight loss
The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will encourage Britons to lose weight by offering them gift vouchers and cash incentives, under a new plan to reduce the financial burden of obesity on the health system.

23.10.2014 14:37

#TarpaulinRevolution: London police storm Parliament Square occupation
Police arrested one man and others were injured after hundreds of officers applied force in attempts to evict Occupy Democracy protesters from Parliament Square on Sunday night.

20.10.2014 09:01

‘Widely exaggerated’: Climate skeptic MP blasts UK emissions target
Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will claim in a speech on Wednesday that maintaining the current climate goals for 2050 will “fail to keep the lights on” in Britain.

15.10.2014 15:06

‘Getting away from sanctions is the only way to stop EU economic downturn’
The EU economy wasn’t doing well but sanctions against Russia have worsened it even more, with Germany seeing a decrease in industrial output and exports by 5 percent, which is not a simple downturn but a collapse, economic analyst Michael Mross told RT.

15.10.2014 13:02

24-hr public strike grips UK – 200,000 protest pay freeze
Striking public sector workers have caused widespread disruption to UK services including museums, courts and job centers, as a 24-hour national walk-out grips the nation.

15.10.2014 09:07

Lobbying laws: Charities ordered to monitor employee’s social media
Charities must record when their employees use social media to campaign or comment on political issues, the Electoral Commission has said, adding that it would monitor social media activity to confirm posts comply with lobbying laws.

15.10.2014 08:26

Tories up in arms over foreign aid hikes, demand greater defense spending
As the government of Prime Minister David Cameron looks to increase foreign aid spending, backbench Tory rebels say they will respond by demanding an increase in defense spending to two percent of national GDP.

14.10.2014 13:42

Tens of thousands of NHS workers stage historic pay strike
Thousands of NHS workers, including ambulance staff, midwives and nurses staged a four-hour walkout on Monday morning. The action was the first strike over pay and conditions by NHS staff in 32 years.

13.10.2014 08:57

Bankocalypse drill: US and UK to run ‘too big to fail’ collapse simulation
The US and UK will stage a comprehensive simulation next week check whether the countries’ financial and banking sectors are still vulnerable to the problem of the ‘too big to fail’ institutions and coordinate their actions in case of such collapse.

11.10.2014 02:31

What a waste! German watchdog slams weird ventures funded by taxpayers
A saltwater fish farm some 600 km from the sea, renovated thermal baths in the red and seven bridges over a 1.5 km long river – these are just some of the controversial German local government projects, costing millions to the taxpayers.

09.10.2014 17:31

‘Germany loses its position as EU economic power house’
With current forecasts Germany can’t keep up the rates of economic bailout and credit support that it has previously given to South European countries, the director of the Freedom Association in the UK Rory Broomfield told RT.

09.10.2014 08:22

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