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Nuclear warning: Scotland’s radioactive emergency response under threat
​Scotland could become unable to respond quickly to nuclear emergencies if staff cuts go ahead at a radiation monitoring station, a source claims.

18.12.2014 17:49

Forgotten ones: 50,000+ young people jobless and undocumented by UK govt
Over 50,000 young Britons aged between 16 and 18 are devoid of education, employment or training, and are undocumented by local authorities. They are effectively being failed by the state, a new report reveals.

18.12.2014 09:38

Hundreds of UK children sleep on streets and in drug dens – local govt slammed
Glaring failures by local authorities to protect vulnerable children and teenagers have reduced them to sleeping rough on British streets, night buses, in police stations, and in drug dens. Many are thought to be at high risk of abuse.

16.12.2014 12:52

Anti-austerity coalition? SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru consider pact
The Scottish National Party (SNP), Green Party and Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru have vowed to join forces whenever possible to fight the mainstream parties’ ‘obsession’ with austerity.

16.12.2014 15:10

Nuclear ultimatum: Scottish National Party challenges Labour on Trident
The Scottish National Party (SNP) will only support a Labour government in a hung parliament after the May 2015 general election if they agree to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons program, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said.

16.12.2014 13:05

Belgium paralyzed in biggest transport strike in years
Belgium has been brought to a standstill, as air, rail and ferry workers nationwide embarked on their biggest strike in years. The 24-hour walkout over the government’s austerity policies is set to ground 600 flights into and out of the country.

15.12.2014 12:24

Ebola stymies Xmas: Sierra Leone bans festive celebrations
Sierra Leone has banned any public celebrations of Christmas and the New Year over the spread of the Ebola virus that has affected thousands of the population. The military will strictly monitor the ban.

12.12.2014 17:43

Poverty-stricken neighborhoods almost triple in US
Contrary to the perception in the media, poverty – not gentrification – is booming in US neighborhoods. When such conditions double or triple, areas quickly fall into disrepair, services are cut, and crime escalates, according to a new report.

11.12.2014 02:50

Austerity tax: Tens of thousands protest against 'regressive' Irish govt water charges
An estimated one hundred thousand people took to the streets of Dublin on Wednesday in protest against the Irish government's planned water charges. Campaigners maintain they are a “regressive” austerity tax that many Irish citizens can't afford to pay.

10.12.2014 12:45

'Shut your trap, Merkel!' French MEP slams German Chancellor over call for more cuts
Just as Angela Merkel finished reminding France and Italy (again) that they weren’t making enough progress on tightening their budgets, a left-wing French politician reacted with a tweet, reading: ‘Shut your trap, Frau Merkel! France is free.’

09.12.2014 10:38

‘A price that works for our country’: Osborne spurns warnings, backs further austerity
Chancellor George Osborne has reaffirmed his support for the government’s austerity policies, calling them a “price that works for our country.”

08.12.2014 16:00

Archbishop of Canterbury: Food poverty in UK ‘more shocking’ than Africa
The senior bishop of the Anglican Church, Justin Welby, has called for a radical overhaul of the country’s welfare system, to ensure that the ‘hunger that stalks large parts of our country’ is eliminated.

07.12.2014 18:22