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Japan to join US-Aussie military drills in July
Japan will join US and Australian troops in trilateral military drills for the first time as the three states are seeking to boost ties in the region where tensions over the disputed South China Sea region rumble on.

26.05.2015 11:32

​Australia's opposition urges conscience vote on gay marriage following Irish referendum
The leader of Australia's Labor Party will put forward a bill on same-sex marriage next week, urging the government to hold a conscience vote. National debate has been renewed following Ireland's historic referendum last Friday.

26.05.2015 13:03

Australian woman abandons kids to live with ISIS
It’s not only young people with nothing to lose, who abandon home to join the Islamic State: an Australian woman has abandoned her children to travel to Syria and live under ISIS. She has become one of more than 100 Australians to do so.

26.05.2015 05:50

US & Israel inequality champions of developed world – OECD
Inequality in the developed world is the sharpest in 30 years, a recent OECD research reveals. Yet even in this context, two countries stand out in the disparity between rich and poor: the USA and Israel.

21.05.2015 19:41

Australia to revoke citizenship of home grown jihadists
Australia is pushing ahead with plans to withdraw citizenship of Australia-born children of immigrants who join the Islamic State, immigration minister Peter Dutton said Thursday.

21.05.2015 20:40

Malware masterplan: NSA targeted Google & Samsung app stores to harvest data
The NSA and its spying partners wanted to hack into smartphones via Google and Samsung App stores and infect them with spyware. The revelations came from a top secret document released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

21.05.2015 15:02

Challenging beauty myth: Aussie Down syndrome teen inspires army of online fans
Maddy Stuart, a Brisbane girl with Down syndrome, has taken social media by storm, with thousands of fans worldwide praising her for her zeal to become a model and inspire other teens like herself to challenge stereotypes and notions of beauty.

20.05.2015 06:10

Australia’s Dumbest Criminal: Police mock failed gas station robbery (VIDEO)
A thief in Australia looking to steal an ATM from a gas station came away empty-handed after the robbery didn’t quite go according to plan. Police from the state of Queensland posted a video showing criminal’s misadventure – adding a theme tune.

15.05.2015 06:51

US official ‘misspoke’ about sending B-1 bombers to Australia amid S. China Sea dispute
Amid rising tensions with Beijing in the South China Sea, the US plans to station “B-1 bombers and surveillance aircraft” in Australia, a Pentagon official told Senate committee. However, the DoD assured Australia that their representative “misspoke.”

14.05.2015 16:45

Highest minimum wage in Australia - OECD
Australia has the highest minimum wage in the developed world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its after-tax rate of $9.54 per hour is followed by Luxembourg with $9.24 and Belgium with $8.57.

14.05.2015 13:26

PNG peeved at ex-colonial ruler Australia’s diplomatic outpost plans
Australia plans to open a diplomatic mission on Bougainville Island, currently a territory of Papua New Guinea and soon to hold an independence referendum. The island, with vast deposits of copper ore, was an Australian colony until 1975.

14.05.2015 11:36

Pro-ISIS hackers threaten US, Europe, Australia with 'electronic war'
A hacker group claiming Islamic State affiliation has released a video threatening “electronic war” against the US, Europe, and Australia. They say they’ve already hacked sites belonging to “American leadership," an Australian airport, and “others.”

13.05.2015 11:14