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Bahraini regime silences international community, media - activist
The UK authorities are conducting an investigation into a world-renowned Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab and his family and have seized their passports immediately after he entered UK after spending 2 years in a Bahraini prison, Rajab told RT.

01.08.2014 03:55

​Bahrain charges Shia opposition leader over meeting with US diplomat
Bahrain’s most senior opposition leader and his top aide have been charged with violating the country’s law on foreign contacts after meeting with a US diplomat earlier this week.

11.07.2014 00:25

Bahrain expels top US diplomat after meeting with main opposition group
Bahrain’s Sunni government has expelled a top US diplomat citing interference in the country’s internal affairs following his meeting with the main opposition Shia group.

07.07.2014 22:35

‘Don’t take photos’: HRW slams Bahrain for targeting photogs over protests coverage
​The Human Rights Watch has slammed Bahrain authorities for targeting photographers who cover anti-government protests. At least 25 cameramen have been held up in the country since 2011, with 4 award-winning correspondents still charged or in jail.

21.06.2014 16:09

Bahrain's human rights abuses worse than ever – HRW report
A damning report on Bahrain’s justice system was released by Human Rights Watch, detailing its selective application, broken promises and a further descent into savage violence by the security state in the three years since the country’s own Arab Spring.

29.05.2014 05:48

Tortured & silenced: Bahrain activist still intent on bringing greater freedoms
One of Bahrain’s most prominent human rights activists has been released from prison after two years. Nabeel Rajab spoke exclusively to RT about his experiences, saying he was “held in dire conditions and subjected to abuse.”

26.05.2014 12:18

​Bahrain releases leading anti-govt activist Nabeel Rajab after two years in jail
Key human rights activist Nabeel Rajab has been released in Bahrain, after spending two years in jail for taking part in mass protests that have rocked the Gulf state since 2011.

25.05.2014 01:53

Bahraini prince accused of torture may lose immunity in UK
A Bahraini royal family member might be stripped of his diplomatic immunity in the UK after an opposition protester, who accuses him of involvement in torture, has been given permission to challenge his immunity from prosecution.

13.05.2014 16:19

‘US in panic because of its waning power’
Political and economic power is draining away from the US, while other states make bilateral agreements like the investment deal between Bahrain and Russia, which makes the US extremely worried, Professor of Binary Economics Rodney Shakespeare told RT.

02.05.2014 09:33

Bahrain hands down life sentences to 8 activists over policeman’s killing
Bahrain's Supreme Criminal Court has sentenced eight pro-democracy activists to life in prison after they were convicted of carrying out a November bomb attack which left one policeman dead.

27.04.2014 14:37

Thousands gather for pro-democracy march in Bahrain ahead of F1 race
Around 20,000 mainly Shia protesters marched in Bahrain calling for democratic reforms in the Sunni-ruled kingdom, Reuters reported. The peaceful demonstration took place west of the country's capital on Friday, two days ahead of the annual F1 race.

04.04.2014 22:43

13 Bahrainis, teens among them, get life sentences for protest
Thirteen Bahrainis, some of them teenagers, were jailed for life, after they were found guilty of trying to kill policemen by attacking their vehicle and of taking part in an illegal protest, according to their lawyer.

31.03.2014 10:55

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