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​‘I could be arrested any moment’ – Bahraini opposition activist Nabeel Rajab to RT
Nabeel Rajab says he fears arrest after receiving a new summons from the police. In an interview with RT, the prominent activist reveals his concerns about the opposition may be silenced in the Gulf Kingdom.

27.02.2015 16:13

Strike of Defiance: Tear gas floods Bahrain as protests mark 2011 uprising (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Bahraini police fired tear gas at hundreds of Shia protesters who took to the streets on Saturday, on the fourth anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising, supporting the opposition, whose leader is currently behind bars.

14.02.2015 11:25

Bahrain suspends 'independent' news network for 'failing to fight terrorism'
Bahrain has justified shutting down a new pan-Arabic news channel, saying it had no license and gave a voice to terrorists. Al-Arab was taken off the air last week after it broadcast an interview with an opposition politician hours after its launch.

09.02.2015 18:43

​Gulf States accuse Yemen Houthis of staging coup
The Sunni Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), made up of oil-rich Persian Gulf countries, has blasted the Shiite Houthi rebels for “staging a coup” in Yemen after they announced on Friday they were dissolving parliament and forming a new government.

07.02.2015 21:13

Pregnant activist crashes glitzy arms industry dinner, urges guests ‘consider career change’
A pregnant political activist entered a glitzy arms industry dinner in Westminster, commandeered a microphone and warned assembled arms dealers and MPs that making profit “causing death and destruction around the world” is unacceptable.

05.02.2015 15:19

‘Bahrain not ready for freedom of expression’
The shutdown of the Al-Arab channel in Bahrain shows the country is not ready to have any type of freedom of speech, neither for the government opposition, nor for the local media, Jawad Fairooz, a former member of Bahrain’s parliament told RT.

04.02.2015 09:45

​Bahrain gags newly-opened TV channel after opposition figure interview
A TV channel funded by a Saudi prince was shut down by Bahraini authorities a day after its launch. The broadcast stopped after the channel gave airtime to an aid to an opposition leader, who is currently under arrest for criticizing the government.

03.02.2015 13:34

US 'routinely' violates judicial rights, fails to punish torture - HRW
US state and local officials should reconsider racial discrimination and police abuse, which triggered public outrage and demonstrations internationally, Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2015, which monitors the situation in over 90 nations.

29.01.2015 12:47

West’s tributes to late Saudi King reveal hypocrisy not democracy
Hypocrisy is not usually regarded as a virtue of leadership, yet judging by the gushing tributes paid to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah by various Western governments and establishment figures on his death, there are those who believe it should be.

26.01.2015 13:01

'Not acceptable': Nabeel Rajab slams US media head for listing RT with terror groups
Whether you agree with RT or not, it is “not acceptable” to equate the channel with terror groups, prominent Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab said, referring to a statement by Andrew Lack, who has listed RT as a challenge along with ISIS and Boko Haram.

23.01.2015 18:00

Bahrain sentences leading activist Nabeel Rajab for tweet
Prominent Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab has been sentenced to six months in prison for a tweet posted last year, which was considered insulting to the Gulf Kingdom’s Ministries of Interior and Defense.

20.01.2015 18:45

‘Bahraini opposition pays heavy price for boycotting elections’
Bahraini opposition leaders are suffering not only for boycotting last year elections but also for struggling for democratic rights and freedoms, Sayed Yousif Almuhafda, Vice President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights, told RT.

15.01.2015 11:12