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Baltic states

Russian prosecutor general receives MP request to review recognition of Baltic States
The office of Russia’s Prosecutor General has received a request by two members of the State Duma to review the 1991 decision made by the Soviet Union to recognize the independence of the Baltic States.

30.06.2015 15:55

NATO vs Russia: ‘US tries to create enemy out of nothing’
The Ukrainian crisis is about Ukraine, but not about Central or Western Europe, says Jonathan Steele, Guardian international affairs columnist. But NATO needs to justify its existence and sell arms, that’s why a demonization of Russia is taking place.

23.06.2015 11:27

NATO conducting biggest beef up of defenses since Cold War – alliance chief
NATO is implementing “the biggest reinforcement” of defense since Cold War times, said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, adding that the alliance is facing challenges from “the behavior of a more assertive” Russia.

18.06.2015 14:33

US pursues 'strategy of chaos' in Europe and Asia
The US wants to dominate not only Europe but also Russia, as it is the most valuable territory - the land bridge between Europe and Asia, author and historian Gerald Horne told RT.

17.06.2015 08:33

European court blames website for hosting offensive comments in ‘shock’ decision
Free speech activists were dismayed after the European Court of Human Rights said that the Estonian justice system was right to fine a news website for user-generated hate comments under an article. The decision is feared to have wide repercussions.

17.06.2015 05:26

‘Russia and US far too powerful, cooperation has to be possible’
Neither Russia, nor the US are determined to have a conflict, but there are ‘hotheads and fanatics’ which would like to see tension on both sides, and that has to be avoided, Jeffrey Sommers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee told RT’s In the Now.

16.06.2015 10:44

Lithuania army website hack hoax reveals 'NATO plans to annex Russia's Kaliningrad’
NATO wanted to annex Russia's Kaliningrad on Thursday morning! According to a message posted on the Lithuanian armed forces website in what was described by Lithuanian officials as a hacker attack. An investigation has been launched.

11.06.2015 10:56

49 NATO vessels, 5,600 troops gear up for major US-led drills in Baltics
Around 50 vessels from 17 countries, involving overall 5,600 troops, will be taking part in US-led exercise BALTOPS in the Baltic Sea starting June 5. In 15 days, NATO allies will show their eagerness and ability to protect the region.

04.06.2015 15:46

Chance to bridge European divide missed at Eastern Partnership summit – Moscow
Some European countries have once again failed to mend the deepening split on the continent, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, commenting on the Riga summit results. Instead, a furthering of east-west divisions prevailed, Moscow believes.

22.05.2015 20:15

‘No promises’ on EU membership for Eastern states at Riga summit
The EU is not ready to welcome its eastern non-member partners, including Ukraine, according to a leaked draft resolution ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned EU leaders not to make false promises.

22.05.2015 04:10

Re-engagement between Russia and NATO in everyone’s interest
The end of the Cold War provided unprecedented opportunities to overcome divisions in Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia extensively contributed to building a peaceful, secure and stable Euro-Atlantic area.

21.05.2015 04:59

Russia unimpressed with NATO’s ‘We are the War’ performance
Let’s consider for a moment what the response would be from Washington if Russia announced the start of international war games near American borders. Impossible you say? Yet that is almost exactly what the Pentagon has announced near Russia.

20.05.2015 13:43