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Baltic states

NATO trace found behind witch-hunt website in Ukraine
A controversial Ukrainian website publishing personal information about ‘enemies of the state’ appears to have been run by a NATO cyber center in one of the Baltic states. The website went offline on Saturday following public pressure.

26.04.2015 10:31

The EU-Gazprom war
The European Commission (EC) is slapping anti-trust charges against Russia’s Gazprom under the pretext the energy giant is blocking competition in Central and Eastern Europe.

22.04.2015 11:43

US recon aircraft intercepted by Russian fighter jet over Baltic - Pentagon
An American RC-135U reconnaissance aircraft was buzzed by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet over the Baltic Sea near Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, according to the Pentagon, which accused the Russian pilot of coming dangerously close to the US aircraft.

11.04.2015 05:42

‘United front to stop fascists’: WWII veterans in plea to prevent ‘rewriting of history’
A Second World War veteran’s forum in Slovenia has called on the world to prevent the spread of a “cancer” that is attempting to rewrite history and to revive fascism.

10.04.2015 20:45

Top MP calls for sanctions against Latvia over minister’s anti-Russian tweet
The State Duma foreign relations chief says that politicians must feel the consequences of their irresponsible statements after Latvian Foreign Minister compared Russian Federation to the German Reich in an Internet post.

07.04.2015 07:26

‘Unprecedented & dangerous step’: Russia slams NATO troop build-up
Russia has hit out at an ‘unprecedented’ NATO military build-up along its eastern border. A military spokesman says this clearly violates a Russia-NATO treaty, which forbids the alliance from permanently stationing troops in the Baltic States.

02.04.2015 16:07

Putin spokesman slams Times 'demonizing' Russia over perceived nuclear threat
Russia never threatened to use nuclear weapons over Crimea and the Baltic States, according to Vladimir Putin’s press secretary. The Kremlin official added the claims were simply 'hysteria' and a 'classic example' of the West’s demonization of Russia.

02.04.2015 11:59

‘Army go, home!’: US military convoy confronted by more protests returning to German base
A US military convoy has completed its grand tour across Eastern Europe with over a hundred armored vehicles greeted by anti-war protesters at the gates of their base in the German city of Vilseck.

01.04.2015 20:21

Russia warns NATO drills a ‘problem’ as US attack planes buzz Poland
Four US A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes are taking part in war games in Poland, as the nation expects about 10,000 NATO forces at drills this year. Moscow says the military build-up at Russia’s borders will have a negative long-term impact.

26.03.2015 14:02

Swedish jets track 4 Russian planes over Baltic Sea
Swedish military says its fighter jets detected four Russian planes in the international airspace over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday.

24.03.2015 14:03

​‘Tanks? No thanks!’: Czechs unhappy about US military convoy crossing country
Czech anti-war activists have launched the ‘Tanks? No thanks!’ campaign to protest the procession of US Army hardware through the Eastern European country. They say it has been turned into a “provocative victory parade” near the Russian border.

22.03.2015 20:37

Drills for me but not for thee: NATO launches war games near Russian border
Despite being quick to condemn Russian military manoeuvers, NATO is conducting wide-scale war games in the Baltic states and creating a “line of troops” across Eastern Europe. The US denies a double standard, but records and transcripts suggest otherwise.

21.03.2015 00:06