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Baltic states

Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania to form joint military force
Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania have agreed to launch a joint military force which is expected to hold its first drill next year.

19.09.2014 19:34

Nimrod Kamer: Exposing NATO as a naff members' club
As Wales hosted the NATO 2014 summit, journalist Nimrod Kamer looked at the military hardware on display, the event's social media fails, and talked to some of the alliance’s employees.

07.09.2014 18:59

NATO stages massive military drills in Latvia (PHOTOS)
As seven-day NATO military exercises continue to take place in Latvia, the organization says the drills are aimed at showing its commitment to Baltic member states in the face of an “assertive” Russia.

06.09.2014 19:51

Estonian security officer detained in Russia on suspicion of spying
A serviceman of the Estonian Interior Ministry was detained in Russia’s border Pskov Region. He was carrying equipment for covert video recording, a loaded gun, and a bundle of cash. Tallinn, however, says the officer was abducted from Estonian territory.

05.09.2014 19:26

Obama pledges to send more aircraft and military to Estonia
After Estonia’s request, Barack Obama said the US would send more air force units and aircraft to the country, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization continues to amass on Russia’s border.

03.09.2014 12:11

Estonia wants NATO bases on its territory as military bloc plans expansion
Estonia wants permanent NATO bases on its soil, the country’s president told journalists. The military alliance plans to deploy its bases in Eastern Europe, close to Russia’s borders. The statement comes two days before the NATO summit in Wales.

02.09.2014 14:48

Latvia urges Europe to stop ‘war of sanctions’ before it ruins world economies
The "right steps” politicians in the West and Russia are now taking against each other are very similar to what was happening before World War I, Latvian MEP Andrejs Mamikinsh warned EC President Jose Manuel Barroso in a letter Tuesday.

19.08.2014 13:00

Russian stealth corvette put British Navy on alert off Danish coast - media
A British frigate was dispatched to track a mysterious battleship that covertly sneaked in close to Denmark’s coast. The ship turned out to be Russian stealth corvette conducting a complex checkout of battle systems, according to British media.

25.06.2014 09:27

Tanks, troops, jets: NATO countries launch full-scale war games in Baltic
A major military exercise kicked off in Latvia, with 10 NATO member countries participating. The war games involve 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles. Russia sees NATO's military build-up as a sign of aggression.

09.06.2014 11:18

Lithuania becomes 19th country to join euro 8 years after knock-back
Lithuania, the last Baltic nation outside the currency union, has finally been given the green light to join the euro area, after its bid was turned down 8 years ago. The country could adopt the single euro currency on January 1, 2015.

04.06.2014 09:36

Smoking, not spying: Russia intercepts Lithuanian cigarette-smuggling drone
A Lithuanian drone that Russia detained over its soil two weeks ago was not on a spy mission after all, Russia's Federal Security Service said on Friday. Instead, it was smuggling cigarettes.

16.05.2014 22:02

‘Peed in public, behave like occupiers’: Latvian mayor complains about NATO sailors
Crewmembers of NATO warships deployed to the Latvian port city of Ventspils are behaving like occupying forces, who don’t consider local laws apply to them, the mayor of the city charged. This discredits the alliance in the eyes of Latvians, he added.

14.05.2014 05:47

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