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‘Total rethink of countering terrorist financing needed in case of ISIS’
ISIS seems to know how counter-terrorism laws work as it uses a special regime of funding to avoid being reported, Christine Duhaime, a lawyer specializing in countering terrorism finance told RT.

29.01.2015 12:37

Bank of England chief 'delusional' to claim UK escaped debt trap - economist
Mark Carney’s claim that Britain has escaped a “debt trap” common to Eurozone states has been dismissed by UK economist Michael Burke as “delusional.” Burke says Britain's debt has merely been transferred from private firms to UK homeowners.

29.01.2015 12:48

EU to tighten noose on Russia, expected to extend sanctions
The EU is expected to extend and add new sanctions against Russia Thursday. They could include blocking Russia from the SWIFT global payment network, or further actions to block Moscow from Western lending.

29.01.2015 07:41

‘SWIFT is archaic, doesn’t stand up to modern digital age’
In the short-term being removed from SWIFT would be a problem for Russia, but in the long-term it’s an archaic analogue system for payments which should be replaced by fully digital technology, Patrick Young, expert in global financial markets, told RT.

29.01.2015 10:59

​‘Fundamentally corrupt’: UK banks slammed for selling pointless card insurance
Two million customers will be eligible for compensation from some of Britain’s biggest banks after being deliberately sold useless credit card insurance policies.

28.01.2015 12:17

‘If SWIFT gets weaponized, an alternative system is absolutely realistic’
While the West may try to slap Russia with more sanctions, the SWIFT banking payment system will try to stay out of political crossfire, economist Max Fraad Wolff told RT, adding that if it eventually gets weaponized, an alternative will emerge.

28.01.2015 03:45

Iran, Russia to create ‘joint bank’ for trade in national currencies – ambassador
Iran and Russia are planning to switch their bilateral trade to national currencies for which the states will create a joint bank or a mutual account, Iran's ambassador to Russia, Mehdi Sanaei, has announced.

27.01.2015 23:54

Russian PM vows ‘unrestricted’ response if banned from SWIFT payment system
Russia’s response to a possible cut-off from the SWIFT international banking payment system will be “unrestricted,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev vowed. The West is pushing for hitting Moscow with more sanctions as the Ukraine crisis deteriorates.

27.01.2015 19:22

Damning report on banking collapse stalled until after UK election
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has come under fire for delaying the release of a report into the crisis rescue of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) until after the general election in May.

27.01.2015 12:19

S&P downgrades Russia's credit rating to junk
US-based credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has cut Russia’s sovereign rating to BB+, leaving it below investment grade for the first time in a decade. Moscow termed the decision "overly pessimistic."

26.01.2015 18:30

Russia’s economy ‘ill’, but ‘virus’ is manageable - head of VTB
The Russian economy is suffering from certain economic problems such as low oil prices and sanctions, but they are not chronic, just more like a virus that’s quick to cure, Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s second biggest bank VTB told RT.

24.01.2015 15:18

Davos: The blob’s big day out
Spending $40,000 to rub shoulders with Al Gore, bunches of politicians, a herd of CEOs, and a tribe of consultants? Davos sounds as appealing as a 5-star weekend in Guantanamo Bay.

22.01.2015 13:36