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Payday loan brokers help themselves to UK savers’ accounts, customers outraged
Brokers linked to payday loan companies may be raiding the bank accounts of over 1 million Britons, with many being the poorest in society, the UK’s biggest banks have warned.

29.10.2014 16:58

FB for currency scams? EU may probe bankers’ social media
Traders accused of currency manipulation at some of the world’s biggest banks may soon have their social media data handed over to authorities conducting the investigation.

28.10.2014 13:36

Big US banks balk at funding Great Barrier Reef coal port
Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase have joined the list of banking giants opting out of a major Australian coal export project, Rainforest Action Network activists say.

28.10.2014 09:40

IRS seizes hundreds of perfectly legal bank accounts, refuses to give money back
The Internal Revenue Service has been seizing bank accounts belonging to small businesses and individuals who regularly made deposits of less than $10,000, but broke no laws. And the government is refusing to return all the money taken.

27.10.2014 20:05

Millions of Brits stuck in low wage jobs despite economic recovery
Five million Britons are working in low paid jobs despite the UK being the fastest growing economy in Europe, a leading think tank has warned.

27.10.2014 16:56

Cyprus banks ready to be cut free from government support – Finance Ministry
Less than two years after Cyprus stuck a €10 billion bailout deal to save its finance industry, banks will no longer require state support, the Finance Ministry said on Monday.

27.10.2014 13:28

German business blues as confidence hits 6-month low
Business confidence in Germany, the EU’s largest economy, declined for a sixth consecutive month in October. The data is ominous for the eurozone on a whole, which is failing to grow, and may dip back into recession by the end of the year.

27.10.2014 10:11

25 EU banks fail ‘stress test’, exposing $31bn shortfall
Nearly one in five leading European banks have failed the stress test conducted by the European Central Bank, which revealed a $31.2 billion (€24.6 billion) capital gap in 25 banks showing they’re not ready to withstand a three-year recession.

27.10.2014 04:41

90% of Americans are poorer today than in 1987
The American Dream is slipping further away from the vast majority of Americans than it has in a quarter century. Now 90 percent of US households are poorer than they were in 1987, according to both a new study and the head of the Federal Reserve.

24.10.2014 17:16

China launches new World Bank rival
China and India are backing a 21 country $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to challenge to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

24.10.2014 11:15

‘EU in court!’ Biggest Russian lender Sberbank launches sanctions appeal
Sberbank is taking the European Commission to court in an effort to lift the Western sanctions imposed in August, the bank’s press service announced on Friday.

24.10.2014 06:46

New AppleGate? Customers furious after Apple Pay double charges them
Bank of America and Apple are both apologizing to customers after a glitch left users of the computer company’s new mobile payment system being charged double by the financial giant.

23.10.2014 17:11

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