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Russian sanctions ‘de facto against European business’ – Alstom chief
Russia has become a strategic market for thousands of European companies, and sanctions put EU business at risk, Philippe Pegorier, President of Alstom Russia , told RT at a Sochi Investment Forum.

22.09.2014 13:52

​‘Anti-Muslim discrimination’: HSBC shuts down only account of UK Islamic charity
HSBC has officially closed the bank account of one of Britain’s oldest mosques, in an effort to minimize its risk. The mosque’s chairman said the banks’ action was discriminatory and Islamophobic. Meanwhile, they have opened an account with a new bank.

22.09.2014 08:21

‘No Muslim organization supports ISIS, but US & UK do’
It was the West that armed and financed ISIS and it is “outrageous” to blame Muslims for supporting extremists and close their bank accounts when they’ve done nothing wrong, Massoud Shadjareh from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told RT.

22.09.2014 10:58

China pumps $81bn into banks to stop slowdown - report
The Chinese central bank is to inject $81 billion (500 billion yuan) into 5 major state banks to stimulate economic activity and lending, according to a source inside the People’s Bank of China.

17.09.2014 11:58

The US-EU-Russia sanctions puzzle
Whatever Russia does, doubt does not even enter the equation. The answer is sanctions. So here we go again. The US Treasury-EU latest sanction package targets Russian banking, the energy industry and the defense industry.

17.09.2014 10:25

New Canadian sanctions ‘unacceptable’ - Moscow
Canada has expanded its sanctions against Russia to include the country’s largest lender Sberbank, and five other companies, as well as five individuals. Russia plans to retaliate against the measures.

17.09.2014 08:34

Debt retrievers seizing money from American paychecks – study
One in 10 prime working age Americans are finding that by the time they get their paychecks, credit and loan businesses have been there first. The striking figure emerged after millions of payrolls were checked as part of a study by NPR and ProPublica.

16.09.2014 04:15

Ruble hits record low as West waits for Russia's response to sanctions, oil recedes
The Russian ruble fell to a new record low against the US dollar, passing the 38 units to the dollar benchmark, after the EU and US rolled out new sanctions paired with dropping oil prices. Investors are uneasy on what Russia’s response will be.

15.09.2014 08:33

Investors pull $27bn out of UK in one month amid fears of Scotland’s exit – report
Almost $27 billion of financial assets were pulled out of Britain in August in the run up to Scotland’s vote on independence, according to a new report by a London-based consultancy comparing the capital outflow to the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.

14.09.2014 19:30

Putting the bankster foxes in charge of the BBC henhouse
What a rare moment of razor-sharp clarity this week as a spotlight was shone deep into the rotten heart of Westminster, Whitehall and the City of London.

12.09.2014 13:13

Can Britain Bank on Bitcoin?
Crypto currencies like bitcoin could threaten Britain’s financial stability if widely adopted, the Bank of England (BOE) says. Despite admitting digital currencies are still marginal, the Bank suggests they are no longer the purview of cypherpunks.

12.09.2014 09:47

‘EU, UK, Australia have jumped on board the US Hollywood-scripted populist narrative’
The European Union is in a kind of box, and new sanctions against Russia just illustrate its policy of “the four Ds”, which is divert, deflect, deceive and deny, financial commentator Mitchell Feierstein told RT.

12.09.2014 08:29

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