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Bel Trew

Court sentences Egypt’s ex-president Morsi to death over 2011 prison break
An Egyptian court has sentenced ex-President Mohamed Morsi to death over a 2011 mass prison break. The verdict will now be handed over to the country’s Grand Mufti and a final decision will be reached on June 2.

16.05.2015 09:16

At least two killed during Mubarak verdict protest near Tahrir Square
Egyptian police in Cairo have used water cannon and tear gas against hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the acquittal of former president Hosni Mubarak by a local court. At least two people reportedly died and 15 were injured in clashes.

29.11.2014 18:58

Egypt court sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death
The Upper Egypt court has issued a death penalty to 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of murder and inciting violence. Only 153 of those sentenced are currently in custody, the rest were tried in absentia.

24.03.2014 08:04

Clashes, tear gas, blasts: Egypt meets third anniversary of revolution
Three years after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, Egyptians are meeting the revolution anniversary split between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army. Relentless protests and terror acts plague the country, with at least 49 dead in clashes on Saturday.

25.01.2014 09:53

Morsi’s trial adjourned in Egypt as defendants chant anti-military slogans
A Cairo court has adjourned the trial of ousted President Morsi over refusing his prison uniform and the defendants' chanting "Down with the military rule". Morsi and 14 others face charges of inciting the killing of protesters in clashes.

04.11.2013 09:39

At least 53 killed, over 200 wounded as Egypt protests turn violent
Egyptian celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli War were marred by a fresh wave of violence, with at least 53 people killed and over 200 wounded in clashes between police and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

06.10.2013 14:23

Military fire shots, tear gas at Cairo mosque filled with Islamist protesters
Security forces fired bullets and tear gas at the scene of the Al-Fath mosque in Cairo after an exchange of heavy gunfire outside spilled into the building on Saturday. Hundreds of pro-Morsi protesters had barricaded themselves inside overnight.

17.08.2013 13:36

Mosque under siege: Hundreds of Cairo protesters barricade themselves inside following deadly clashes
The‘March of Anger’ has resulted in almost 100 deaths and numerous injuries. Hundreds have taken refuge in mosques overnight to avoid confrontations with Egyptian police. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for week-long action amid the crackdown.

16.08.2013 11:55

Egypt vows lethal response ahead of nationwide ‘March of Anger’
Thousands of supporters of ex-President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets of Cairo in a “March of Anger” following Friday prayers. Military troops, who were authorized to use lethal force to stop rioting, are guarding key sites in the Egyptian capital.

16.08.2013 02:33

Bloody reckoning: Crisis-torn Egypt’s future on a knife edge after crackdown on Islamists
The Egyptian military’s crackdown on supporters of ex-President Mohamed Morsi has plunged the world’s most populous Arab nation into its worst violence for decades. The country is teetering between a return to Mubarak-era autocracy and civil war.

15.08.2013 05:56

Over 80 dead, hundreds injured in Egypt clashes - Health Ministry (PHOTOS)
In Cairo, at least 72 people are dead and 748 injured after security forces attacked supporters of ousted President Morsi, Egypt's Health Ministry says. Fuhrer 9 people have been killed in clashes in Egypt's second-largest city Alexandria.

27.07.2013 04:17

Prosecutor orders ousted Egypt President Morsi's arrest over Hamas links
An arrest order has been issued for ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi over suspected links to Hamas. State media reports the Muslim Brotherhood leader has already been questioned and confronted with the evidence.

26.07.2013 08:15