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‘2 million Donbass citizens displaced - people desperate to join their relatives’
Countless families have been separated because of the Ukraine crisis, and authorities on both sides of the conflict should work jointly in order to improve access to benefits and the freedom of movement, William Spindler, UN refugee agency, told RT.

28.05.2015 13:44

Ignorance and attempts to rewrite WWII history – that’s what makes me sick
It was not the traffic jams in Moscow, nor the police reinforcements, and not even the nightly roar of hundreds of tanks running down my street towards Red Square to rehearse for the parade - it’s the media, who made me sick. And here’s why.

13.05.2015 14:10

​10 most impressive videos from V-Day celebrations
At least 8 million people poured out onto the streets of Russian cities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, and hundreds of thousands marked the date in former Soviet republics and further abroad.

09.05.2015 19:22

Belarus obliges unemployed to pay for ‘social dependency’
The parliament of Belarus has approved a decree "on the prevention of social dependency" that obliges citizens to pay an annual fee of about $250 if they are not employed.

06.05.2015 17:55

'Each fire around Chernobyl re-mobilizes poison'
As opposing views on the Chernobyl fires persist, nuclear waste expert Kevin Kamps believes the problem is now an international one, requiring multi-faceted efforts. The region is a tinderbox, as each fresh calamity rearranges the deadly poisons.

03.05.2015 04:47

Fire near Chernobyl site alarming, ‘radiation respects no boundaries’
A forest fire near Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear site may cause problems for communities a long way from the area as the dispersal plumes can transport radiation further to the north, nuclear safety expert John Large told RT.

29.04.2015 14:52

Chernobyl forest fires may result in large scale re-release of radiation
​The forest fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone may re-disperse a significant amount of original radiation contamination, depending on whether the fire continues in its trajectory toward the epicenter, evolutionary biologist Timothy Mousseau told RT.

29.04.2015 01:38

​Russian oil deliveries to Europe via key pipeline undamaged
The volume of oil pumped to Europe via the Druzhba pipeline in Belarus hasn’t changed after repair work, the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry reports playing down fears of a halved oil supply to Europe.

27.04.2015 16:26

Epic storm turns day into night in Belarusian city (VIDEO)
An “apocalyptical” storm swept through several regions in Belarus, including the capital. But it was in the city of Soligorsk where clouds as black as ink obscured the sun light, while strong winds ushered in a sand storm.

16.04.2015 08:17

Berlin and Paris look East: How close are we to a Common Economic Space?
The Eurasian Economic Union is a reality that may end up costing the US its “perch” in Eurasia’s western periphery as a Common Economic Space is formed.

02.03.2015 08:37

‘Putin’s main interest - survival of Russia’
The West’s assumption that Putin wants to build a greater Russia via the Ukraine crisis are false, he’s defending national interests, and the prospect of having NATO on the border, Jeffrey Sommers, of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University told RT’s In The Now.

13.02.2015 08:55

‘Ukraine is a hot potato’: Why US stood back from Minsk talks?
The US can’t fully focus on Ukraine because it’s dealing with the ISIS crisis in the Middle East and as Abraham Lincoln once said: “One war at a time,” Martin Sieff, columnist for the Baltimore Post-Examiner told RT.

13.02.2015 09:28