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​Will 'interests outweigh obstacles' in US-China relationship?
Although there were quite a few feel-good announcements, the Strategic & Economic Dialogue clearly shows mutual trust in Sino-US relation remains a massive work to be done

27.06.2015 15:31

‘Powerful people in the West and in Kiev do not want a Ukrainian settlement’ – Prof. Stephen Cohen
Arguing that there is a peace and war party in almost every capital, Professor Stephen Cohen, scholar of Russian studies at Princeton and New York Universities, told RT he believes the war party in Washington is against the Minsk agreement.

19.06.2015 13:30

More than half of US voters want a fresh-faced Democrat in 2016 presidential race
American voters are sick of Hillary Clinton ‒ more than half of them want Democrats to look for a fresh face to run for president in 2016, according to a new poll. And nearly 60 percent of Democratic voters themselves want a new candidate choice.

20.03.2015 15:34

From meme to reality: Joe Biden turns into Motivational Biden
Vice President Joe Biden is known for being the punchline of jokes, thanks to his propensity for gaffes. But now the man who spawned a meme genre has embraced his alter ego ‒ Motivational Biden ‒ in a workout video promoting a fitness challenge.

13.03.2015 23:40

Iran & ISIS compete for militant Islam crown in 'game of thrones' - Netanyahu to Congress
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his fierce opposition to Iran’s nuclear program in front of a joint session of Congress Tuesday, a speech in which he said the world’s greatest danger is the meeting of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.

03.03.2015 15:10

Creepy Veep: Joe Biden chalks up another sensational ‘snuggle’
The US vice president, with almost two years to go as America’s second in command, is building up a lengthy list of on-air flirtations, which, although seemingly innocent, have not escaped the attention of political observers and social media.

18.02.2015 06:12

Biden says Europeans questioning Russia sanctions 'inappropriate, annoying' – Spiegel
US Vice President Joe Biden has called on European countries to show unity when it comes to sanctions against Russia, labeling the dissenting voices “inappropriate and annoying”, reported ‘Der Spiegel’, quoting the participants of the Brussels meeting.

07.02.2015 02:32

US increases Ukraine support to $2bn
The US Treasury has pledged an additional $1 billion in loan guarantee to Kiev bringing its total support to $2 billion, on condition Ukraine sticks to its reform agenda. The move follows the EU’s offer of another $2.1 billion to Kiev last week.

14.01.2015 08:13

Obama takes heat for not attending 'anti-terror' Paris rally
President Barack Obama and other US officials are receiving criticism for not attending Saturday’s ‘Unity March’ in Paris. The rally included more than 40 world leaders who showed solidarity with 17 victims of multiple attacks last week.

12.01.2015 15:09

Official use only: Joe Biden’s cheap vacation sparks investigation
US Vice President Joe Biden and other White House officials are taking heat for allegedly using a federally-owned log cabin to take family vacations, despite the fact that it has been designated only for official use since 1992.

30.10.2014 03:24

Vice: Biden son’s brief Navy career ended after positive cocaine test
US Vice-President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve in February 2014 after failing a drug test that turned up positive for cocaine just a month after his commissioning, it’s been revealed.

17.10.2014 07:02

‘Ukraine crisis: part of US Transatlantic community plan’
The US goal in the Ukrainian conflict is to put up a dividing line between NATO states and Russia and create the Transatlantic political, economic and military community, John Laughland of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris told RT.

06.10.2014 13:06