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Biden apologizes for 'Shylock' gaffe, immediately drops another two
Vice President Joe Biden apologized Wednesday for use of the offensive slur ‘Shylock’ to describe home-loan lenders. Yet hours later, Biden dropped two more gaffes during a visit to Iowa, an important state for anyone considering a 2016 presidential run.

18.09.2014 15:38

Biden accused of anti-Semitism after Shylock comment
US Vice President Joe Biden has drawn criticism from a top Jewish group for calling bankers who have preyed on service members deployed overseas as “Shylocks,” a term often condemned as an anti-Semitic stereotype.

17.09.2014 15:07

Turkey's Erdogan: 'I stopped talking to Obama'
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he ceased direct phone contact with US President Barack Obama once the US backed away from use of military force against Syria last fall.

22.07.2014 14:07

Biden urges Air Force cadets to shape 'a new world order'
While United States President Barack Obama used an address at West Point Military Academy this week to tout the impeding end to the Afghan War, his second in command had a much different message while giving remarks to Air Force Academy cadets.

29.05.2014 15:56

Obama didn’t believe in his own Afghanistan strategy - former defense sec
Despite an admirable intellect and dedicated support for US military personnel at war, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says President Barack Obama didn’t have sufficient faith in the troop-surge strategy he ordered in Afghanistan.

07.01.2014 22:12

US refuses to recognize new Chinese air defense zone
​Nearing the tail end of his Asian tour on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden set in stone the United States’ stance on a budding conflict there regarding ownership of airspace in the East China Sea.

06.12.2013 15:22

Biden gets sharp rebuke in China
One day after he spoke with leaders in embattled neighbor Japan, Vice President Joe Biden met with officials in China on Wednesday amid an escalating argument between Asian nations that has attracted the attention of the United States.

04.12.2013 15:21

US pledges to side with Japan in conflict with China
United States Vice President Joe Biden said during a tour of Asia on Tuesday that the US is “deeply concerned” about recent efforts by China to re-draw airspace surrounding a series of islands between Taiwan and Japan.

03.12.2013 17:47

Missouri to nullify federal firearm laws while Obama offers new gun control measures
As the White House rolls out new plans meant to curb violent gun crime in America, residents in the state of Missouri may soon be able to bypass federal firearm laws.

29.08.2013 15:28

Hackers release financial records of first lady, vice president, att’y general, others
Hackers have leaked the alleged personal finance records of over a dozen US politicians and celebrities including First Lady Michelle Obama, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Britney Spears. The FBI is investigating.

11.03.2013 19:42

Secret Service officer charged with sexually assaulting teenager
An US Secret Service agent assigned to protect the residence of Vice President Joe Biden was arrested by authorities this week and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female family member.

25.10.2012 16:49

Big theatrics, little difference: Biden and Ryan take hawkish line in VP debate
The 2012 vice presidential debates were more dramatic than the presidential debates the week previous. Arguments over foreign policy, however, seemed to split hairs over just how far to go before military intervention.

12.10.2012 13:10

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