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Big deal

Armenia to join Eurasian Economic Union
Leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia have signed a treaty that will make Erevan a new member of the Eurasian Economic Union, a free trade zone made up of former Soviet states to rival the European Union.

10.10.2014 13:15

Eurasian Economic Union: Despite Western myths, a remarkably sensible project
The recent ratification of the treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union by the Belarusian parliament removed the last doubts about the start of this ambitious project, which involves a market of 170 mn people and $2.7 trillion of combined domestic product.

09.10.2014 12:40

Destabilization – US weapon in energy war
The US is doing its best to estrange the EU from Russia to get the upper hand in a free trade deal, and also, to manipulate European countries into buying America’s relatively more expensive natural gas.

01.10.2014 12:39

Great Waldorf of China: Beijing buys legendary NYC hotel for $2bn
The worlds’ biggest hotel operator Hilton Worldwide has sold the iconic Waldorf Astoria in New York to a Chinese insurance company for nearly $2 billion, a record for a US hotel. The deal marks the continued Chinese real estate shopping spree in America.

08.10.2014 09:35

Russia to quality control resumed Chinese pork deliveries
Two Chinese companies will deliver pork to Russia through Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg, as well as two land crossings in the country’s Far East. It is expected to partially substitute for Western supplies halted by Moscow’s food ban.

02.10.2014 09:41

US to sell Saudi Arabia $1.75bn worth of Patriot air defenses
The US State Department has approved sales of Patriot PAC-3 missile complexes to Saudi Arabia, the US primary ally in the Arab world. At the moment Riyadh operates previous versions of the same air defense missile complexes.

02.10.2014 04:57

​PayPal to go at it alone, split from eBay
Online auctioneer eBay and online money transfer service PayPal are to become two separate companies, with the goal of getting PayPal publicly traded in 2015.

30.09.2014 11:16

CETA: Delayed but not destroyed
The European Commission and Canada have been negotiating over the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) for five years. Now Germany has decided to throw a spanner in the works.

30.09.2014 07:46

​‘Israeli aggression pushes Hamas & Fatah to unite’
Until the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation, an absence of unity among Palestinians played into Israel’s hands. Israel’s aggression itself pushed the Palestinians to unite, Dr. Curties Doebbler, international human rights lawyer and peace activist, told RT.

26.09.2014 09:24

Russian MPs ratify Eurasian Economic Union agreement
Russia’s Duma has ratified an agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union, which will create the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere and provide for the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

26.09.2014 08:49

Russia, South Africa sign $10 bn nuclear power deal
Russia’s state-owned nuclear company Rosatom has signed a historic partnership agreement with South Africa to build a large-scale nuclear power plant in the African state and develop collaboration in other areas of nuclear industry.

22.09.2014 19:40

‘Bankrupt' Ukraine cannot pay for needed reforms to join Europe
“Bankrupt” Ukraine has huge sovereign debt and needs reforms to make its association with Europe feasible, but no one is going to pay for it, Anna van Densky, political commentator from the EU Reporter magazine, told RT.

16.09.2014 16:00

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