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Big deal

​Being gay in the UK could affect your pay, study suggests
How much you are paid in the UK is not merely defined by the gender pay gap. It could also be based on your sexual orientation.

19.12.2014 16:25

Go West, Young Han
November 18, 2014: it’s a day that should live forever in history.

17.12.2014 09:00

Financial steal: Abu Dhabi investors snap up Scotland Yard
Investors from Abu Dhabi have secured a deal to purchase the iconic Scotland Yard building in St James’s Park. The building, which has housed the Metropolitan Police Service since 1964, sold for a reported £370 million.

10.12.2014 14:03

35,000 oil & gas jobs at risk as crude price tumbles – study
Thousands of British workers are to lose their jobs as the oil and gas industry declines, a new report suggests.

10.12.2014 12:17

‘Failed experiment’: Privatized rail, water & utilities hit households financially – study
British households could be saving £250 a year each if services such as railways and water were publicly owned rather than privatized, according to a new report.

09.12.2014 14:26

EU will have to transport Russian gas from Turkey on its own – Gazprom chief
With the end of the South Stream project, Russia will have to adapt to a new market where it will not provide gas delivery to end users, Aleksey Miller, the head of Gazprom said in an interview confirming South Stream will not be resumed.

06.12.2014 11:39

‘Turkey and Russia split politics from economics’
Moscow and Ankara do not really see eye to eye on politics, but despite that have big economic potential, with Turkey considering itself an in-between partner who would take gas from Russia to Europe, Martin McCauley of the University of London, told RT.

02.12.2014 10:08

'Buy the set!': Mistral warships go 'on sale' in Russian & French spoof ads
French and Russian humor may differ, but people in both countries have almost simultaneously placed ads on customer websites, 'selling' the Mistral ships. The offer got quite a response, with people asking for specifications and possible discounts.

27.11.2014 12:50

Going green: Beijing, Washington strike landmark climate change deal
The world’s top carbon polluters – China and the United States – have reached a landmark agreement on greenhouse gas emissions, with both countries pledging to curb them by about a third by 2030.

12.11.2014 04:15

Lame duck out of the Silk Road caravan
There’s hardly a more graphic illustration of where the multipolar world is going than what just happened at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing.

11.11.2014 09:22

‘China to avoid dangerous maritime route thanks to gas deal with Russia’
Most of China’s energy resources are imported via the Pacific, and is threatened by the US military presence. The gas deal with Russia allows China to minimize the risks, China-based journalist Brendan O'Reilly told RT.

10.11.2014 08:24

​Putin, Xi Jinping sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route
President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have signed a memorandum of understanding on the so-called “western” gas supplies route to China. The agreement paves the way for a contract that would make China the biggest consumer of Russian gas.

09.11.2014 12:07