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Got genes: Obama proposes genetic biobank of 1mn Americans’ DNA to fight disease
A new $215 million US government proposal would seek more than 1 million American volunteers for analysis of their genetic information in an initiative to fight disease, while developing targeted health care based on one’s DNA.

30.01.2015 15:23

GMO potato seeks FDA approval, opponents say safety risks remain
A new genetically modified potato is closer than ever to arriving in American grocery stores, but while advocates claim it can actually reduce the risk of cancer, opponents say not nearly enough is known to ensure public safety.

29.01.2015 04:24

Ancient underwater forest discovered by diver off Norfolk coast
A diving enthusiast stumbled upon an ancient forest nestled under the North Sea while diving along the Norfolk coast. Experts say it may have stretched as far as Europe in its heyday, and has been hidden since the Ice Age.

26.01.2015 17:14

Millions of GMO mosquitoes may be released in Florida neighborhood
Pointing to climate change and the rise of tropical diseases, British researchers hope to sell their idea of releasing millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Almost 140,000 people have signed a petition against the plan.

26.01.2015 08:45

New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine
Coffee contains a protein that has an effect similar to morphine, specialists at the University of Brasilia and Brazilian agriculture research company Embrapa have discovered. Moreover, the new substance’s effect lasts longer.

25.01.2015 14:25

World’s most popular banana faces eradication by deadly fungus
International concern is growing over the spread of Fusarium wilt, known as Panama disease, as there are fears it could destroy entire countries’ plantations of the Cavendish banana – the most popular and exported variety of the fruit in the world.

23.01.2015 21:01

Gene causing stillbirth in late pregnancy identified
Scientists in Sweden have identified the gene that causes a syndrome affecting the muscles in a fetus. It lessens the movement of a baby in the uterus, reduces growth, deforms limbs and underdevelops lungs, which eventually causes late fetal death.

23.01.2015 15:18

Scientists blame climate change for world’s biggest trees dying
New research carried out over 90 years has found that up to half of California’s iconic big trees have disappeared, with scientists suspecting climate change as the prime reason.

23.01.2015 14:18

Mystery goo kills over 200 San Francisco Bay birds, officials stumped
California officials are unable to identify a grey, goo-like substance that has been found coating the feathers of hundreds of birds. More than 200 seabirds have been found dead along the coast, while more than 300 have been rescued so far.

22.01.2015 23:56

Pope clarifies ‘good Catholics breeding like rabbits’ comment
Pope Francis has clarified remarks he made on Monday that Catholics didn’t need to breed like rabbits and that large families weren’t a cause of poverty, saying that economic injustices were the main reason for inequality.

21.01.2015 13:37

Food fight: Has the EU endorsed its own genetic modification?
Not unsurprisingly as the fuel of humanity, food elicits heated debate. Meanwhile, European unity has fragmented around genetic modification: what’s next?

20.01.2015 14:00

Earth closer to 'irreversible changes' as humanity crosses 4 of 9 planetary boundaries
Earth is slipping towards the “danger zone” as humanity has crossed four of nine environmental phases, so-called planetary boundaries, bringing closer potentially “irreversible changes,” a high-profile study claims.

18.01.2015 14:13