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#EarthDay: Saving planet brings world together (PHOTOS)
Tens of millions of people have joined in celebrating Earth Day on April 22, marking its 45th anniversary with unique projects and events. The day saw groups, corporations and communities try to raise awareness at how to better protect our planet.

23.04.2015 02:21

Skin medicines could help to fight multiple sclerosis - study
Medicines used to help cure skin problems might prove to be vital in the fight against multiple sclerosis. US scientists have found that two drugs may promote the body’s own stem cells to replace brain cells, which are affected by the disease.

21.04.2015 16:04

Mother Nature’s genetic engineering? Sweet potato naturally ‘modified,’ researchers say
Sweet potatoes contain 'foreign' DNA sequences, leading researchers to conclude they are naturally 'genetically modified.'

21.04.2015 16:34

Nessie view: Google takes up search for Loch Ness Monster
Google has taken its Street View cameras to Loch Ness to capture the famous lake from above and below water, as well as unveiling a Nessie Doodle on its homepage and a new Loch Ness Monster cartoon on its maps.

21.04.2015 16:27

US govt agency slaughtered 2.7 million animals last year, incl. household pets
The US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service killed 2.7 million animals last year, thanks to its controversial culling program. Many of them weren’t killed intentionally, but were caught via indiscriminate methods meant for other animals.

20.04.2015 23:00

Think pink: Number of women with breast cancer may double in next 15 years, study finds
By 2030, the number of women expected to develop breast cancer will increase by about 50 percent, according to a new study. Currently, one in eight women will develop the disease at some point in her lifetime.

20.04.2015 21:04

Human hibernation possible? Scientists eye new space exploration tech
Researchers are looking to apply hibernation-like techniques already used in medicine for space travel. Trials to test if ‘freezing’ a person for weeks is okay are already underway.

19.04.2015 05:34

​Dog ‘eats drug stash,’ completely loses it
A lurcher breed dog named Twiglet tripped out, salivated excessively, became paranoid and fell over a lot after eating a bag of narcotics he found outside a ‘hippie commune’ in Shropshire, according to his owner.

16.04.2015 14:28

150 dolphins feared dead after mass beaching in Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Only three of some 150 electra dolphins are believed to have been saved, after being washed ashore in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Scientists are trying to explain the incident, while some see it as an ominous sign to a similar case before the 2011 earthquake.

10.04.2015 20:55

The Great Dying-2? Manmade CO2 levels could cause repeat of largest mass extinction event
The greatest mass extinction event in history occurred when the world’s ocean suddenly turned to acid, killing off over 90 percent of life on Earth, scientists have found. They warn such a process could be repeated unless CO2 levels are controlled.

10.04.2015 12:44

In the genes? Sex criminals’ relatives 5 times more likely to also offend – researchers
The brothers and fathers of convicted sex criminals are five times more likely to commit rape or a sexual assault than other members of society, a landmark study has revealed.

09.04.2015 13:42

Obama wants to end ‘conversion’ therapies for gay & transgender youth
President Barack Obama has condemned the psychiatric practice that religious and conservative groups use to ‘repair’ gay, lesbian and transgender youth to make them straight. His decision will support efforts at state level to ban the practice.

09.04.2015 02:23