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Thousands of wolves, bears and lynx striding Europe alongside humans
After almost becoming extinct at the beginning of the 20th century, large carnivores are on their way back in Europe with bears being the most numerous and present in almost two dozen of European countries, a new study has shown.

19.12.2014 17:59

Miss World drops bikini round, stressing ‘beauty with purpose’
The Miss World pageant is to ditch the bikini round after 63 years as the organizers say that this is not the path the contestants are trying to take and it doesn’t reflect the idea of “beauty with a purpose.”

19.12.2014 15:59

Chinese villagers sign petition to isolate HIV-positive child
A petition to isolate a small boy has attracted more than 200 signatories in a remote Chinese village requesting “preventative isolation measures by taking Kun Kun [the child] away from the village, and protect the health of the villagers and children.”

18.12.2014 15:44

EU top court clears path for stem cell patenting
The European Court of Justice has ruled that organisms incapable of developing into a human being can be patented. The ruling has been heralded by proponents as "a big step in the right direction" for stem cell research in the European Union.

18.12.2014 13:42

​Life on Mars more likely? Curiosity discovers methane, other organic chemicals
The Curiosity rover has found traces of methane and other chemicals on Mars marking the first “definitive detection” of organic matter on the Red Planet. Researchers however say it doesn’t immediately prove living organisms exist on Mars.

16.12.2014 23:50

Earth could face another mass extinction – study
Animals on Earth continue to disappear at an alarming rate, which could result in another mass extinction over the next few centuries, a study by the journal Nature claims, although researchers are struggling to understand the scale of the problem.

14.12.2014 21:05

‘Like Walmart afloat’: Over 260,000 tons of plastic waste in oceans, study shows
Over a quarter of a million tons of plastic waste are bobbing around the world’s oceans, a new study suggests. This challenges previous much lower estimates. To obtain the data, scientists from four continents basically fished for plastic for six years.

11.12.2014 06:15

​Do they know it’s Christmas? Thousands of UK families face winter of poverty
Thousands of British families will be dependent on handouts and charity this Christmas as rates of poverty in the UK continue to soar.

10.12.2014 15:24

Russian billionaire buys Nobel medal of ostracized DNA scientist… to hand it back
Russia’s richest man Alisher Usmanov has bought the auctioned Nobel Prize medal of publicly-shunned American geneticist James Watson. He says he plans to return the medal to its owner.

10.12.2014 03:28

Magic pill for obesity? Harvard scientists working on drug to ‘replace treadmill’
Dieters are constantly told that there is no ‘magic pill’ to make them skinny, that they need to watch what they eat and exercise. But researchers at Harvard University think they have found a way to turn bad fat into good, helping people lose weight.

09.12.2014 20:53

Ancient Mars had massive lake, was potentially a wet planet
The landing site of the Mars curiosity rover robot, the Gale Crater, is believed to have once been a lake, NASA announced, presenting evidence that also suggests the lake existed for millions of years – potentially long enough to sustain life.

09.12.2014 00:16

Y smoke? Tobacco addiction makes male chromosome quit
A warning to men: A new study claims smokers are more likely to lose their Y chromosomes in blood cells - and the heavier the addiction, the fewer male chromosomes there’s left.

05.12.2014 20:40