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Boston strong: City ready for first marathon since terror attack
One year after the Boston Marathon bombings took the lives of three people and injured more than 260 others, the city is commemorating victims, survivors, and first responders with a day of tributes.

15.04.2014 15:19

71 people killed, 124 wounded in Nigeria bus station blasts - police
Seventy-one people have been killed and a further 124 injured in two blasts that tore through a bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, police officials said.

14.04.2014 11:57

​Scores of children killed, crippled by explosives left by US, NATO in Afghanistan
After 13 years of war, the US military and allies will leave thousands of square miles of unexploded grenades and other ordnance littered around Afghanistan. In recent years, most casualties from unattended explosives have been children, the UN found.

11.04.2014 00:38

Afghan security crisis: 13 years & $100 billion after US entry
The Taliban pre-electoral campaign of bloodshed continues in Afghanistan, as six die in an attack on the interior ministry in Kabul. As the first democratic transfer of power approaches, the country is in terrible shape ahead of the 2014 US pullout.

03.04.2014 05:22

Thai scrap collectors blown up by WWII bomb (VIDEO)
Employees of a junk recycling shop in the Thai capital, Bangkok, attempted to use a blow torch on what they believed was a disarmed WWII-era aerial bomb. An explosion, estimated at 200 kg of TNT, killed at least 7 and destroyed a warehouse.

02.04.2014 11:40

Series of explosions kill 3 outside Cairo University (VIDEO)
A third blast has gone off near Cairo University, killing at least one. It follows two explosions which killed a police brigadier-general and a civilian during student protest.

02.04.2014 11:17

At least 6 dead as suicide bomber strikes outside Interior Ministry in Kabul
At least six police officers were killed and four others injured as a suicide bomber detonated his explosive device outside the Interior Ministry in the Afghan capital, reports RT's Lucy Kafanov from the scene.

02.04.2014 11:06

'There will be only semblance of elections in Afghanistan'
The Taliban cannot completely undermine the elections, but they won't mean anything anyway, because they don't represent the majority of the Afghan people, war correspondent Eric Margolis told RT.

31.03.2014 07:09

NATO: Coming to terms with America’s Frankenstein monster
The fifteenth anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia, a barbaric and illegal act that mocked international law, provides an opportunity to consider the ultimate purpose of the US-led military machine.

24.03.2014 13:28

Bomb strikes Libyan capital’s international airport
A bomb exploded in the major airport of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, sparking further concerns about the widespread violence that has plunged the crisis-torn country into chaos.

22.03.2014 08:21

Investigation launched into British waste plant explosion that sent 20 to hospital
Investigations are being conducted into the reasons behind an explosion that took place at a waste plant in the north of England on Tuesday. Around 20 people were hospitalized as a result of the blast, according to local press.

20.03.2014 13:46

Manhattan explosion death toll climbs to 8, several still missing
New York City rescue workers continue combing through the rubble of the two buildings destroyed by a suspected gas explosion, as the death toll rose to eight Thursday evening and investigators search for answers.

14.03.2014 14:28

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