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Friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber faces 25 years in prison
Azamat Tazhayakov, a friend of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty of one count of obstruction of justice and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice in the first trial related to the April 2013 bombing.

21.07.2014 17:21

Ukrainian militia hand over MH17 flight recorders to Malaysia
The Ukrainian militia have handed over to Malaysian experts the black boxes from the Malaysian Boeing-777 airliner that crashed in east Ukraine on July 17.

21.07.2014 15:56

Israel to 'intensify, expand' op in Gaza after Hamas rejects ceasefire
Israeli PM vowed to intensify the military operation in the Gaza Strip, as IDF resumed airstrikes on Tuesday. This comes in retaliation to rocket fire from the Palestinian side as Hamas' armed wing rejected the peace plan proposed by Egypt.

15.07.2014 12:15

At least 89 dead in E. Afghanistan suicide car bombing
A suicide car bomber has exploded his vehicle in a busy market in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika, killing at least 89 people. Officials warn the death toll may rise as soldiers continue searching the wreckage for possible survivors and injured.

15.07.2014 11:08

‘Father was lying on the porch with his arm blown off’ – eyewitness to Ukraine’s shelling
The daughter of a man killed by an artillery shell fired by Kiev’s forces in a quiet Russian town just across the border from Ukraine is still in shock. In a night of horror, she also had to save her 11-year-old brother from the bombing.

14.07.2014 07:04

1 killed, 2 injured: Russia vows response to Ukraine shelling Russian city
An artillery shell from Ukraine has hit a private house in the Rostov region of Russia, killing a citizen and leaving two more injured. The Russian Foreign Ministry promises heavy consequences.

13.07.2014 06:36

#IsraelDefending or #GazaUnderAttack? 'Protective Edge' from both sides of conflict
Amid the continuing escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza, RT spoke to representatives from both the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas to gain a better understanding of how each side views the conflict.

08.07.2014 23:47

Israel readies 'ground assault' on Gaza, calls up 40,000 reservists
Israel’s army is formulating options to eradicate rocket fire coming from Gaza, “including ground assault,” an anonymous Israeli official stated on Tuesday. An unspecified number of troops are being called up after preliminary approval for 40,000.

08.07.2014 11:43

ISIS jihadists demolish mosques, shrines in northern Iraq (PHOTOS)
Islamic militant sect, ISIS, which has been rampaging across the north and west of Iraq since last month, has been demolishing sacred sites such as shrines and mosques around the historic northern city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

05.07.2014 12:27

Slavyansk residential districts 'a mess' after Kiev troops' shelling, at least 3 killed (VIDEO)
In an apparent breach of the ceasefire, Ukrainian forces shelled residential parts of Slavyansk for nearly an hour on Sunday, destroying buildings and killing at least 3 civilians. Ukrainian media claimed that a pro-Kiev checkpoint had been attacked.

29.06.2014 12:19

'Provocation': Moscow slams Ukraine’s shelling of Russian border checkpoint
Mortar shells from Ukraine have again hit Russian territory, damaging a building at a border checkpoint and creating holes in the ground in two villages. The Russian Foreign Ministry has protested the “provocation,” demanding that Kiev investigate it.

28.06.2014 13:52

Six die in northern Kirkuk, as ISIS militants fight bloody war in Iraq
Kirkuk has witnessed the first terror act since it came under the Kurds’ authority, and this comes as the oil-rich region is surrounded by blood-thirsty ISIS fighters. The latest deadly bombing claimed at least six lives.

26.06.2014 06:12

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