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‘War crime’: Amnesty Intl says IDF destroyed Gaza blocks as ‘collective punishment’
Human rights group Amnesty International accused Israel of the unjustified destruction of civilian buildings in Gaza during this summer’s conflict, branding it a symbolic form of “collective punishment.” Israel says the buildings served as Hamas bases.

10.12.2014 00:53

Too busy: Blair tries to dodge IRA inquiry
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair claims his commitments as Middle East Envoy make an appearance at the inquiry into controversial Irish Republican Army (IRA) ‘comfort letters’, “challenging.” The letters were distributed under his premiership.

09.12.2014 13:42

Ready-to-fire nuclear weapons pose ‘accidental launch’ risk – former defense chiefs
Cross-border action to lower the risks posed by an intentional or accidental nuclear attack is “insufficient,” international military, political and diplomatic officials have warned.

08.12.2014 09:21

17,000 evacuated after huge WWII bomb found in Germany
German authorities had to evacuate some 17,000 residents of the city of Dortmund on Sunday, after the discovery of an old, unexploded 1.8-ton aviation bomb.

30.11.2014 12:11

A1 road in UK’s north shut down after ‘explosion’
The A1 has been closed near Catterick, North Yorkshire, due to reports of an explosion. Police have given no details of any possible injuries and it’s not clear whether the nearby army barracks were affected by the blast.

29.11.2014 11:45

British embassy vehicle hit in suicide attack in Kabul; at least 5 killed
A suicide bomber on motorcycle blew himself up within a convoy of foreign troops in the east of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Thursday. Medics report of five dead and 34 injured. The UK Foreign Office confirms one Briton is among those killed.

27.11.2014 06:43

2 people rescued from rubble of collapsed building in Chicago (PHOTOS)
An apartment building has “completely” collapsed in the Washington Park neighbourhood of Chicago after a reported explosion, trapping people under the debris. Fire Department crews believe they rescued the only two victims, but continue their search.

24.11.2014 02:01

14 injured in gas explosion at London Hyatt Churchill hotel
A suspected gas explosion has shaken the Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel in London. The guests have been evacuated with at least fourteen people suffering injuries. Five people were taken to hospital.

22.11.2014 00:58

​Man dies after being burned alive in industrial oven
A Liverpool man suffered horrific burns and later died from shock after becoming trapped in an industrial moulding oven when co-workers failed to notice he was cleaning inside, a court has heard. The oven can reach temperatures of 280 degrees Celsius.

21.11.2014 15:12

​Radioactive leak as fire strikes Scottish nuclear plant
A fire at a Scottish nuclear power plant has caused the release of radioactive particles “via an unauthorized route.” Site officials insist the leak poses no threat to the public.

21.11.2014 11:44

Chelyabinsk meteor #2? Massive flash over Russia’s Urals stuns locals & scientists
An extraordinary bright orange flash has lit up the sky in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. While locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on numerous cameras, both scientists and emergency services still struggle to explain the unusual event.

18.11.2014 20:44

556 asteroids size of washing machine hit Earth over past 20 years - NASA report
Asteroids of about a meter and larger in size invade our planet's atmosphere every other week, a study released by NASA shows. According to data gathered over the past 20 years, at least 556 such asteroids collided with Earth over this period.

17.11.2014 18:09