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​Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, the most lucrative fight ever, but is it the biggest?
The fight on May 2 between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is one that boxing fans and writers have sought more than any other in recent years, even though both fighters have passed their respective peaks.

27.04.2015 13:50

Church-blessed Rourke sports gold gloves, KOs 29-yo boxer in Russia (PHOTOS)
Movie star turned pro boxer Mickey Rourke, 62, scored his seventh boxing victory by dropping a man half his age in a Moscow bout. Rourke choose flashy golden gloves for the ring and managed to secure a church blessing.

29.11.2014 10:43

Mickey Rourke’s Russian adventure: Boxing, meeting Putin, looking to adopt dog
Hollywood star Mickey Rourke – a sex symbol of the 1980s – is enjoying his time in Russia this week. The actor, who is not a newcomer to the Russian capital, is getting ready for a boxing match in Moscow on Friday.

26.11.2014 19:51

Mike Tyson helps motorcycle crash victim in Las Vegas
Boxing legend Mike Tyson is being branded as “some kind of superhero” by a man who says the hall-of-famer came to his side last week after an automobile accident in Las Vegas, Nevada left him waiting for an ambulance.

23.09.2014 14:18

Jaws and scores: Suarez and other bite-crazy athletes (VIDEO)
Uruguay’s striker Luis Suarez has made headlines by chomping on an Italian rival in a crucial FIFA World Cup match. RT recalls the history of Suarez’s misconduct and other top athletes, who don’t hesitate to use their teeth to achieve victory.

25.06.2014 16:01

‘I love Holyfield’ - Tyson
Evander Holyfield has said he met with Mike Tyson “by chance” at an event in Chicago, but this time, the two former boxing heavyweight champions played friends, and no body parts were bitten off.

17.02.2013 10:03

Manny Pacquiao refuses to fight in the US due to high taxes
Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will make millions no matter where he chooses to have his next professional bout, but the athlete is reportedly not interested in entertaining any offers at American venues.

15.02.2013 20:15

Klitschko gets special permit to reschedule Povetkin bout
The World Boxing Association has allowed its Super Champion, Wladimir Klitschko, to hold another fight before his mandatory title defense against ‘regular’ belt holder Aleksandr Povetkin of Russia.

31.01.2013 09:18

Fury vows to rid boxing of Klitschkos
British heavyweight Tyson Fury, believes boxing will better off without the Klitschko brothers, adding that he’s the man to put an end to the Ukrainian dominance of the division.

30.01.2013 09:59

Wach admits to doping in bout against Klitschko
Polish heavyweight Mariusz Wach has admitted to doping in his failed title fight against Ukrainian super-champ Wladimir Klitschko.

06.01.2013 13:04

Vitali Klitschko ‘not thinking about Haye’
WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has dispelled rumors surrounding a possible fight with David Haye, despite the Brit claiming everything is ready for their encounter.

23.12.2012 15:17

There are better athletes in Argentina than Messi
The world’s top footballer Lionel Messi, could only bag third spot in the sports journalists’ vote for Athlete of Year in Argentina.

20.12.2012 11:02