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NSA spied on Brazil’s President Rousseff, dozens of top officials - WikiLeaks
The US National Security Agency tapped the telephones of 29 Brazilian government top officials as well as waged economic espionage against the country by listening in to calls of those managing Brazilian economy, WikiLeaks claims in a new release.

04.07.2015 15:39

BRICS: A new way of global partnership
BRICS is a product of the dynamic development of globalization and new centers of economic growth and political influence, aligning the interests of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

04.07.2015 08:48

‘Cameron incapable of responding to terrorist threat in real way’
David Cameron wants to leave no safe space for terrorists to communicate, but attacking encryption major tech companies use leaves no safe space for ordinary people, making them more vulnerable, says Loz Kaye, former leader of the Pirate Party in the UK.

03.07.2015 14:11

China ratifies the creation of BRICS bank
The Chinese Parliament has ratified the creation of the BRICS Development Bank. The New Development Bank was conceived as a counterbalance to such Western-led financial institutions as the World Bank and the IMF.

01.07.2015 04:33

Man learns never to mess with disabled parking in Brazil (VIDEO)
A video has gone viral of one inconsiderate driver being taught a lesson in Brazil. The man parked in a disabled zone only to return to find his vehicle covered with blue and white post-it notes. His car resembled a giant international disabled sign.

26.06.2015 05:42

​Eggs of world’s deadliest spider found in English supermarket
Eggs laid by the world’s most venomous spider have been discovered in a batch of bananas at an English supermarket, causing the store to be temporarily shut down.

05.06.2015 12:34

​‘Shot 9 times in the head’: Killing of innocent Brazilian by UK police reaches Strasbourg
The case of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was repeatedly shot in the head by police at a London tube station in the wake of the July 7, 2005 bombings, an incident for which no officer was prosecuted, will be heard at the European Court of Human Rights.

05.06.2015 08:26

BRICS trample US in South America
It started in April with a rash of deals between Argentina and Russia during President Cristina Kirchner’s visit to Moscow.

22.05.2015 13:36

Decapitated: Brazilian journalist investigating child prostitution & corruption killed
An investigative journalist has been found dead in the southeast of Brazil, police have reported. Evany Jose Metzker had been missing for days before he was discovered with his hands bound and signs that he had been tortured.

21.05.2015 07:04

Amazonian tribes unite against Brazil’s controversial plans for hydroelectric dams
Amazonian tribes are uniting against the Brazilian government’s plans to build hydroelectric dams right on their doorstep. As the projects accelerate, people have not been consulted, nor have proper environmental studies been carried out.

01.05.2015 09:15

Russian upper house ratifies BRICS $100bn currency pool
Russia’s upper house of Parliament, the Federation Council has ratified an agreement to establish the $100 billion foreign currency reserve pool for the BRICS group. It is intended to protect national currencies from volatility in global markets.

29.04.2015 10:43

‘Stop or I’ll shoot’: Amazing POV footage of special unit on drug op
It’s a real-life action movie: amazing footage has emerged of a Brazilian Special Operations group intercepting a boat full of drugs being smuggled into the country.

28.04.2015 06:05