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Breakaway regions

BBC interviews Yanukovich, leaves key Donbass & Crimea quotes out of English version
In his first interview with Western media, Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovich told the BBC that Crimea splitting from Ukraine was a tragedy, but the only way to avoid war. Maidan violence contributed to the Crimean referendum, he said.

23.06.2015 12:09

Ukrainian soldiers confess to cold-blooded murder of 2 women ‘suspected of separatism’
Two Ukrainian servicemen have confessed to the murder of a mother and daughter in the Kiev-controlled portion of eastern Ukraine, the local prosecutor’s office reported on Wednesday. The soldiers shot the women in the head with a machine gun.

17.06.2015 21:00

Kiev to allow foreign armed forces in Ukraine, incl. ‘potential carriers of nukes’
The Ukrainian parliament has adopted amendments to state law allowing “admission of the armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine.” The possible hosting of foreign weapons of mass destruction is also mentioned in the documents.

04.06.2015 20:18

​Russia digs 100 km ditch along border with south-eastern Ukraine
Russia has erected 40km of fortified walls, and more than 100km of defensive trenches on its border with the rebel Ukrainian regions of Lugansk and Donetsk.

26.05.2015 20:37

Failed state: New micro-kingdom of Enclava forced to move after drawing Slovenia’s ire
Enclava, a Balkan microstate proclaimed by a group of Polish tourists last month, has been forced to move to a new patch of land, after Slovenia said it was squatting on its territory.

24.05.2015 16:27

​‘Political theater’: Gerry Adams, Prince Charles handshake dismissed by victim of Troubles
As Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams meets Prince Charles on Tuesday to promote “reconciliation and healing" in Northern Ireland, the sister of one of the Troubles’ many Irish victims spoke out.

19.05.2015 11:37

​Macedonia terrorist raid may be linked to country's support of Russia – Lavrov
Moscow ‘can’t help thinking’ the recent terrorist attack in Macedonia has something to do with the country’s objection to anti-Russian sanctions and participation in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project, the Russian foreign minister said.

16.05.2015 11:00

E.Ukraine forces close-up: Meet Margarita Seidler, female voice for Strelkov’s cause
The question many people ask: How come hundreds of West Europeans came to fight for the self-proclaimed republics in Eastern Ukraine? In fact, the defense of Donbass became the first major volunteer war in Europe since the Spanish Civil War.

30.04.2015 15:13

Moscow urges OSCE to act amid reports of Donetsk shelling
Following reports that Kiev’s military has launched a massive artillery attack on Donetsk, hitting residential areas, according to the DPR, Russia’s FM has called the OSCE chairman urging him to influence Kiev into immediately halting ceasefire breaches.

02.05.2015 21:15

Why NATO is terrified of Russia
The twin-pronged attack - oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed.

29.04.2015 14:48

‘If Poroshenko wants peace, he can stop shelling of Donbass’
The West should put pressure on President Poroshenko to stop the gunfire and attacks on civilians in Donbass, take away weapons from the frontline, and fully respect the Minsk II agreement, Robert Oulds from the Bruges Group, who is in Donetsk told RT.

23.04.2015 10:57

Ukraine ceasefire violations blamed on ‘unidentified third party’ – OSCE
The fragile truce in eastern Ukraine has on several occasions been violated by an “unidentified third party,” the OSCE mission stated in its daily report, citing officers of the joint coordination center who were trying to organize a ceasefire.

18.04.2015 02:06