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Breakaway regions

‘Final instrument’: Catalan leader urges early independence election
Catalonian President Artur Mas has called for a “plebiscite election” involving lists of pro-independence parties and civil society members. The poll is viewed as the region’s final battle for separation from Spain, if Madrid does not carry out reform.

25.11.2014 21:02

Reckless reaction: 'Snobbish' Labour MP forced to quit as UKIP claims 2nd by-election win
​A week is a long time in politics? A senior Labour MP’s ill-judged reaction to UKIP’s win in Thursday’s Rochester and Strood by-election shows even a few hours can make or break a politician’s career.

21.11.2014 10:23

‘How Ukraine was turned into a failed state in a year’
As a country with few socio-economic and political problems Ukraine has turned into a failed state torn by civil war and sectarian violence, with a lack of constitutional order and a destroyed economy, foreign affairs expert Nebojsa Malic told RT.

21.11.2014 09:20

‘Donbass’ International Brigade
The strength and whereabouts of the International Brigade operating in east Ukraine is a secret. Yet it is possible to interview the unit’s ragtag troops. They have no single ideology or political affiliation.

17.11.2014 12:31

‘Kiev, West’s political machinations point to continuation of war’
The Western and Kiev governments’ commitment to resolve the Ukrainian conflict exists only in words, while their policies are aimed at the escalation of the crisis as the Minsk agreements are not respected, geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

17.11.2014 09:31

‘Disobedience!’ Spain to sue Catalonian leader over independence vote
Madrid has said it will sue Artur Mas, the Catalonian president for “disobedience and dishonesty” after Sunday’s independence vote, which saw 80 percent backing a split from Spain. Mas defied a court injunction barring him to hold a succession vote.

12.11.2014 17:03

80% of Catalans say 'Yes' to independence in symbolic ‘referendum’
An overwhelming majority of Catalans have said “yes” to independence and secession from the central Spanish government in Madrid in a highly-anticipated but symbolic referendum poll on Sunday.

10.11.2014 01:08

​Kiev declares passport control on border with rebel-held regions
Border guards stationed at Kiev-controlled checkpoints surrounding the rebel-held areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions will now be checking IDs of every person traveling through them, the border guard service has announced.

06.11.2014 12:03

‘Reluctance to allow Catalan referendum illustrates Spain’s former empire mentality’
A so-called empire hangover or an empire mentality stops the Spanish government from admitting the Catalan right to hold an independence referendum, which will actually give more respect to Madrid if allowed, Scottish Nationalist MP Angus MacNeil told RT.

14.10.2014 11:48

Catalan govt cancels plans for independence referendum
The Catalan government has given up plans to hold a November 9 referendum on independence from Spain, a regional party leader told AFP.

13.10.2014 20:45

Step towards independence: Catalonia sets up referendum panel despite court move
Although the legality of Catalonia’s independence referendum was questioned by Spain's highest court, the region’s leader has set up a committee to supervise the November 9 popular vote. Madrid has vowed to appeal the move.

03.10.2014 14:31

Struggle for independence: ‘it’s ridiculous’ to ban Catalonian referendum
By trying to stop Catalans voting in a referendum Madrid is showing it has no understanding of democracy and universal human rights, though Catalonia’s independence would benefit everyone, Anna Arque from European Partnership for Independence told RT.

02.10.2014 11:41