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Breakaway regions

‘Reluctance to allow Catalan referendum illustrates Spain’s former empire mentality’
A so-called empire hangover or an empire mentality stops the Spanish government from admitting the Catalan right to hold an independence referendum, which will actually give more respect to Madrid if allowed, Scottish Nationalist MP Angus MacNeil told RT.

14.10.2014 11:48

Catalan govt cancels plans for independence referendum
The Catalan government has given up plans to hold a November 9 referendum on independence from Spain, a regional party leader told AFP.

13.10.2014 20:45

Step towards independence: Catalonia sets up referendum panel despite court move
Although the legality of Catalonia’s independence referendum was questioned by Spain's highest court, the region’s leader has set up a committee to supervise the November 9 popular vote. Madrid has vowed to appeal the move.

03.10.2014 14:31

Struggle for independence: ‘it’s ridiculous’ to ban Catalonian referendum
By trying to stop Catalans voting in a referendum Madrid is showing it has no understanding of democracy and universal human rights, though Catalonia’s independence would benefit everyone, Anna Arque from European Partnership for Independence told RT.

02.10.2014 11:41

‘Nobody is allowed to break up Spain’: Madrid court suspends Catalonia vote
Spain’s Constitutional Court decided Monday that Catalonia has no right to vote for its independence. The independence referendum planned by Catalonia’s President for this November was unanimously suspended by 12 judges.

29.09.2014 22:49

4th mass grave found in E. Ukraine, self-defense forces report
One more mass grave has been found in a village in eastern Ukraine, say self-defense forces. The site was located days after OSCE mission confirmed the discovery of three mass burial sites in areas recently abandoned by Kiev forces.

28.09.2014 21:54

Vigils for innocent victims, anti-war rallies held in Russia, Ukraine (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Thousands have attended a Moscow vigil for the innocent victims of the Ukraine conflict, with similar anti-war events taking place in Ukrainian cities. Some of the rallies however were quickly dispersed by police when clashes erupted during the marches.

27.09.2014 20:22

Why we need a new anti-war coalition of the left and right
World War 1 began with an attack on Serbia by Austro-Hungary in 1914. Today’s ongoing World War 3 – of which the current US-led air strikes on Iraq and Syria are only the latest instalment – began with NATO’s attack on Serbia/Yugoslavia in 1999.

27.09.2014 15:44

Catalonia president orders independence referendum on Nov. 9
The president of Catalonia, Artur Mas, has signed a decree calling an independence referendum for Nov. 9. The secessionist drive of the Spanish region has been rebuked by Madrid, which vowed to block the vote.

27.09.2014 08:55

Majority of Catalans want independence from Spain - poll
Almost 60 percent of Catalans support independence from Spain according to the latest poll, which also revealed that Catalans have no fear about their future as a sovereign European state.

23.09.2014 03:15

Catalan parliament approves November independence vote
The Catalan parliament has passed a law giving its regional president the power to carry out a non-binding consultation vote on secession from Spain. Catalan nationalists believe this law enables them to hold the long-awaited independence referendum.

20.09.2014 03:17

Catalan president to sign decree calling for independence ‘consultation’ vote
Catalonia’s president, Artur Mas, has said he will put his signature on a decree calling for a ‘consultation’ on independence from Spain on November 9, despite Madrid deeming any potential referendum unconstitutional.

19.09.2014 12:10

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