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Breakaway regions

51st State? Two counties in California seek to form new Jefferson State
Two counties in northern California have submitted a petition for the right to form a 51st State of America, which they want to name Jefferson. They claim a lack of representation and that their grievances aren’t heard at state level.

29.08.2014 12:09

Russia urges UNSC to stop ‘speculation around MH17 flight’
At a UN Security Council meeting, Russia demanded the international community to stop speculation about the MH17 flight, unless someone is willing to contribute info important to investigation, such as air traffic controller’s records concealed by Kiev.

28.08.2014 22:27

​Geography can be tough indeed: Canada, Russia engage in tweet-for-tat war
Following the panic caused in the West by Kiev's claims of a Russian invasion after several Russian soldiers patrolling the border were caught on Ukrainian side, the Canadian delegation to NATO reacted with a little geography sarcasm in its Twitter.

29.08.2014 02:24

Russia-suggested statement on Ukraine ceasefire blocked at UNSC under ‘frivolous pretext’
A statement calling for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine was blocked at the UN Security Council under a completely frivolous pretext, Russia's envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said, after a heated debate with Kiev again accusing Russia of full-scale invasion.

28.08.2014 20:19

Russia’s Defense Ministry ridicules NATO’s photo-proof of invasion in Ukraine
It makes no sense to comment in detail on the satellite imagery released by NATO as “proof” of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine, Defense Ministry’s spokesman said, pointing out that even high NATO officials were hesitant to put their names on it.

29.08.2014 00:17

Russia can’t set ceasefire conditions in Ukraine’s internal conflict – Putin
Russian and Ukrainian leaders have concluded their first official face-to-face meeting in Minsk during which they discussed Ukraine's Association Agreement with EU and the crisis and humanitarian disaster in the east of the country.

26.08.2014 19:48

​Russia will do whatever necessary to protect its legitimate interests – Lavrov
Russia doesn’t want to escalate tit-for-tat sanctions with the West, but is ready to do whatever is necessary to protect its legitimate interests, including those of national security in all its dimensions, Russia’s FM told The Daily Telegraph.

25.08.2014 21:06

Scotland’s leader brands Australian PM’s remarks on independence ‘foolish’
Alex Salmond, the First Minister for Scotland, has said that comments by Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minster, that the world would not “be helped by an independent Scotland” are “foolish, hypocritical and offensive.”

16.08.2014 18:38

2nd Jihadist Brit fighting for ISIS gunned down in Syria - reports
A British man, who was a supervisor at a British clothing chain, has reportedly been killed in Syria while fighting for the rebel insurgent group, the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

11.08.2014 08:10

Sochi may host Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks – Kremlin
The presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia may hold three-party talks in Sochi on Sunday to curb the recent outbreak of violence in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the South Caucasus, Moscow said.

09.08.2014 19:12

‘Currency issue is used by Westminster to instigate fear among the Scots’
The independent currency would give Scotland the full levers of economic power without relying on London or the Central banks and allow it to pursue an entirely different economic agenda, Radical Independence Campaign co-founder Jonathan Shafi told RT.

06.08.2014 13:24

Pentagon sends experts to Kiev as part of MH17 crash investigation
The Pentagon has sent an assessment team to the embassy in Kiev to provide support in piecing together the details of the investigation into the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane.

06.08.2014 10:05

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