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Breakaway regions

Ukraine TV cuts live interview after HRW rep refuses to admit ‘Russian aggression’
A live interview with an HRW representative on Ukraine's Hromadske TV came to an unexpected close when the host terminated the conversation after the guest refused to validate claims of Russia's alleged “indisputable war crimes.”

28.07.2014 23:16

Over 40 mortar shells ‘fired to kill’ into Russia from Ukraine
At least 45 mortar shells fired at targets located inside the Rostov-on-Don region have been unleashed by Ukraine’s army, Russia’s border officials said. The barrage destroyed multiple houses and forced an evacuation of civilians.

25.07.2014 15:39

Armed Australian soldiers, police to deploy to MH17 crash site
A proposed multinational force to further secure the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine will now include over 100 armed Australian police and soldiers. The move comes shortly after 40 unarmed Dutchmen had been deployed to “further stabilize the area.”

25.07.2014 04:57

Putin: Taskforce at Malaysia MH17 crash site not enough, full-scale intl team needed
The tragic Malaysian MH17 flight crash must not be politicised and the international experts on the scene should be able to carry out their work in complete safety, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

20.07.2014 20:56

Boko Haram chief voices support for IS, claims deadly attacks in new video
The head of Nigeria’s Boko Haram radicals has vowed support for the Sunni Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria and other Islamist groups in a new video, according to AFP. The group also claimed responsibility for the deadly June bombings in Nigeria.

13.07.2014 15:07

Kiev orders 'loyalty checks' of Slavyansk police after militia relocate to Donetsk
An internal investigation will be launched against all Ukrainian police officers who stayed in the city of Slavyansk and were reportedly detained after the militia of Donetsk People’s Republic broke out of the besieged city and relocated their forces.

06.07.2014 03:07

‘Scotland’s independence would diminish the overall UK defense potential’
The Scots have added a huge amount to the total UK defense capability over the years and it is extremely sad that they should even consider separating, Admiral Sir Alan West, the former First Sea Lord, told RT.

04.07.2014 12:39

‘The Ukrainian crisis is degenerating into outright genocide’
As the Russian-speakers in Ukraine are being annihilated by the "wrong" government run by neo-Nazi fascists Russia needs to act and prevent genocide, Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, told RT's Truthseeker.

04.07.2014 09:54

Shells devastate entire streets in eastern Ukrainian town (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Eyewitnesses in the Cossack settlement of Luganskaya have accused government forces of carrying out two airstrikes on densely-populated residential areas. Kiev says the devastation is the result of shelling by secessionist forces.

02.07.2014 19:02

Russian Deputy PM pledges support to Moldova’s breakaway region
The Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU is violating the basic rights of people living in the breakaway Republic of Transdniester, claims Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin as he promised “full-fledged support” to the region.

02.07.2014 12:25

‘Independent Kurdistan can hasten spread of jihad’
The formation of an official Kurdistan could accelerate the fragmenting of the regional order, including the breakup of Iraq and Syria, and the spread of Islamic jihad into Jordan and potentially Saudi Arabia, independent journalist Larry Everest told RT.

01.07.2014 13:04

​‘Poroshenko promised war until liberation of Ukraine’
President Poroshenko continues to lie, blaming self-defense militias of Donetsk and Lugask for violating the ceasefire. This contradicts documented cases of Kiev's continuous assaults on civilians in the area, foreign affairs expert Nebojsa Malic told RT.

01.07.2014 02:06

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