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Greek bank deposits lowest in 10yrs as savers pull funds
Deposits in Greek banks have declined by around €7.6 billon in February as customers started pulling out their money with fears growing the country may possibly exit the eurozone.

27.03.2015 08:11

‘Free journalism doesn’t really exist in the US’
The US mainstream media has been working hand in hand with the government in terms of carrying out a propaganda war and we see this especially in the situation over Ukraine, William Jones from Executive Intelligence Review, told RT.

26.03.2015 15:18

‘US competes with China, Russia to remain the big dog on the block’
The US doesn’t see Russia as a real threat, but political and economic rivalry is behind its narrative as Moscow and Beijing are forming alternate poles of global power and finance, says Dr. Conn Hallinan, a columnist at Foreign Policy In Focus.

26.03.2015 13:50

‘Obama, Ghani need each other for political survival’
President Obama needs Afghanistan to show he is successful despite a failed Mideast policy, while Ghani’s survival as Afghan president depends on an influx of US money and presence of American troops, former State Department official Matthew Hoh told RT.

24.03.2015 12:18

Bernie Sanders to propose ‘war tax’ amendment to GOP budget that’s bad for middle class
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is not a fan of the Republican budget that is working its way through Congress. The self-described democratic socialist believes the GOP budget helps the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor.

23.03.2015 22:51

Osborne evokes Churchill… but would Winston call to vanquish UK’s poorest?
You know a British chancellor is desperate when he employs the kind of rhetoric associated with Winston Churchill during a budget speech.

20.03.2015 13:22

State Duma may cut aid to political parties to save funds
A leftist lawmaker has suggested cutting state monetary support to Russian political parties by 45 percent in order to save on the budget and use it for social programs instead.

20.03.2015 08:49

Caught on camera: Janet Napolitano calls anti-tuition-hike student protest ‘crap’
The first rule of broadcasting and politics is that the mic is always hot. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano forgot that rule during a University of California regents meeting, calling a student protest against tuition hikes "crap."

19.03.2015 21:21

Minimum wage increase ‘won’t end in-work poverty’ – trade union boss
Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg announced a 3 percent rise in the minimum wage on Tuesday, the biggest real-term increase since 2008. Trade unions say the move will fail to tackle in-work poverty.

17.03.2015 09:04

On Russia’s anti-crisis measures
Given the negative trend in Russia’s economy caused by many factors, such as the fall in oil prices and sanctions, the Russian government has agreed the "Priority Action Plan for the sustainable development of the economy and social stability in 2015".

16.03.2015 09:10

‘New IMF loan to Ukraine will go down the drain’
President Poroshenko’s government is far more corrupt and less efficient than the previous one, according to Martin Sieff, columnist for the Baltimore Post-Examiner. It’s like a black hole, the more money you pour in the less you will have, he added.

11.03.2015 13:26

​Better late than never! UK finally repays its First World War debts
Britain's outstanding First World War debt has been repaid after the chancellor redeemed £1.9 billion from an outstanding bond – almost 100 years after the war ended.

09.03.2015 12:04