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Austerity has damaging psychological effect – something UK politicians should take note of
With only weeks to go before the general election in the UK, a statement by some of the UK's leading mental health experts has warned that austerity policies are having a seriously damaging effect on the psychological well-being of ordinary people.

23.04.2015 15:09

Russia faces toughest economic challenges in modern history – Medvedev
Russia has never faced so many challenges at once like now, including the crash of oil prices and severe Western economic sanctions. However, it adapted to a new economic reality and even managed to stabilize, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

21.04.2015 11:05

Communists oppose government initiative to raise pension age
Russian Communist Party strongly opposed the plans to up the minimum at which citizens can apply for state pensions and said that such moves should first be tested on government ministers.

21.04.2015 13:35

Finland: Exhibiting strain of northern independence
Finland has struck a blow for genuine exceptionalism in Europe. Anti-NATO parties dominated polls while Euroskeptic cred was championed not only by the longstanding anti-EU party, but also, uniquely within the eurozone, by the Social Democratic party.

21.04.2015 07:48

‘Default would be best scenario for Greece’
Given the remaining differences in the approach to the bailout between the Greek government and the Troika, a default would be the best thing for the Greek people, Marco Pietropoli, London-based economist, told RT.

20.04.2015 10:48

Moscow denies planning multibillion credit to Greece
Russia denied media reports that it is going to give Greece a loan of up to $5 billion as advance payment for future transit profits from a future gas pipeline. The sum was mooted by the German magazine Spiegel.

April 18, 2015 17:48

Ukraine to stop coal & electricity imports by year-end, energy minister says
Ukraine will end electricity and coal imports in the next 7-8 months as the government continues to cut expenditure, according to a Ukrainian energy ministry.

17.04.2015 13:30

​‘Bankruptcy closer every day, and you believe statistics?’ British-born farmer grills Putin at Q&A (VIDEO)
An expat Englishman, who runs a farm not far from Moscow, has grilled the Russian president and asked where Putin gets his statistics. The farmer said his farm and other dairy farmers were struggling to survive.

16.04.2015 15:09

Sweden’s ‘submarine scare’: Time to stop this kid stuff
“The public has the right to know”: this phrase is frequently used as a popular motto for the British media. Sometimes though, the media in this country seems not to notice some inconvenient facts.

15.04.2015 15:35

Russia to turn to courts if Ukraine fails to pay $3bn debt in time - Siluanov
Russia will go to arbitration court if Ukraine fails to repay its $3 billion debt by the end of the year, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has said.

15.04.2015 08:33

​Labour 2015 manifesto: Miliband pledges to ‘balance books,’ cut deficit, up minimum wage
Ed Miliband has outlined his party’s ambitious plans in Labour’s 2015 manifesto, including pledges to balancing the books, cut Britain’s deficit year-on-year and increasing the minimum wage.

13.04.2015 12:31

‘Spanish gag law will make things dangerous for people, but won’t stop rallies’
A new Spanish “gag law” will make things more dangerous for people and easier for the government to impose more austerity measures, says Clara Valverde, writer and anti-austerity activist. But people will still take to streets, she adds.

13.04.2015 09:53