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‘Pigs might fly; Greece will pay its debt to EU’
Greece will inevitably get a debt haircut as it’s not able to cope with the €240 billion bailout loan given by the EU, said Hugh Bronson from the Alternative for Germany party. No national structure is able to cope with that amount of debt, he added.

30.01.2015 10:13

US classifies details of financial aid to Afghanistan
The Pentagon says US spending to help Afghanistan will no longer be made public. Data had been published over the last six years explaining how the $65 billion program had been spent, however this will now cease, with the US citing “security concerns.”

30.01.2015 06:26

$561bn Pentagon budget planned, advocates say real budget is $1trn
The White House will be seeking $561 billion from Congress to run the Pentagon in 2016 – its largest budget ever. However, a research and advocacy director told RT that the budget is closer to $1 trillion, and has been for several administrations.

30.01.2015 02:18

S&P downgrades Russia's credit rating to junk
US-based credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has cut Russia’s sovereign rating to BB+, leaving it below investment grade for the first time in a decade. Moscow termed the decision "overly pessimistic."

26.01.2015 18:30

‘€12bn black hole in Greece: Where Syriza will get money from?’
The mew Greek Syriza government has failed to explain where it will get the money from to end the austerity policy, as it is impossible to wave a magic wand overnight and fix the problems easily, economist Nick Skrekas told RT.

26.01.2015 09:05

Cameron vows not to cut army down to 60,000
David Cameron has assured MPs that the UK army would not be cut below its current level of 82,000, following reports of Ministry of Defence budget cuts.

22.01.2015 09:11

Japan approves largest military budget since WWII
Japan’s government has approved its largest military budget in 70 years, in contravention of the country’s pacifist constitution, in a display of force to its highly militarized neighbors. The extra military spending comes amid a stalling economy.

14.01.2015 06:11

India may reconsider $20 billion French Rafale jet deal in favor of Russia
India wants France to stick to the original terms of its deal to buy Rafale fighter jets, or it might call it off. If the manufacturers fail to comply, India may opt for the Russian designed Su-30 currently being produced domestically.

13.01.2015 10:50

Every Breath You Take: The Guardian's obsession with RT
There's a fine line between admiration and obsession. The UK’s Guardian newspaper is treading it currently as its editorial staff continues to be engrossed by RT.

12.01.2015 16:20

2015: A year of borrowed time?
Is this the year when national debt denial bites nations who have repeatedly failed to address their fiscal problems?

12.01.2015 13:27

US to close major airbase in Britain – Pentagon
The Pentagon has decided to end operations at an airbase in Britain and 14 other sites in Europe in a bid to save $500 million annually due to tight budgets and a shrinking military.

08.01.2015 14:34

Oil companies in turmoil, UK jobs and projects face chop
The oil price crisis has sparked a wave of cut backs and redundancies at the British oil giant BP. The price of Brent crude oil has fallen below $50 a barrel for the first time since May 2009 – after a steady decline over recent months.

08.01.2015 09:56