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Investors pull $27bn out of UK in one month amid fears of Scotland’s exit – report
Almost $27 billion of financial assets were pulled out of Britain in August in the run up to Scotland’s vote on independence, according to a new report by a London-based consultancy comparing the capital outflow to the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.

14.09.2014 19:30

House of Perks: MPs claim record £103mn in expenses
MPs’ staff, travel and accommodation costs reached £103 million last year, up from £99 million the previous year and £95 million in 2009 – the peak of the parliamentary expenses scandal.

12.09.2014 08:47

Debt-ridden Spain to spend €1mn on riot gear
The Spanish government intends to spend about 1 million euro on police riot gear, despite the country’s debt rising by 58 billion euro over the last year. Authorities worry about widespread protests they believe will grip the nation in the autumn.

09.09.2014 12:08

‘Germany unhappy with the way NATO summit has gone over Russia and Ukraine’
Germany does not want to see its money going into something that is going to be misused from its point of view, defense analyst Dr. Binoy Kampmark told RT.

08.09.2014 12:55

Nuclear costs Britain a bomb? Cleanup bill reportedly spikes by £6 billion
The cost of decommissioning Britain’s nuclear sites, and particularly the Sellafield complex, has increased by billions of pounds. Both regulators and the government are accused of incompetence by anti-nuclear campaigners and union leaders.

07.09.2014 15:44

Broke Detroit firefighters using empty cans for emergency alerts
Anyone doubting the scale of Detroit's bankruptcy woes may be surprised to discover the city's firefighters have set up intricate, makeshift contraptions involving empty cans just to ensure emergency alerts are delivered properly.

06.09.2014 03:17

Migration to Britain making Romania stronger- President
Immigration to the UK has strengthened Romania’s economy by reducing the country’s unemployment rate, the Romanian president has said.

05.09.2014 13:47

Japan seeks biggest-ever defense budget amid China tensions
Japan is looking to boost its defense budget to the biggest it’s ever been, to pay for drones, stealth fighters and a new high-tech submarine amid intensifying military rivalry with China and concerns over North Korea’s missile program.

29.08.2014 14:59

Canada opposes NATO budget boost - sources
The NATO chief wants member states to agree to increase their defense spending at next week’s summit. But Canada is determined to block the move, Reuters reports, citing anonymous sources familiar with negotiations on the issue.

29.08.2014 05:07

'With no tangible economy it will be hard for Ukraine to pay off its debt’
Nobody is going to invest in an economy when there is no rule of law, and any certainty that assets will not be in some way squandered, taken away through bribery, or indeed outright stolen, global finance expert Patrick Young told RT.

25.08.2014 11:44

‘Welcome to Aerospace’: NASA lacks funds for deep-space rocket
Budget shortfalls rather than technical challenges may prevent NASA from launching its new $12 billion deep-space rocket by the end of 2017 as planned, federal auditors said.

24.07.2014 12:22

Chinese whisper in American neighborhood
After the major headline hogging BRICS summit, the next news event that has been watched closely is the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Latin America.

23.07.2014 10:15

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