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Putin announces 10% salary cuts in his administration
The Russian president has ordered salary cuts of 10 percent for all members of his administration, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, who is also deputy head of the administration, has told reporters.

27.02.2015 12:37

Revealed: McDonald's €1bn tax loophole
Fast-food chain McDonald’s has been accused of avoiding over €1 billion in European corporate taxes between 2009-2013. A report by a coalition of European and American trade unions has revealed the company’s alleged tax avoidance strategy.

26.02.2015 13:34

Russian MPs support cut in own salaries as anti-crisis measure
Deputies of all parliamentary caucuses have backed a proposal by State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin to cut their recently increased salaries as part of the Russian government’s budget optimization.

24.02.2015 10:15

American support for military spending hike at highest level since 2001
More Americans say they want to increase defense and military spending than at any point since 2001, according to a new Gallup poll, though the public remains split.

21.02.2015 03:01

‘People lost faith in established European parties’ - Euroskeptic AfD party member
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is successful because voters look for parties that have right programs and are aware that established political parties have no answers to the up-to-date serious questions, Paul Hampel from the AfD told RT.

16.02.2015 13:57

‘Greek ‘revolution’ woke up Europeans, spreads like wildfire’
Public support for Greece across Europe is predictable as other countries are suffering just as much, says Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, a former Greek ambassador. It’s a message to EU leaders who have been distant from people they are supposed to serve.

16.02.2015 04:18

​Colorado’s first year of legal weed returns less taxes than expected
Taxes on recreational marijuana netted $44 million for Colorado during the last calendar year, according to new figures released this week. The numbers indicate what other states may reap should they follow the Rocky Mountain State’s lead.

11.02.2015 17:45

We want to change our state & economy ourselves, not by troika – Greek minister
Greece wants to implement its own program of reforms, rather than be forced to allow the troika to do so, George Katrougalos, the country’s minister of administrative reforms, told RT on the eve of the emergency eurozone finance ministers' meeting.

10.02.2015 20:42

​Osborne warns of ‘very bad outcome’ from Greece standoff
UK Chancellor George Osborne has warned there is a growing risk of a “very bad outcome” between Greece and the Eurozone. Meanwhile, anti-austerity activists have called two “emergency” solidarity protests in London to support the Greek government.

10.02.2015 13:15

‘All shades of grey’: Who wins and loses in shadow economy?
On average a shadow economy increases the gross national product of a country, but state institutions are affected as people don’t pay taxes and social contributions, Dr. Friedrich Schneider, an economist at the University of Linz, told RT.

09.02.2015 12:06

Troika Trojan horse: Will Syriza capitulate in Greece?
The 2015 Greek tragedy is a sorry (financial) remix of the Trojan War. But now the troika (ECB, EC, IMF) has replaced Greece, and Greece is the new Troy.

06.02.2015 06:22

‘EU will do anything to keep Greece in’
European leaders are desperately keen to keep the Greeks in the EU and they will do anything they can to persuade the Tsipras government to stay – but sooner or later, ‘Grexit’ is inevitable, David Coburn, UKIP MEP, told RT.

05.02.2015 14:30