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‘Vicious’ British extremists in ISIS threaten national security – expert
British extremists are among the "most vicious and vociferous fighters" in the Islamic State ranks, a jihadism expert says. This comes as a brutal video emerged in which an IS fighter with a British accent beheads a US journalist.

20.08.2014 11:52

Can't touch this: PM announces age rating plan for explicit music videos
Online music videos could be given age ratings to help protect children from inappropriate content, David Cameron has said.

18.08.2014 12:23

UK won't deploy ‘boots on the ground’ in Iraq, vows tougher action
David Cameron said the UK won’t deploy “boots on the ground” in Iraq, but could arm Kurdish fighters in its efforts to aid the fight against IS jihadists. Meanwhile, the Defence Secretary said British involvement in Iraq could last for months.

18.08.2014 08:17

Cameron fears ISIS terror attacks in UK, pledges crackdown on jihadist recruitment
A stronger Islamic State can pose direct threat to Britons at home, British PM David Cameron said. His solution is to clamp down on the Islamists’ recruitment drive in Britain, but not to send ground troops to Iraq.

17.08.2014 08:04

‘Unrelated to Warsi’: 2nd Foreign Office minister resigns
Mark Simmonds, Minister for Africa, has resigned from the Foreign Office. He is the second Foreign Office minister to quit in a week, but Downing Street emphasized his departure is unrelated to Baroness Warsi’s high-profile resignation over Gaza.

11.08.2014 11:23

‘Get over Syria’: MPs urge Cameron to push for military action in Iraq
David Cameron is coming under intense pressure to recall parliament amid more reports of minority Christians and Yazidis being slaughtered by Islamic State (IS) extremists in northern Iraq.

11.08.2014 08:14

‘Ukraine is a dysfunctional country, not because of Russia’
​Ukrainian government does not seem to make any concessions that could bring this civil war to an end, Ken Livingstone, former London Mayor and British Labour Party politician, told RT.

21.07.2014 14:14

‘We are giving all of our privacy for just the possibility of a little bit of safety’
Intelligence agencies like the NSA and GCHQ seek to scoop up literally every single form of digital and non-digital communication and data in the world all the time, political cartoonist and author Ted Rall told RT.

14.07.2014 12:27

End of Alzheimer's? Doctors optimistic after breakthrough
British scientists have developed a blood test that identifies the 10 proteins that show Alzheimer’s disease is imminent, thus allowing physicians to take action against the condition before symptoms start to appear.

08.07.2014 08:21

​'Defeated' Cameron congratulates Juncker on EC win, says it's not a 'fatal blow'
British Prime Minister David Cameron faced “utter humiliation” on Monday as he was forced to congratulate Jean Claude Juncker on his win as European Commission president – despite fiercely opposing his nomination for almost two months.

30.06.2014 18:40

What are British values?
This is a question everyone is grappling with now that British PM David Cameron has thrown his lot in by stating that he wants a more muscular promotion of British values to include freedom, tolerance of others and respect for the rule of law.

25.06.2014 12:11

UK urged to give Germany access to RAF base that 'helped spy on Merkel'
The UK needs to grant Germany access to RAF Croughton military base which reportedly hosts a joint CIA/NSA unit, a Labor MP told British PM David Cameron, urging him to help the German federal investigation of the phone tapping of Angela Merkel.

19.06.2014 20:00

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