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Could UKIP's rise herald a new chapter in Russian-British relations?
Another month, another by-election success for the UK Independence Party. Mark Reckless’ victory last Friday in Rochester and Strood - by almost 3,000 votes - followed Douglas Carswell’s in October.

25.11.2014 12:24

Yes, Cameron - there's a 3rd recession coming - and you're to blame!
Reading David Cameron’s article in The Guardian on the G20, analyzing why the Eurozone is “teetering on the brink of a third recession” and the world is beset with chaos and instability, you could be forgiven for thinking none of it is his fault.

18.11.2014 15:20

50/50 chance of Britain leaving EU – former PM Major
For the first time there is “a serious possibility” the UK could vote to leave the European Union unless Prime Minister David Cameron can achieve genuine reform, the former PM Sir John Major has said.

14.11.2014 09:21

Greens, SNP & Welsh nationalists slam BBC over exclusion from TV election debates
The Green Party, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru have joined forces to urge the BBC to re-examine its decision to exclude “minor” parties from live televised debates in the run-up to the 2015 general election.

10.11.2014 11:21

​A British-Asian prime minister in our lifetime?
David Cameron said he hopes to see a British-Asian become prime minister in his lifetime, adding that there were “too few people from ethnic minorities in top positions.”

06.11.2014 15:20

‘Point of no return’: Merkel warns UK could exit EU over immigration policy – report
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled she would rather see the UK leave the EU than compromise the free movement of immigrants, German magazine Der Spiegel reported.

03.11.2014 04:16

‘Difficult, full of disagreements’: No breakthrough in Milan talks on Ukraine crisis
The talks on the Ukrainian crisis, where the presidents of Russia and Ukraine have met with their European counterparts, have resulted in “no breakthrough,” according to Chancellor Merkel, but were still labeled “positive” by most participants.

17.10.2014 08:39

Nicola Sturgeon takes the reigns of Scottish National Party
Coming after a failed referendum that could have seen Scotland achieve its independence, Deputy SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will replace Alex Salmond next month as the head of the SNP to become Scotland’s first female first minister.

15.10.2014 12:31

​British hostage freed by militants in Libya
Following a string of hostages being beheaded by the Islamic State, a British teacher who was being held by militants in Libya has been released.

05.10.2014 11:45

'Unforgivable': Cameron vows justice for slain hostage Alan Henning
Prime Minister David Cameron says members of the so-called Islamic State (IS) responsible for the murder of British hostage Alan Henning "will be hunted down and face justice." The PM’s warning comes as militants threatened to murder a fifth hostage.

04.10.2014 08:33

Afghanistan visit: PM says Britain paid ‘very high price’ for stability
UK Prime Minister David Cameron made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Friday to meet the new president, Ashraf Ghani. The PM acknowledged that Britain had paid a “very high price” to bring stability to the country.

03.10.2014 08:13

British PM David Cameron seeks to scrap Human Rights Act
Cameron’s human rights record isn't great. As Europe continues to slide to the right, and after significant UKIP gains in the European elections, Britain's PM has followed suit with a vow to scrap the Human Rights Act – something he has long advocated.

02.10.2014 15:44