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​Anonymous hacktivist deported back to US after failed asylum bid
A United States military veteran who claims he was interrogated and tortured by American officials as part of an alleged investigation into online groups WikiLeaks and Anonymous has been deported from Canada to face child porn charges in the US.

02.03.2015 18:34

EPA sued over shrinking monarch butterfly population
A leading environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, accusing regulators of dismissing dangers about a certain chemical used in herbicides, including Monsanto’s widely used Roundup.

28.02.2015 03:09

Crude price shock sends Canadian oil service companies into whirlwind
The crude oil price collapse has forced some Canadian oil service companies to cut their workforces, budgets, and salaries, as their energy-producing customers have been struggling with their own budget cuts and market uncertainty.

27.02.2015 01:59

Brief intermission: Canadian MP blames tight underwear for almost missing vote
Free speech among the political establishment in Canada has a wide berth, with parliamentarian underwear becoming a focal point of discussion after one MP rushed out of a voting session, saying he could not sit any longer in his too-tight underpants.

21.02.2015 03:48

Valentine’s Day massacre? Murder-suicide plot ‘averted’ in Canada – police
A mass murder-suicide shooting planned for St. Valentine’s Day was foiled by Canadian police in Nova Scotia, thanks to a tip just before the attack. A suspect was found dead and three more arrested, police said, declining to label the plot as “terrorist.”

14.02.2015 03:21

‘Media blamed whole faith’: Canadian activist tries to cure Islamophobia with street hugs
After getting death and rape threats for being a Muslim, a Canadian activist decided to raise awareness about Islamophobia, asking people to hug a man labeled a “terrorist” in the streets of Toronto. She shared people’s moving reaction with RT.

13.02.2015 23:48

‘We were lost between 2 worlds,’ survivor of Canada aboriginal kids’ adoption tells RT
US national swimming champion Wayne Snellgrove, one of the victims of Canada’s so-called “Scoop” program, an adoption scheme though which Aboriginal Canadian children were placed with white families, has told RT it stripped survivors of their identities.

13.02.2015 17:54

US ‘not sustainable’ as global growth leader – Canada’s finance minister
It is impossible to always rely solely on the US to boost the world economy, Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver said on Friday, adding that other nations must step up to the plate.

08.02.2015 23:30

Canada top court ruling allows doctor-assisted suicide
The Supreme Court of Canada has overturned a previous ban from 1993 and has unanimously decided to grant patients with severe and incurable medical conditions the right to die.

06.02.2015 20:29

‘When you collect everything, you understand nothing’ – Snowden
National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden answered questions from Canadian students on Monday, telling them that mass surveillance can actually harm the ability to prevent terrorist attacks while also being detrimental to personal privacy.

03.02.2015 02:37

‘Cauldron of doom’: Daredevil climber tells RT what it's like to scale frozen Niagara Falls
“I was climbing Niagara Falls – how cool is that?” Will Gadd, 47, said of the iconic natural landmark, which threatens to either engulf you in thousands of truckloads of raging ice water per second, or break every bone in your body.

02.02.2015 06:15

Mounties on terror patrol: Canada intel agency to get expanded anti-terror powers
Canada’s main intelligence agency will reportedly get more powers to target potential terror attacks, according to largest local network CBC. The new security legislation, which has already gained a dubious public response, is to be revealed on Friday.

30.01.2015 05:47