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Emergency: Russian cargo ship with 450 tons of fuel adrift off Canada coast (VIDEO)
Canadian and US coast guards have been struggling to tow a 135-meter Russian cargo ship after it lost power in gale force wind conditions. As 450 tons of bunker oil and diesel were on board the ship, the situation prompted fears of an ecological disaster.

18.10.2014 23:27

Canada to boost spy agency powers citing terror threat
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) will be able to track homegrown terror suspects abroad and have the identity of informants concealed according to draft amendments to the country’s 30-year-old law on surveillance.

17.10.2014 04:43

WikiLeaks: US pushes to extend drug monopolies in secret proposed trade deal
Excerpts from a proposed international trade agreement leaked to the web this week suggest that the United States is pushing for changes that would make it more difficult to get life-saving drugs overseas.

16.10.2014 18:37

DEA ‘interested’ in Americans’ investments in Canada’s medical pot business
Those US citizens who have grabbed an opportunity to profit off the booming Canadian medical marijuana market may eventually find themselves breaking US laws, as the DEA seems to be tracking potential money laundering and drug trafficking violators.

11.10.2014 00:35

Pot-infused soda explodes in Washington state store
A marijuana-infused beverage being sold in Washington state where recreational weed recently became legal made more than a splash recently when bottles began spontaneously bursting inside of a retail display case.

09.10.2014 19:46

Evacuation after train derails in Canada, catches fire
Evacuation has been ordered in Canada's province of Saskatchewan after a freight train derailed, catching fire and releasing a giant cloud of black smoke.

07.10.2014 19:38

Snatching turtles: Man tries to smuggle over 1,000 reptiles in luggage
A Canadian man was caught trying to smuggle more than 1,000 turtles into China by carrying them in his personal luggage. His plan was foiled, however, when he was arrested at the Detroit airport. His stash included rare endangered species.

04.10.2014 01:40

CETA: Delayed but not destroyed
The European Commission and Canada have been negotiating over the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) for five years. Now Germany has decided to throw a spanner in the works.

30.09.2014 07:46

Pentagon concerned over Russian strategic bomber drills near US
A top US military commander has expressed concern over the appearance of long-range Russian bombers near United States airspace, adding that the Pentagon is watching the activity “very carefully.”

26.09.2014 17:32

Smuggler tries to cross US-Canada border with 51 turtles in his pants
There are many things one might expect people to smuggle across the American border and into other countries inside of their pants, but dozens of aquatic reptiles? That’s exactly what one man was found hiding near Detroit.

26.09.2014 03:46

Buffalo Treaty: Native tribes sign bison revival plan in US and Canada
Native tribes from both the United States and Canada came together to sign their first treaty in 150 years: a pact that promises to bring the famed bison back to its original home in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.

24.09.2014 23:05

US cracks down on ‘unpatriotic’ corporations’ tax inversion deals
The American corporations labeled unpatriotic for exploiting loopholes to avoid US taxes may see the so-called tax inversion schemes much less lucrative with the new rules announced by the US Treasury to crack down on the practice.

23.09.2014 20:44

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