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Argentine tango has therapeutic effects on Parkinson’s disease sufferers – study
Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease may have found a potential and unexpected remedy – dancing the Argentine tango. Researchers insist dancing could have therapeutic and physical value for those suffering from rigidity as well as depression and fatigue.

13.04.2015 20:27

Plane forced to land after 80yo woman ‘attacks, bites’ crew
Air Canada flight ACA-877 had to be diverted to Ireland’s Shannon Airport on Friday after an elderly female passenger became disruptive and bit one of the crew members. Irish police were called to meet the plane after it landed and the woman was arrested.

11.04.2015 23:27

Canada to send troops to Ukraine ‘in non-combat role’ - report
Canadian government has decided to send troops to Ukraine in a non-combat role, CTV News reported, citing official sources. The troops could arrive in the country in the coming weeks or months, but the details of the mission are still being worked out.

11.04.2015 04:04

Violent crackdown at Quebec student rally ‘only serves to galvanize protests’
Protests against the liberal government in Quebec and its austerity measures are not going to die anytime soon but might gain momentum, Matt D’Amours, student journalist for The Link newspaper at Concordia University in Montreal.

10.04.2015 12:05

Military boost: US to urge Canada to upgrade Arctic missile sensors
The US military is planning to ask the Canadian government to upgrade missile sensors in the Arctic, in order to improve detection of different types of missiles, according to a senior US defense official.

09.04.2015 23:04

Students barricade themselves inside Montreal university after arrests
Dozens of Canadian students protesting budget cuts barricaded themselves overnight inside a Montreal university following a police intervention that resulted in over 20 arrests Wednesday.

09.04.2015 06:10

Icebound: 10-15 ships stranded in frozen Lake Superior
Harsh spring weather has caused up to 15 American and Canadian ships to become stranded in ice-covered Lake Superior, with coastguards working on a rescue operation. One of the freighters has been damaged by the crushing grip of the ice.

08.04.2015 22:31

‘I was to play Rachmaninoff, not preach politics’ – fired pianist Valentina Lisitsa to RT
The Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa has become even more famous than she's already been among the online community, after her political views cost her a job with a Canadian orchestra. And she doesn't plan on being silenced, she told RT.

07.04.2015 20:41

Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa over anti-Kiev posts
A Ukrainian-born pianist was barred from playing at Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter, according to the soloist herself. The move led to a social media storm tagged #LetValentinaPlay.

06.04.2015 23:29

Males, females conceived evenly, but females have higher mortality rate during pregnancy
The sex ratio at conception is 50-50 between males and females, but more males are born throughout the world because of a higher mortality rate for female fetuses, according to a new study that focused on the sex ratio from conception to birth.

30.03.2015 22:29

Amazon test-drives delivery drones in Canada, bypassing tight US regulation
E-commerce giant Amazon is testing its delivery drones at a secret site not far from the US border, in British Columbia, Canada, according to a new report, as the company has grown impatient with the pace of drone-flight approval in the US.

30.03.2015 18:14

​Canadian cop smashes car window, drags out driver (VIDEO)
A Vancouver police sergeant smashed a motorist's window before physically removing the driver from his car, a freshly shared video shows, prompting legal experts to question the limits of police behavior in such situations.

29.03.2015 11:21