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'World’s saddest' polar bear to remain in sweltering Argentinian heat
A polar bear in an Argentinian zoo will remain in the hot South American country despite a petition requesting he be moved to Canada. The appeal was signed by more than half a million people.

23.07.2014 17:37

#FreeArturo: 470,000 sign petition to relocate depressed polar bear to Canada
More than 450,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a heart-broken polar bear living in squalid conditions in Argentina to be transferred to Canada.

19.07.2014 11:45

‘Because he’s my friend’: 7yo Canadian raises over $54K for buddy’s surgery
His best friend suffers from cerebral palsy, so 7-year-old Quinn from Canada started selling lemonade to help pay for expensive surgery. With his small business, supported by a crowdfunding campaign, Quinn made over $54,000, giving his friend hope.

08.07.2014 18:25

Western donors urge more money to help Ukraine recovery
Ukraine’s international donors including the EU, the US, Canada, Japan, and some international organizations have agreed further assistance to Kiev is crucial. They also said the Association Agreement with the EU opens a new stage in bilateral relations.

08.07.2014 13:41

Drone memo should reverse Gitmo convictions, attorneys claim
Attorneys for a Canadian man who spent a decade detained by the United States military at Guantanamo Bay say details in the Obama administration’s recently released “drone memo” exonerates their client of war crimes.

03.07.2014 15:10

Woman stops on road to help ducks, faces life in jail for deadly car crash
A Canadian woman was found guilty of criminal negligence over two road deaths caused by her stopping her car at a highway to help ducklings. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

22.06.2014 10:28

Canada approves pipeline to Asia but faces enraged opponents
The Canadian government has given thumbs up to the ‘Northern Gateway’, a $6 billion oil pipeline project headed by Enbridge Inc. which will supply oil and petroleum products to meet growing Asian demand.

18.06.2014 11:00

Canadians invent weed breathalyzer to catch drivers
Smoking marijuana and driving will now make you just as visible to the police as a drunk-driver, thanks to a former Canadian cop’s idea – the weed breathalyzer. He believes only fear of punishment will get Canadians to readjust their attitude.

17.06.2014 05:57

​Canadian users’ online privacy upheld by top court
Law enforcement authorities in Canada require a search warrant to obtain users’ private data from the internet providers during investigations. The Supreme Court’s unprecedented ruling ensures the Canadians’ right for online privacy and anonymity.

14.06.2014 12:47

Cyberbullying law would let Canada cops ‘remotely hack computers, mobile devices, cars’
New cyberbullying legislation introduced by the Canadian government is set to let police gain access to computers and remotely track cellphone users’ movements and activities, privacy experts fear.

11.06.2014 12:42

Free pot for a year: Canadian website launches ‘get happy’ contest
A Canadian website is offering a year’s supply of medical marijuana as part of an awareness campaign. The ‘Get Happy Canada’ contest is open to all Canadians with a valid marijuana prescription and will provide the winner with up to a gram a day.

11.06.2014 08:03

Australia, Canada seek center-right alliance to thwart climate change initiatives
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday for talks to form a center-right alliance to thwart carbon pricing and other global attempts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

10.06.2014 02:51

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