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BlackBerry & Boeing make self-destructing 'black phone'
Boeing has joined forces with BlackBerry to develop a high-security ‘black phone’, running on Android software. Designed for government agencies, it will encrypt calls, as well as destruct all its data if it is tampered with.

20.12.2014 06:04

Obama: Keystone XL pipeline does not benefit Americans
Republican leadership in Congress has said authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline will be its first order of business next year, but President Barack Obama said the project would be of small benefit to Americans.

19.12.2014 23:53

MOST illuminating: Canadian ‘pay-per-view’ microsatellite verifies existence of exoplanet
A briefcase-sized Canadian microsatellite has made a major contribution to mapping a promising waterworld. First spotted by NASA’s Kepler, the decade-old MOST telescope abandoned by Canada’s space agency has verified the discovery of another super-Earth.

19.12.2014 07:43

Canada pressures US to pass Keystone XL as falling oil prices threaten project
The Keystone XL pipeline may no longer make economic sense to build, thanks to falling global oil prices. However, Canada's natural resources minister is in Washington to push hard for the project’s construction.

15.12.2014 21:13

Denmark to officially claim piece of Arctic shelf, including North Pole
Denmark is set to file claim with the UN to a large area of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, including the North Pole. But the claim isn't likely to come without a fight, as Russia and Canada have expressed interest in the resource-rich area.

15.12.2014 18:59

Top Canada court rules cops don’t need warrants to search cell phones
In a major blow to privacy rights, the Supreme Court of Canada has decreed that police are allowed to conduct limited searches of suspects’ cellphones upon arrest, without obtaining a search warrant, though officers must follow strict guidelines.

11.12.2014 16:46

‘Plunging oil has ‘definite effect’ on Canada’
Oil prices that have collapsed to 5-year lows will dramatically hit Canada, as energy sales provide about 30 percent of the budget revenues, Jennifer Winter, Associate Director at University of Calgary, told RT.

11.12.2014 11:33

Canada sends military police to Ukraine to boost security
Canada will send its military police to Ukraine as a part of a security cooperation agreement signed Monday that aims to help the government and security forces to protect the country's territorial integrity.

08.12.2014 14:10

Canadian ISIS member calls for attacks against his country
An Ottawa native-turned-extremist appeared in a video where he rebukes the Canadian government for participating in the fight against the Islamic State, while calling on Muslims to carry out attacks on Canadian soil.

08.12.2014 07:20

Canada charges 15yo with terrorism offences – for robbery
Canadian security forces have charged a 15-year-old youth with terrorism-related activities after he carried out a robbery. Police say he did it "for the benefit, or at the direction, of a terrorist group."

04.12.2014 11:39

Canada family keeps father’s corpse for 6 months, praying for resurrection
A small community of Christians in Canada left the body of a deceased member for six months trusting God to resurrect him from the dead. The Crown found no criminal intent and the grieving widow was ordered to seek public health counseling.

02.12.2014 07:38

Toronto’s New Dance: a cultural hat trick as nimble as Nijinsky
Oh Toronto, city of 5 million that can contain dozens of cultures, have you become a device for projecting the holograms of other places?

01.12.2014 11:08