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US helping Israel boycott Geneva summit on occupied territories – diplomatic sources
Switzerland is under diplomatic pressure from Israel, the US, Canada and Australia, which are trying to prevent an international conference in Geneva from taking place in mid-December on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, Haaretz reports.

27.11.2014 06:21

US and Canada on 'parallel' path to economic inequality-US economist
​Canada is moving toward American-style inequality, according to US economist Professor Robert Reich, as wealth concentration in the hands of a few and corporate tax breaks only further aggravate the country’s economic problems.

24.11.2014 08:27

​Controlled fix: Canada starts prescribing heroin to drug addicts
Doctors in Vancouver, Canada, have become the first medics in North America to administer prescription heroin to drug addicts. The treatment will only be given to a group of patients who failed to respond to traditional therapies.

23.11.2014 11:53

​US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN
UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.

22.11.2014 06:55

Canadian veterans join Kurdish battle against ISIS
​The Islamic State has been able to attract various foreigners to its side in the escalating conflict in the Middle East, but now some Canadian veterans are joining Kurdish fighters in an attempt to beat back the extremist group in Iraq and Syria.

22.11.2014 03:57

Canadian couple hit with $950K bill after premature birth in US face bankruptcy
Canadian parents hit with a bill of almost $1 million from a US hospital after their baby was born prematurely on vacation in Hawaii are now facing possible bankruptcy. Their story provoked a social media storm with many people offering to help.

20.11.2014 10:04

Industrial pollution turning Canadian lakes into ‘jelly’
The Canadian lakes are slowly but steadily turning into jelly since the industrial pollution has given jelly-clad organisms an edge over their calcium-protected competitors, researchers say, warning about potential impact on drinking water systems.

19.11.2014 22:41

​Canadian meat exporters want Russian food embargo lifted soon
Pork producers in Canada are ready to supply Russia with meat as soon as Moscow decides to lift its food embargo, says Guy Beaudry, Vice-President of HyLife Canada’s biggest pork supplier.

19.11.2014 08:27

Lame duck? Senate to vote on Keystone pipeline, NSA reform
Republicans are set to take over the Senate next year, but the chamber is gearing up to make the lame duck session eventful: lawmakers will vote on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline bill next week, as well as another to curb domestic surveillance.

13.11.2014 03:25

Canadian mother 'assaulted' by policeman at home, son witnesses beating
A Canadian woman says a police officer beat her with a baton and smashed her face against a table, while the woman’s nine-year-old son watched the incident.

11.11.2014 16:46

President Obama pushes for secretive trans-Pacific trade deal in China
President Barack Obama is again pushing international leaders to finalize the trans-Pacific trade deal between 12 countries that would eradicate tariffs and regulations, but critics say the secretive negotiations have been a boon only to corporations.

10.11.2014 23:41

​Propeller smashes through plane window in Air Canada emergency landing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A plane’s propeller burst through a window, striking a passenger in the head, when an Air Canada flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Edmonton, reportedly following a burst tire.

10.11.2014 09:33