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Saudi Arabia steps up funding for Canadian Islamic schools – leaked docs
Saudi Arabia has been offering financial support to expand Canadian private Islamic schools with donations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to secret cables recently released by WikiLeaks.

02.07.2015 23:17

Tuber terrorists: Canada’s Mounties hunt ‘evil cowards’ spiking eco-potatoes with pins and needles
Potato fields in Canada's Prince Edward Island have been targeted by food terrorists who’ve found ways to put sharp objects into tubers grown there. Desperate farmers are offering a half-million Canadian dollars (US$400,000) reward to catch the culprits.

01.07.2015 11:07

​Canada approves sale of Cirque du Soleil to US and China investors for $1.5bn
The sale of Cirque du Soleil will see US-based TPG Capital with 60 percent, and Chinese partner Fosun with 20 percent. The remaining shares will be divided between one of the founders Guy Laliberte and Quebec pension fund Caisse de Depot, reports AFP.

01.07.2015 12:12

‘US 4th-class allies France, Germany should cipher everything they have’
France and Germany seem to have a servile attitude towards the US and its foreign policy which has to do with their ‘anti-terrorism’ collection capabilities. They felt they had not to upset the collection arrangements says former CIA officer Ray McGovern.

30.06.2015 10:06

​Canada expands anti-Russian sanctions, calls for ‘real peace’ in Ukraine
The Canadian government has widened anti-Russian sanctions. Gazprom, its oil subsidiary Gazprom Neft along with Surgutneftegaz and Transneft are included in the list which Canada had previously added to in February.

30.06.2015 10:01

Top MPs urge counter-sanctions against ‘most anti-Russian country’ Canada
The head of the State Duma’s Foreign Relations Committee has proposed reciprocating Canada’s latest anti-Russian move by introducing sanctions similar to embargo of agricultural products from EU introduced about a year ago.

30.06.2015 09:24

Mosque aids Catholic church in Canada after acts of vandalism
A mosque in Mississauga, Canada, has donated thousands of dollars to help a neighbor in need. A Catholic church in the area needed a clean-up after acts of vandalism on its premises.

28.06.2015 13:56

​#Whoops: Canada cops accidentally broadcast blowjob conversation from helicopter
The skies of the Canadian city of Winnipeg became hot and steamy on Monday night – but it wasn't due to the weather. Instead, residents heard cops having an explicit X-rated conversation about blowjobs during an accidental broadcast from a helicopter.

24.06.2015 10:35

Pilot crash lands, runs away after deadly mid-air collision (VIDEO)
Two people have died in a mid-air plane collision above northeastern Alberta, Canada. The pilot of one of the aircraft managed to crash land and escapes his plane on foot.

22.06.2015 19:01

75% of Canadians have ‘never heard of TPP’ – poll
The majority of Canadians don’t know that their government is negotiating with 11 other countries in one of the biggest international free trade deals known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a recent poll suggests.

19.06.2015 20:41

Harper’s ‘anti-terrorism’ bill plays to Canada’s ‘terror hawk’ base
Canada’s highly controversial anti-terrorism legislation, which activists say is even more of a threat to civil liberties than the US Patriot Act, is just one signature away from being made law.

19.06.2015 15:32

US House passes standalone fast track bill giving president more authority in TPP talks
The US House has passed Trade Promotion Authority bill that boost presidential authority in negotiating trade deals. This version of the legislation is not linked to any other bill.

18.06.2015 16:36