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Russell Brand ‘thinks terrorism is funny’ says Cameron, as comedian backs Labour
Prime Minister David Cameron called Russell Brand a “comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny” after the British comedian publicly announced his support for Labour leader Ed Miliband.

06.05.2015 11:16

Mili-brand: Comedian grills Labour boss in new episode of ‘The Trews’
The full video of Russell Brand’s interview with Ed Miliband has been released. Critics and social media users agreeing the Labour leader’s performance exceeded expectations.

29.04.2015 07:56

America’s 'most wanted' granny strikes again
During Hillаry Сlintоn’s first attempt to win the Demосrаtiс nоminаtiоn Shаrоn Stоne said the former First Lаdy should defer running for President until she hаs pаssed her "sexuаl prime" beсаuse her "intimidating sexuality" made "men аfrаid.”

28.04.2015 07:15

Party branding? Miliband spotted on late night visit to Russell Brand’s house
Labour leader Ed Miliband was seen leaving Russell Brand’s house late on Monday night amid speculation the comedian and activist may come out in favor of the party in the final week of the general election campaign.

28.04.2015 08:04

Police consider Katie Hopkins ‘hate speech’ inquiry
The specialist crime and investigations directorate of the Metropolitan Police is considering whether Sun columnist Katie Hopkins’ controversial piece on migrants breached the Public Order Act.

27.04.2015 13:10

‘Emperor’s New Clothes’: Russell Brand calls UK general election ‘irrelevant’
Following a pre-release screening of his new film, ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, comedian and self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand called the upcoming UK general election irrelevant, claiming political justice is dead.

22.04.2015 08:09

Extreme biker sets death-defying downhill world record on mountain of ice (VIDEO)
The phrase “don’t try this at home” takes on a new meaning: this extreme driver/mountain biker just broke the world speed record in mountain biking with a staggering 138.75 mph (223 kmph). And he did it off an icy mountain.

07.04.2015 13:29

Tony Blair says Tory election victory & EU referendum would cause ‘chaos’
Tony Blair waded into the Labour Party election campaign on Tuesday, warning voters that a Conservative victory in May, leading to a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, would plunge the nation into a period of instability not seen since World War II.

07.04.2015 08:02

Remix the rich! Russell Brand & Cassetteboy mock the Tories & UKIP (VIDEO)
Famous for remixing Prime Minister David Cameron’s conference speech, Cassetteboy returns to political satire, this time teaming up with Russell Brand to create a promotional remix for the comedian’s new documentary.

30.03.2015 13:30

Top Jerk: Clarkson’s bigotry typical of arrogant British elite
The decision by the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson over his physical assault and abuse of one of the producers of Top Gear, the program on which Clarkson was the main presenter, raises more questions than answers.

27.03.2015 15:38

Russell Brand voted world’s 4th most influential thinker
Love him or loathe him, there’s no escaping Russell Brand. Now the controversial comedian and self-styled revolutionary has been voted the fourth most influential global thinker by an leading current affairs magazine.

26.03.2015 09:25

Tanks for your support! Reinstate Clarkson petition delivered to BBC by tank
Top Gear’s anonymous racing driver, ‘The Stig,’ arrived at the BBC in a tank to deliver a petition demanding the broadcaster reinstate scandal-magnet Jeremy Clarkson.

20.03.2015 15:20