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​Jihadists watch porn, are ‘literally w*nkers’ – Boris Johnson
Gaffe-prone London Mayor Boris Johnson has shared a psychological profile of Islamist militants, saying that they turn to violent extremism are “literally w*nkers” who do so because they are “rejected by women.”

30.01.2015 09:15

Rising anti-Semitism: ‘The Pianist’ actress considers leaving UK
Acclaimed actress Maureen Lipman says she could leave Britain because of the growing number of attacks on Jews in recent months.

28.01.2015 15:27

Russell Brand says scrap Trident nukes, challenged by shipyard MP
Comedian and activist Russell Brand has received an invitation from docklands workers in Cumbria after he called for the UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent replacement program, which their jobs depend on, to be scrapped.

28.01.2015 13:26

Mind the bear! 8-foot Arctic giant roams London Tube & streets... to promote TV series
Commuters on the London Underground got a chilly Arctic shock this morning when an 8-foot polar bear was spotted on Tube platforms and in the capital's streets and parks.

27.01.2015 15:11

Fracking moratorium rejected as protesters descend on Parliament
Activists descended on Parliament Square to protest against fracking plans, as MPs voted on the future of Britain's shale gas industry.

26.01.2015 08:49

Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth
The moral depravity into which the US is sinking is shown by American Sniper glorifying the exploits of a racist killer receiving six Oscar nominations, whereas ‘Selma’ depicting Martin Luther King’s struggle against racism has been largely ignored.

20.01.2015 15:12

Bare-chested lies! Sun brings page three back, causes Twitter storm
The decision by the UK’s top selling newspaper to stop showing topless models has been revealed to be either a clever hoax or a dastardly PR stunt, after the tabloid paper once again featured a bare-chested model on Page 3.

22.01.2015 11:51

​Russell Brand gatecrashes Daily Mail owner’s home
Activist and comedian Russell Brand attempted to spring an unwelcome visit on the proprietor of the Daily Mail, only to discover the owner of the up-market London mansion was out.

20.01.2015 15:11

​London mayoral hopeful fathering child with lesbian couple
A gay rights campaigner who is vying to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative nominee for Mayor of London has announced he is expecting a baby with a lesbian couple he met online.

19.01.2015 15:25

Would-be ISS space tourist Sarah Brightman comes to Russia for Star City boot camp
Phantom of the Opera star and the world’s best-selling soprano, Sarah Brightman, is set to start her training routine at Russia’s Star City before a 10-day journey into space. The September trip will cost the singer $52 million.

15.01.2015 11:16

McDonald’s ad references nat’l tragedies, inspires ‘snarky disbelief’, parodies
Not everyone is loving McDonald’s newest ad. While some people were moved by the montage of signs outside its restaurants, others thought the notes referencing national tragedies like 9/11 or the Boston bombing were in poorer taste than the ribless McRib.

13.01.2015 20:12

Right-wing English Defence League thugs attack Russell Brand book group – thinking comedian would be there
A group of right-wing English Defence League thugs gatecrashed a Newcastle upon Tyne book club meeting because they mistakenly thought author and comedian Russell Brand would be present.

13.01.2015 13:21