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‘Bets are off!’ Queen Elizabeth abdication rumors see ‘unusual’ flurry for bookmaker
Rumors of Queen Elizabeth II abdicating in her upcoming Christmas Day address have led to an ‘unusual’ number of people betting on it. A bookmaker suspended betting on that outcome, amid dismissal of the gossip by Buckingham Palace as untrue.

18.12.2014 06:44

Male Idiot Theory proven? Men make up 90 percent of ‘stupid deaths’
It has finally arrived: concrete evidence to support Male Idiot Theory (MIT), which states that men are especially prone to serious accidents and fatal mistakes because “they are idiots and do stupid things.”

12.12.2014 14:19

RT exclusive: John Pilger talks CIA torture and media complicity
RT’s Harry Fear spoke to the iconic filmmaker John Pilger about the damning revelations of the Senate’s CIA torture inquiry.

10.12.2014 16:05

British rock guitarist jailed in US after joining Anonymous hack attack
British rock scene old-timer Geoffrey “Jake” Commander, who has played for the likes of Elton John and ELO, has been sentenced to ten days in a US jail after taking part in a mass online hack with protest group Anonymous.

09.12.2014 15:39

Farage exposed after calling public breastfeeding ‘ostentatious’
Once again UKIP leader Nigel Farage has provoked public outrage after claiming women breastfeeding in public were “ostentatious,” and that businesses should be able to ask them to leave or “sit in a corner.”

05.12.2014 14:56

C’est fini: France plans to limit salaries to biggest film stars
France's state-owned cinema body has come up with a decision to take measures against the country's 'too demanding' film stars. According to the new rules, an actor, director or screenwriter can only get 990,000 euro maximum in a state-funded film.

04.12.2014 19:36

Glenn Beck can be sued in Boston Bombing libel lawsuit - federal judge
A libel lawsuit against conservative radio host Glenn Beck can proceed, a federal judge ruled. The commentator accused a Saudi national of being a conspirator in the April 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, even after law enforcement had cleared him.

04.12.2014 21:14

Bust up! London Mayor Boris Johnson tries to tame drunkard on Malaysia flight
He might be better known for shouting at youths from his bicycle, but London Mayor Boris Johnson flexed his authoritative muscles recently on a flight from Kuala Lumpur while attempting to calm a disruptive drunk passenger.

04.12.2014 15:30

Farage claims: ‘I’m the poorest man in politics’
Nigel Farage has once again become the subject of media scrutiny after the UKIP party leader and MEP he announced he is “the poorest man in politics” on a Channel 4 edition of Gogglebox.

04.12.2014 13:55

Church-blessed Rourke sports gold gloves, KOs 29-yo boxer in Russia (PHOTOS)
Movie star turned pro boxer Mickey Rourke, 62, scored his seventh boxing victory by dropping a man half his age in a Moscow bout. Rourke choose flashy golden gloves for the ring and managed to secure a church blessing.

29.11.2014 10:43

Over Bond St in the buff! Naked free-runner scales London skyline
For free-runner world champion Tim Sheiff, it wasn’t enough to scale some of the most impressive buildings on the London skyline. He had to do it completely naked. And take photographs.

28.11.2014 15:07

Mickey Rourke’s Russian adventure: Boxing, meeting Putin, looking to adopt dog
Hollywood star Mickey Rourke – a sex symbol of the 1980s – is enjoying his time in Russia this week. The actor, who is not a newcomer to the Russian capital, is getting ready for a boxing match in Moscow on Friday.

26.11.2014 19:51