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Extreme biker sets death-defying downhill world record on mountain of ice (VIDEO)
The phrase “don’t try this at home” takes on a new meaning: this extreme driver/mountain biker just broke the world speed record in mountain biking with a staggering 138.75 mph (223 kmph). And he did it off an icy mountain.

07.04.2015 13:29

Tony Blair says Tory election victory & EU referendum would cause ‘chaos’
Tony Blair waded into the Labour Party election campaign on Tuesday, warning voters that a Conservative victory in May, leading to a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, would plunge the nation into a period of instability not seen since World War II.

07.04.2015 08:02

Remix the rich! Russell Brand & Cassetteboy mock the Tories & UKIP (VIDEO)
Famous for remixing Prime Minister David Cameron’s conference speech, Cassetteboy returns to political satire, this time teaming up with Russell Brand to create a promotional remix for the comedian’s new documentary.

30.03.2015 13:30

Top Jerk: Clarkson’s bigotry typical of arrogant British elite
The decision by the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson over his physical assault and abuse of one of the producers of Top Gear, the program on which Clarkson was the main presenter, raises more questions than answers.

27.03.2015 15:38

Russell Brand voted world’s 4th most influential thinker
Love him or loathe him, there’s no escaping Russell Brand. Now the controversial comedian and self-styled revolutionary has been voted the fourth most influential global thinker by an leading current affairs magazine.

26.03.2015 09:25

Tanks for your support! Reinstate Clarkson petition delivered to BBC by tank
Top Gear’s anonymous racing driver, ‘The Stig,’ arrived at the BBC in a tank to deliver a petition demanding the broadcaster reinstate scandal-magnet Jeremy Clarkson.

20.03.2015 15:20

​Great Scot! Irish holiday destination advertised with… a Scottish castle?
A competition advertising a luxury break in Ireland attracted the mirth of online viewers, who realized the holiday was being publicized with a picture of one of Scotland’s most famous castles.

20.03.2015 11:06

Facebook power: Russian babushka to meet French chanson idol after viral video
A Moscow journalist's Facebook post has motivated the public to secure a Charles Aznavour concert ticket for a 73-year-old fan. The singer himself, moved by the story, wants to meet his Russian admirer.

19.03.2015 11:55

Chuck Norris says: 'Vote for Netanyahu to save US from evil forces'
Chuck Norris has said the pillar of power in the Israeli poll is Benjamin Netanyahu and his party. Calling for a "strong leader," the actor said if the country fails to re-elect the prime minister... "evil forces can concentrate on America."

17.03.2015 13:53

From meme to reality: Joe Biden turns into Motivational Biden
Vice President Joe Biden is known for being the punchline of jokes, thanks to his propensity for gaffes. But now the man who spawned a meme genre has embraced his alter ego ‒ Motivational Biden ‒ in a workout video promoting a fitness challenge.

13.03.2015 23:40

‘Death, bring back Terry Pratchett!’ Thousands of fans sign online petition
An online petition calling on Death to "Reinstate Terry Pratchett" has garnered almost 6,000 signatures less than a day after the cult fantasy writer’s passing at age 66.

13.03.2015 13:57

Real-life superhero: ‘Iron Man’ presents kid with new bionic arm
Born with a partially developed right arm, seven-year-old Alex knew he’d be getting a robotic helper soon. What he didn’t know was that it would be fit for a superhero and presented by none other than Tony Stark himself.

13.03.2015 00:19