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Pleasure principle: Our selfie-obsessed lifestyles twerking against us
‘Selfie’ has been named ‘Word of the Year’ by the Oxford Dictionary, an award that underscores the notion that we’re fast becoming a wired-up, dumbed-down society of egomaniacs.

25.11.2013 11:43

Russell Brand rails against 'corporate and economic exploitation' in viral BBC interview
Comedian and political commentator Russell Brand has delivered a scorching diatribe against the current state of politics in an interview this week that quickly went viral, inspiring countless internet users to voice their agreement with Brand.

25.10.2013 03:37

‘Stay out’: Madonna slams US plans for Syria strike
American pop star Madonna has spoken against US President Barack Obama’s plan for a military intervention in Syria. Celebs and designers are striking a pose on the Arab country crisis – ranging from strike support or disapproval to dire provocations.

06.09.2013 12:42

'No revolutions’: Will new Bolshoi Theater director keep it scandal-free?
Director of the Bolshoi Theater Anatoly Iksanov has been fired, six months after an acid attack on one of his top staffers. Iksanov’s departure comes as the Bolshoi has become associated with seemingly endless off-stage scandals.

09.07.2013 08:08

Legendary gunmaker Kalashnikov flown to Moscow for treatment
93-year-old Mikhail Kalashnikov has been flown to Moscow for hospital treatment on an Emergencies Ministry plane after being taken ill in his home city of Izhevsk. The iconic gunsmith is said to be in a serious condition.

23.06.2013 11:18

Bolshoi drops contract with star dancer Tsiskaridze after acid-attack scandal
Russia’s Bolshoi Theater will not renew its contract with premier dancer Nikolay Tsiskaridze, who has openly criticized the theater’s management. Tsiskaridze claims it is “persecution,” and his fans pledge to stage a protest against the decision.

09.06.2013 12:54

‘Our marriage is over’: Putin to divorce wife of 30 years
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced their decision to divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. The scrutiny a national leader experiences is a hard burden for anyone to bear, Putin explained.

06.06.2013 17:57

American philanthropist honored for bolstering US-Russia cultural ties
American philanthropist Susan Lehrman has received the Fulbright Award for contributing to international diplomacy, specifically Russia-US cultural ties. A month ago, her efforts were warmly saluted by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

24.05.2013 10:07

$26mln for excess kids: China’s top director probed for having seven kids instead of one
One of China's most renowned movie directors, Zhang Yimou, is being investigated for allegedly violating the country’s one-child policy and fathering seven kids. If found guilty, the celebrated filmmaker could be fined over $US 26 million.

09.05.2013 11:47

Tax not the reason Depardieu left ‘sad’ France
Sitting in his Belgian home wearing Russia’s two-headed eagle patch, French actor Gerard Depardieu has lashed out against France calling it a "sad" place. The actor told local TV the tax row was not the reason he decided to abandon France.

16.03.2013 23:17

No more jokes: British comic Fry in Russia to film gay problems
British comedian, TV anchor and author Stephen Fry – openly gay – is in St Petersburg to shoot a documentary about the problems the Russian LGBT community faces.

13.03.2013 13:18

Darth Vader, Imperial troopers storm Ukraine’s Justice Ministry (PHOTOS)
The Dark Lord of the Sith and a squad of Imperial stormtroopers attempted an assault on the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice in Kiev on Tuesday. Vader’s attack appeared to have been waged in support of the Internet Party of Ukraine.

February 26, 2013 18:40

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