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Methodist Church in child sexual abuse scandal spanning decades
The Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) published a damning report from an independent inquiry on Thursday, which found nearly 2,000 incidents of physical and sexual abuse going back as far as 1950.

28.05.2015 14:17

Ukraine humanitarian crisis ‘one of the world’s worst’ – UN refugee agency
The rise in the number of refugees in the Ukrainian conflict is resulting in one of the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis” today, the UN has confirmed, as sporadic fighting and a lack of aid forces civilians flee to neighboring countries, mainly Russia.

28.05.2015 00:09

Students release 72k ladybugs in school for senior prank, face criminal charges
Seven Maryland high school students are facing burglary and other charges for allegedly breaking into their high school and releasing thousands of ladybugs as part of a senior prank.

26.05.2015 18:37

3 civilians, including 11yo killed by Ukrainian army shell in Donbass - reports
Three civilians, including a child, have reportedly been killed in eastern Ukraine after a shell fired by the Ukrainian military hit a residential area.

26.05.2015 18:25

Defense Ministry to improve conscripts’ preparedness through military lessons in schools
Suggested amendments to the Law on Defense would make it compulsory for all Russian boys over 15 to attend “military sports” lessons, which would include shooting and knife combat.

26.05.2015 13:36

Stop scaring kids with threat of prison, police tell parents in divisive poster campaign (VIDEO)
A UK police poster campaign asking parents not to use the police to scare children into behaving well has sparked a debate on social media, with some commentators calling it ‘offensive’ and ‘misleading’.

26.05.2015 09:49

Australian woman abandons kids to live with ISIS
It’s not only young people with nothing to lose, who abandon home to join the Islamic State: an Australian woman has abandoned her children to travel to Syria and live under ISIS. She has become one of more than 100 Australians to do so.

26.05.2015 05:50

Waterspout lifts bounce house 50 ft. up into air, injuring kids inside (VIDEO)
A Memorial Day attraction at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park in Florida went terribly wrong when a sudden waterspout uprooted and overturned an inflatable bounce house, injuring children inside, before lifting it some 50 feet (15 meters) up in the air.

26.05.2015 01:43

Hebron: Israel killed this city
Palestinians believe Hebron has been used to test methods now applied on a wider scale in Jerusalem, such as building settlements on Palestinian territory, installing checkpoints, seizing sanctuaries and taking away jobs and food from the people.

25.05.2015 08:49

‘Is this white enough for you?’ Dutch immigrant children rally against segregation
Immigrant children and their parents in two Amsterdam neighborhoods took to the streets on Friday asking for families to enroll their “white” children in local schools, which are becoming increasingly segregated.

23.05.2015 18:27

​Suicide rate among African-American boys on the rise – study
The suicide rate among young African-American boys has almost doubled since 1993, according to a new study. The rate among white children dropped during the same period.

23.05.2015 16:15

Crying and shackled, mother consents to son’s circumcision after being jailed
Heather Hironimus, a mom from Florida, agreed to her son’s circumcision after spending a week in custody, putting an end to a yearlong battle she led against the 4-year-old’s father, who insisted the procedure be performed.

22.05.2015 19:57