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Collateral damage: Yemeni man loses 27 family members in 1 Saudi airstrike
A man hosting guests for his daughter’s marriage proposal lost all 27 members of his family, including 17 children, in the deadliest case of Saudi-led airstrikes killing civilians in Yemen, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

03.07.2015 02:47

Saudi Arabia steps up funding for Canadian Islamic schools – leaked docs
Saudi Arabia has been offering financial support to expand Canadian private Islamic schools with donations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to secret cables recently released by WikiLeaks.

02.07.2015 23:17

Child sex abuse investigations ‘inadequate’ – police watchdog
Police investigations into allegations of historical child sex abuse have been branded “inadequate” in a new report, which claims more than one-third of such inquiries are substandard.

02.07.2015 13:40

1 in 46 million: Vanechka has one of the rarest immune deficiencies on Earth
Once you commit to helping children in need, you stop seeing children as “yours” and “other children.” The fate of every single kid in desperate need of help becomes your problem, your task, and your mission.

01.07.2015 13:22

Little girl with rainbow flag vs Christian activist (VIDEO)
In a graphic illustration of the raging debate on gay marriage, a video has emerged from Columbus, Ohio, of a little girl with a rainbow flag standing up against a Christian preacher, who emotionally assures her that it is a sin, and Jesus will save her.

02.07.2015 06:37

‘Not ethically justifiable’: Australian PM challenged over law gagging immigration center workers
Australian health workers have spoken out against a law that makes it illegal for employees to disclose information about immigration detention centers. The group challenged the government to prosecute them for speaking out, citing human rights issues.

01.07.2015 17:15

British family of 12 may have fled to Syria – police
A British family of 12, including two grandparents, three sons, their wives and three grandchildren have disappeared amid fears they may have traveled to Syria.

01.07.2015 14:33

​Austerity ‘condemns’ children to poverty – report to UN
Young people in the UK risk falling deeper into poverty if the government continues to make cuts to welfare programs, Britain’s four children’s commissioners have said.

01.07.2015 10:55

11yo Illinois boy arrested for playing with toy gun
An 11-year-old African-American boy in Illinois was arrested by police while playing with a toy gun in the street with his friends. Police said they made the arrest after receiving a call from a driver, who complained the toy gun had been pointed at him.

01.07.2015 03:34

California governor signs one of nation’s strictest vaccination laws
A controversial California law that requires all children to receive vaccinations prior to attending public school in the state, and does away with waivers for religious or personal reasons, was signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

30.06.2015 22:46

Three-quarters of Russians oppose hijab in schools, poll shows
An overwhelming majority of Russian citizens have spoken against the wearing of traditional Muslim headgear by schoolchildren and students and a large part of these people said they preferred hijab not to be used at all.

30.06.2015 13:55

​Counter-terror law forces prisons, councils, universities to tackle radicalization
Following the brutal killing of up to 30 British tourists in Tunisia last Friday, broad-ranging powers came into force to stop extremist radicalization within British universities, prisons, councils and public health trusts.

30.06.2015 12:39