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Nazi slogans & salutes: 29 German teens face probe over daily practice
A whole class in Germany is under investigation over a public display of Nazi symbols, salutes and phrases, which the students have allegedly been using daily. The scandal may end with a jail term for the teenagers if they are found guilty.

29.10.2014 13:51

NYC students brutally beat two African boys, calling them ‘Ebola’
Two African-American schoolchildren who recently returned to the United States from overseas were reportedly taken to the hospital after other students physically assaulted them in New York City and called them “Ebola.”

29.10.2014 00:58

Philly cop threatens to ‘beat the s**t’ out of teen for looking at him (VIDEO)
​A Philadelphia police officer who was caught on camera cursing and threatening a teenager with physical violence will be disciplined, police sources told NBC10.

28.10.2014 16:36

​UK children ‘lack trust’ and ‘fear’ the police – report
A ‘significant’ number of British children lack trust in the police, a government report has shown, with many youngsters saying they ‘feared’ officers.

28.10.2014 10:23

MPs suggest lowering Russian voting age
A lawmaker from the populist nationalist LDPR caucus has prepared a bill to allow Russians as young as 16 to take part in elections and referendums, claiming the measure would legalize young people’s participation in politics.

27.10.2014 12:14

Prove it! British govt to enforce age checks for porn, weapons sites
All adult websites falling under UK jurisdiction, including those selling guns, will be expected to verify if visitors are over 18, under new plans being compiled by the government.

26.10.2014 17:26

Skeleton in the closet: Romanian headmaster still in class after death (VIDEO)
An elementary school in Romania has been told that it can keep using the skeleton of its former headmaster by health officials. Alexandru Grigore Poescu taught at the school for fifty years and donated his skeleton to teach students anatomy.

25.10.2014 18:53

Infertile Field of Mars? Colonization plans marred by gravity, radiation fears
The Mars One mission - to bring humans to the Red Planet - is underway, with nearly 80,000 applicants for a possible one-way trip. But will they go forth and multiply? Low gravity and cosmic rays lie in the path of the ambitious plan.

25.10.2014 10:57

Ukraine election 'force': Darth Vader leaves Kiev kids in tears
One of the greatest fictional villains, Star Wars' Darth Vader, has taken to the streets of the Ukrainian capital, to get personal and close with potential voters. His Internet Party will be running for the national parliament in Sunday's poll.

25.10.2014 08:21

Ebola fears see parents keep kids from Long Island school
Almost 150 kids from the John Pearl Elementary School in Bohemia missed classes for an entire day after their parents learnt of a student’s relatives coming for a visit from Guinea, one the countries hit hardest by the Ebola outbreak.

25.10.2014 08:41

IDF kill Palestinian-American teenager in West Bank
​A Palestinian-American teenager has been shot dead by Israeli troops who claim they were trying to prevent a “Molotov cocktail” attack amid clashes near Ramallah. The US State Department has called for a “speedy and transparent investigation.”

24.10.2014 22:26

Cash damages for woman duped into having undercover spy’s child
British police have agreed to pay £425,000 (US$682,000) in damages to a woman who was tricked into having a sexual relationship with one of their undercover agents and raised his child. The officer used his alias to infiltrate activist groups.

24.10.2014 08:28

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